mom and daughter

In my writing I use the word 'luv' to emphasize the passionate emotion shared between lovers and the word 'laff' to denote that delightfully flirtatious and seductive feminine chuckle women use to bewitch us. Comparable to laugh, laff can be used as a verb or a noun. If this offends you, DO NOT READ. I am sure there a plenty of i****t-based submission with the perfect grammar you seek.


Through my sunglasses I admired Maria, my Baby Girl -- a nickname I gave her as a little girl and she never let me give up. My 19 year old daughter and I were in bikinis enjoying the sun out on the deck that surrounds the pool in the back yard of our house. It was another beautiful summer day and after breakfast she had suggested, "Hey mom, how 'bout joining me on the deck and getting some sun before it gets too hot."

Perhaps from being my youngest c***d, she and I are the closest and enjoyed each others company. As I looked at her lying in her deck chair, I thought she took after me the most. My older two c***dren have their father's sandy brown hair and strong, sharp facial features. My Maria has my wavy dark chestnut hair with natural red highlights that will become more pronounced from the sun and I saw, proudly, that she wore it as I did in long soft waves.

Although hidden behind her sunglasses, I know she has my dark brown eyes. She has my soft feminine facial features including a more diamond-shape round face, where her bother and older s****r have their dad's square-ish oval. Without any make-up this morning, her lips were a soft pink but still looked very kissable. I thought to myself that Maria is definitely a younger version of me.

No, in fact, she's a better version of me. A new and improved edition. Even beyond a mother's pride, she is prettier and I've had my choice of suitors. At 5'6, she is two inches taller than me. And looking at her body, she is thinner yet even bustier than I. As I looked, I realized I was admiring my daughter's stunning breasts and was even envious. I hadn't reached my current bust size of 38D until giving birth to three wonderful c***dren, and the resultant increase in breast mass. Yet at 19, Maria is an astounding 36DD, accentuated by her tiny 24 inch waist!

"Maria," I called over to her.

"What's up Mom?" She turned towards me and smiled, showing her small white teeth.

"Are you fully comfortable with your body?" I asked my younger, better me.

Quizzened, she looked at me wondering, "Why do you ask?"

"I just want to make sure ever thing is alright with my Baby Girl." She got up from her deck chair and taking a couple of steps came over and sat on my lap. She wrapped an arm behind my neck and leaned her head against mine. I couldn't help but notice the soft smell of her perspiration.

With her cheek against mine she asked, "What's up mom? What are you really thinking?"

I wrapped an arm around her waist and shifted her little butt so that it was sitting on me more comfortably and my baby girl snuggled up closer to me. I loved the fact that Maria never out grew being physically affectionate with me. As k**s, her s****r and b*****r learned to resent mom giving them hugs and kisses. After a while they began to fuss if I even reached over to adjust their clothes or fix their hair. Yet even now Maria still enjoyed getting a hug or kiss from her mom, even in front of her friends. We often did each others hair and nails. I knew she enjoyed 'putting on her mom's face' and since she did a better job than I could, I always appreciated when she'd do my make-up.

"I was just thinking about when I was young and when I... umm... ahem, when I developed. Back then, I remember all the attention I'd get, how sometimes boys would gawk and other girls would whisper behind my back spreading rumors. And back then I was much smaller and thinner, I was only a 34C yet still others would sometimes stare at me. So I was wondering if you've ever felt uncomfortable." I felt her giggle against me and shifting, she kissed my cheek.

Sitting up, "Mom..." turning she cupped her breasts in her hands, "...I love my boobs. Do you know why?" and releasing them, I noted they didn't sag very far. "Because even as a little girl I always wished I'd get big tits like my mom." With a laff she continued, "I used to tell Mercy [her older s****r], 'I hope that I get big boobs like mom.' Mercy used to laugh at me and ask me why. She and I used to argue. I would tell her how sexy I thought mom's tits were, how great mom's tits are, how soft and yummy they look, how I wish I could have tits like mom's. She used to call me a sicko but I didn't care."

