Mature Lounge Fantasy

It's Friday night,

I'm already intoxicated when I enter a lounge closer to home. This is the 4th bar tonight. When I get d***k and horny I start bar hopping looking for a freak who may want to get busy tonight. I approach the bar, having too much to drink already I just order a beer, take a sip and scan the lounge for females. There's a cutie barmaid with tatoos and a ring in her nose, sometimes gives me free shots and tells me what night she works. There's the club owner and Disc Jockey. I notice a couple of girls I know from the bar I hang out at the most, we sometimes throw darts there. We ackowledge each other from a distance. The guys and girls are shooting darts, drinking and mingling when I notice a not so attractive fat mature female playing one of those gambling machines right next to the restrooms. I go to the men's room cause I got to piss real bad, I always stop at the bar first and order my drink before using a restroom. I come out of the restroom, all the guys are mingling with the cute girls, nobody noticed when I approach the woman sitting at the gambling machine and asked her if she's winning over here. I place two single dollar bills on the game buttons and walk back to my bar stool. After she finishes the game she approaches me, sits next to me at the bar and asked me what I'm doing later. I say "whatever". She says finish your drink and let's go.

We arrive at her place and immediately start kissing, we quickly snatch off the clothes and enter the bedroom. She throws me on the bed and jumps on top, starts sucking my dick real hard and good like there's no tommorow, sucking my dick like their ain't shit else she'd rather be doing, real good and deep, she's moaning real loud, shit is coming out of her nose she's sucking it so good, she's spitting on my dick, licking my balls as slob runs down her chin and arms. I get extremely excited cause I know his woman will be sucking my dick on a regular basis.

We both disappear from the bar scene cause this woman wants to suck and fuck every single night. I'm spending less money and not drinking so much cause I'm at her place all the time. Every now and then I'll get a 40 ounce and sit back and watch a game while she slobs me down. She eventually gives me a key to her place and tells me to come over whenever I want. One day I come to the door, turn the key and enter her apartment. She's sitting on the coach in a t-shirt and her draws watching some program on TV. I dont even say hello to her as I take off my shirt and walk towards the bedroom. She immediately loses interest in the TV program and picks up the remote and turns off the TV. She's already expecting me just like any other day. She follows me to the bedroom. I take some things out of my pockets and place them on the night stand. I pull down my pants and jump on the bed, she's comes to the bed in her t-shirt and draws and starts sucking my dick with as much passion and lust as the first night. I put her in the corner of the bedroom and start fucking her throat like it's a pussy, she licks my ass, she never complains, never say's no and never get's enough. We go into the kitchen and she bends over against the counter, I just love seeing her big ass and huge tits hanging down, she grabs her but cheeks and spreads them so I could see her ass hole. I place my dick in her ass and start ramming. She's getting excited. Her walls are thick so the neighbors aren't disturbed. She starts screaming as loud as she can, "FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY ASS", "FUCK THIS MOTHER FUCKIN ASSHOLE", YEAH, FUCK THIS MOTHER FUCKER, FUCK, even though she justd sucked my dick for an hour she screams, "I'M GONNA SUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR DICK". I get excited from her dirty talk and drop to the floor and start licking her ass and pussy. She drops to the floor and we start 69 in the middle of the kitchen. We go back to the bedroom and fuck like dogs. She screams, I LOVE THIS MOTHER FUCKING DICK".

The woman continues to suck my dick on a regular basis. Labor day, people are out at parks, pic-nics and forest preserves, back yard bar-be-ques, she's sucking my dick. People are doing their Christmas shopping, going to Christmas party's, wrapping gifts, she's sucking my dick. It's Superbowl Bowl Sunday, people are gathering at sport bars, hosting partys at home, her living room TV isn't even turned on, she'sucking my dick.

We live happily ever after.


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thts hot