Mature Work Fantasy

It's Friday morning,

I have a meeting at the main office North of downtown at 9:30am. My office is on the southside. I'm one of the first to arrive to the meeting. The receptionist starts bringing in coffee and doughnuts and setting things up on the conference room counter. I help myself to some coffee. A couple of people arrive and take their places in the conference room then helps them selves at the counter. We start talking and more and more people start to arrive as 9:30am approaches. I noticed an older female I've never seen before take her seat across from me and give me a litle smile. I smile back at her as the meeting starts to take place. After a while she smiles at me again. After one hour we take a break and people get up to use the restroom and get more coffee. The woman approaches me while know one is really paying attention and starts a conversation with me. small talk, e.g. , how long have you been with the company? What office do you work out of? I explain to her that i work on computers for the company and that I work on the southside. She has an office on the northside not too far from here. The meeting starts again and people take their seats. The woman seems bored and uninterested in the discussion. The meeting comes to a close and people start gathering their things. The woman approaches me quietly and asked me if I was available to look at her personal computer at home. I say yes, and just like that she gives me her phone number. After work I call her and she gives me her address, I arrive at her house later and look at her computer.

The woman who's obviously too old for me goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge, hands me a beer, then goes into her bedroom. She returns to the kitchen dressed in a night gown and nothing on her feet. She fixes her self a drink and asked If I wanted one with my beer, I say sure. I tell the woman that her computer seems fine. She thanks me for looking at her computer and invites me to the living room to watch tv. We started talking about the company and getting to know more about each other. She serves another drink for the both of us and grabs a beer for me. We're both tipsy and starting to feel relaxed. We're both feeling good, laughing as we talk shit about the company and our supervisors. I notice a little nipple sticking out of her night gown. I've used her bathroom a couple of times and she keeps serving drinks.

The woman starts getting loud and starts rubbing her legs while holding the liquor bottle. She laughs so hard that both of her tits bounce out of her night gown, she ignores her tits and keeps talking like it's no big deal. I'm sitting their with a rock hard dick because I know this old lady is about to let me fuck the shit out of her. She gets up pproaches me, gets on her knees and unfastens my zipper, she pulls my pants down and starts sucking. She sucks my dick hard and good like their ain't shit else she'd rather be doing. The best blow job I ever experienced. After an hour of sucking, she gets up and bends over in a nasty position, grabs her but cheeks and spreads them wide so I could she her hole. "fuck me, fuck me, she screams as loud as she can. "Tear this mother fuckin pussy up". After about 20 minutes of that we go into the bedroom. She jumps on the bed and opens up her legs in the air as wide as she can, " come get this pussy. She let's me fuck her like a dog the entire weekend. The woman takes care of me on a regular basis, sucking and fucking like their's no tomorrow, and loving every second of it.

87% (8/1)
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4 years ago
Good effort Sir!