She pushed her sunglasses up onto her hair and reaching out, did the same do me. Looking at me, we both laffed. Maria gave me a quick peck on the lips, "I'm glad I'm your Baby Girl and..." cupping my breasts, "...that I take after you. That's what makes me happiest."

This wasn't the first time she has touched my breasts since she finished nursing but to feel her touch in the warm sun was like 'Wow.' This morning as my Baby Girl took the underside of my breasts in her hands and held them up was different. I could notice how soft and tender her hands were; how gentle yet firmly she held me. It was incredibly sensual and highly erotic. "Mom this is why I love my body because I luv you."

She leaned forward and kissed me again. As she did I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of her lips on mine. I could feel my nipples get hard and the butterflies started fluttering in my belly. Releasing me, she leaned back and we both laffed.

Confused by what was happening, how I was feeling, I was able to only garble, "Really?"

Maria reached across me and grabbed my arm. As she lifted it my other arm instinctively followed and when she placed one on her breast my other grabbed the other. This wasn't the first time I touched my Baby Girl's boobs but this morning was special. Because of their bountiful size they were obviously more than a handful, in fact holding the bottom of them my hands seemed to disappear. I marveled at their fullness, I exquisitely enjoyed the weight their mass. Squeezing, I reveled in their softness. Pushing them up and together, they produced massive cleavage and threatened to pop out of her top. I was charmed by the idea. I was enchanted.

"See? They're my mom's boobs," she smiled and reaching behind her neck, she untied her top. The strings fell forward and material flapped over my hands. By their own volition, my hands moved allowing her top to fall all the way down before resuming their hold on her bared breasts. This, of course, wasn't the first time I'd seen my baby girl nude but today I truly appreciated the majesty of her body. I took in that just like her mother, her right breast was slightly bigger than the left. Her boobs had the beginning of a faint tan line but were mostly a pale creamy pink. I noticed how her areoles blended almost seamlessly with their soft pinkish orange hue. Her nipples were a bright pink; and sharply erect, had a dark pink ring around their base. Smiling brightly, she flashed me her white teeth and proudly asked, "See, aren't they wonderful?"

The best I could do was dumbly nod my head in agreement. Maria just delightfully laffed and gave me an Eskimo kiss, rubbing her nose to mine. She then leaned forward and I could feel her body pressing to mine, the only things between us were my hands on her tits. Closing her eyes, she kissed me. When her hands started running through my hair, I closed my eyes and fell into her kiss.

As I've said my daughter and I have kissed each other many times and even her earlier peck wasn't out of the ordinary. However this kiss was! As her lips stayed on mine my mind swirled and did a full 360. My Baby Girl ran her hands through my hair and I felt her nails scratch my scalp and the butterflies in my stomach did a flutter, flutter. Her lips tasted delicious and I pressed my lips firmer to hers. My hands squeezed her boobs tighter.

When I felt her lips open and her tongue licked my lips my mind said, 'This is wrong.' My body screamed back, 'SHUT THE FUCK UP,' by opening my mouth to hers. My Baby Girl slowly licked my lips and tingles raced through my body. My mouth opened wider as I sighed with desire. Maria's fingers held my head and her tongue entered my wanting mouth.

Her tongue touched the edges of my teeth and an electrical surge shot out, racing from there through my body and set my pussy afire. My daughter's tongue slowly, tentatively traced along the bottom edge of my upper teeth and my body vibrated from the electricity that coursed through me. I sighed my satisfaction and felt her silently laugh. She pressed her body into me as we tried to become one. I squeezed her tits even tighter and even my mind now savored the overwhelming sensations I was experiencing.

Her tongue licked that sensitive small shelf behind my teeth and my body trembled. When her tongue started to slide up the roof of my mouth, my tongue reached out to touch hers. When our tongues touched the circuit was complete and currency surged between us. My baby girl held tight to my head and I held tight to her boobs. I could taste my daughter's tongue and it tasted fan-fuckin-tastic.

At that moment I realized I had never been as horny as I was at this moment. Inhaling I could smell pussy. I recognized my own and could smell could anothers. I knew it was Maria's. I wondered if my Baby Girl was as wet as I was. My world shrank to where it was only the two of us and that was all the mattered. I could smell her. I could hear her breathing. I could feel her body merging with mine. And I could taste her as my tongue licked hungrily on hers.

I pushed against her tongue and as it retreated from my mouth, I chased after it. Now my tongue danced over her lips and I tasted the slight saltiness of her sweat. Running my tongue over her lips, I felt her body dance upon mine. Her ass began to gyrate on my lap and her upper body softly churned, pressing her boobs into my hand before relaxing only to press even more to me.

My tongue ventured further and I licked her small upper teeth. I drew my tongue fully across their fronts and my Baby Girl moaned. Tracing along the bottom edge of her teeth my body throbbed and she reached out to me. The tip of her tongue touched mine kissing as we continued our own kiss.

Finally neither of us could take it anymore. We both leaned our heads back and moaned aloud our Forbidden desire to the heavens. As our heads returned back down we looked at each with unabashed, unembarrassed affection. I knew it was my Baby Girl whom I wanted and felt not a touch of guilt that she was my daughter. Seeing the mutual hunger in her eyes she wantingly pledged, "I luv you."

With that, I lifted her breast and lowering my head to it, shame-free, licked her bullet hard nipple. As the tip of my tongue touched her gumdrop, she loudly sighed, "Ooooh,"

I traced my tongue around the sides of her erect nipple and she scratched her nails to my scalp. I drew a circle around her areola, her body shuddered and she groaned out, "Arrrgh,"

Holding my tongue out, I licked her massive breast by swinging my head around in large, long circles. Maria released her hold and one hand reached out and took possession of one of my breasts and her other reached between us. Feeling her shift and her legs open I knew she was touching herself. I thrilled at the thought that my Baby Girl was playing with her pussy as I licked her boob. Wanting to heighten her need, I centered myself over her nipple and opening wide I sucked as much as I could of her great tit. Opening my eyes, I saw my face was buried in a sea of tit-flesh. As I sucked harder, I felt her arm shaking and knew she was vigorously stroking herself. She loudly called out, "Oh Jesus."

This encouraged me to suck even harder drawing even more of my daughter's tasty boob into my mouth. My mouth was full yet I sucked harder and harder trying to get as much as of her tit into my body. Fully stuffed, I held my vacuum hold, inhaled deeply through my nose and drew in the fumes of pussy. I smelled the musky scent of my own juices and a lighter sweeter fragrance which I knew was Maria's.

Releasing the vacuum hold, I savored the feel of her tit-flesh slowly ooze from my mouth until only the tip of her stupendous breast only remained. Knowing how super erotic it is, I drew my tongue over the transition from her breast to her areola. She appreciatively moaned, "Oh god."

Feeling her arm moving between us, being the loving mother, I wanted to make things easier for her. Reaching for her hips, I found the strings that held the bottom of her bikini on. Biting hard on her nipple, her body stiffened and I pulled the knots open. Feeling the strings pull free I released my bite and leaned back proud of the caring mom that I am.

Looking at me, my Baby Girl sought my permission; smiling, I nodded my okay. We both looked down and watched as she began to pet her bared pussy. Holding her hand still, she simply curled her fingers up into her palm before extending them again for another stroke, each time producing a loud, sharp intake of breath. I reached out with my own need, took hold of her wonderful breasts and savored their feel and warmth. My daughter released louder moans of pleasure.

Looking at me, my eyes danced up an' down between her gorgeous eyes and her gorgeous pussy as her middle finger began to plunge into her snatch. I watched fascinated to see her hand rotate as she flexed her wrist and her long, slim digit disappeared from sight. Slowly she penetrated herself and when fully inserted she'd give her hand a shake and groan, "Aaargh."

After the fourth or fifth time, she pulled her hand free and I saw her finger glistening with her juices. Tightening my hold on her pillowly boobs, my Baby Girl brought her hand to her mouth and unashamedly sucked her wet finger into her mouth. Now I cried out my need and desire, "Ooooh,"

With a smile, she slowly withdrew her finger sucking it clean and returned it back to whence it came from. As her finger again traveled inside her, Maria leaned forward and kissed me broadly. When my mouth opened in desire, she leaned even more on me and softly laffed at my neediness. I pulled my hands from her boobs and wrapped them around her, holding her to me.

Finally, her mouth opened and her tongue touched my lips and never before did I feel more complete. As her tongue entered my mouth, I closed my lips around it sucking it in wishing to draw the flavors from it. Amused, my daughter softly rested her form into mine and allowed me to suck on her tongue. As we kissed the only thing I could think of was of her fingering her pussy and my wanting to be next to suck her finger clean. I sent these thoughts of demand at her.

When she freed her soaked finger from her pussy, we released our kiss and the loving daughter she is, she offered me a present. Holding out her dripping digit, I sucked it into my mouth and she delightfully fed it to me. Her finger tasted wonderful. It's so hard to describe the elegant taste of a woman's fluids but it is so succulent that we even enjoy tasting our own often. And so, it was no surprise that Maria's was exquisitely fine and like a young wine she tasted like a softer version of my own.

She seductively pulled her finger from my mouth and it cleared with a final, 'Pop.' I knew what must be done. "Baby Girl, I need you to lay down."

Like the loving and dutiful daughter she is, she followed her mother's wishes. Maria stood up and I enviously admired the divine beauty of my daughter's naked body. As a woman, I was jealous of how perfect her tight, firm full body was. As her mom, I was proud of how perfect her tight, firm full body is. Watching her take the couple of needed steps to lie down on the mahogany slats of the wooden deck, I noted that my Baby Girl even had a small yet shapely ass.

Getting up myself, she lied down on her back and bending her knees spread her legs wide offering me a delicious sight of her. I wanted to lay my body upon hers, feel my flesh on hers, to kiss her yummy lips as our boobs rubbed against each others. However, my raging lust demanded that I immediately crawl between her legs and being a slave to my passions that's what I did.

Dropping to all fours, Maria hooked an arm underneath her ample bosom corralling her breasts and craned her neck over the mountains to watch as I crawled up and in between to my daughter's body. Settling into place, she reached out and stroked my hair and any hesitancy I was feeling disappeared. As her nails scratched my scalp, I took in the sight of my Baby Girl's pussy. Like a 19 year old would, her pussy was tight and puffy. Her outer pussy lips were only a slightly darker shade than the rest of her pale pink skin. Her inner pussy lips gleamed with wetness and were small, tight and only a little pinker than her vulva. It was a sight that filled me with wanting hunger.

Lowering my head, I laid the full flat of my tongue to her. Her whole body trembled. Holding my tongue there, I looked up and was graced by the sight of her gazing over her boobs back at me. She gave me a smile that showed her own wanting hunger and I knew she needed this as much as I did. Her nails scratched through my scalp and grabbed a handful of hair preparing to hold tight.

Being the wonderful, caring loving mother that I am, I started at her tain't and dragged my tongue completely over the full length of her pussy. Maria quivered and loudly called out, "Oooh God,"

Again, I licked the full length of her pussy and again she quivered and loudly called out, "Oooh God,"

Returning my tongue to her tain't, I tortured her by pushing my tongue f***efully against her and swung it side to side. Maria loudly yelled out her wanting pleasure. Then she strongly yanked me up from there to lick her dripping pussy with more long strokes of my tongue. Her body quivered and she shouted to the heavens, "Oh my God."

I repeated this process over an' over and each time I did her body trembled, she howled her satisfaction and leaked even more fluids. By my fifth or sixth lick, her fluids began to become a thicker, whiter cream that I lapped up eagerly as her cream tasted even stronger of my Baby Girl.

As she creamed I pushed my tongue ever firmer, even penetrating her pussy with the fat of my tongue. Arching her back, she held tighter to my hair and using the tip of my tongue I slipped into her slit and licked the insides of her pussy lips. She tried to push me deeper but I resisted her urging and she begged, "Oh god mom, Oh god mom, eat me, please mommie eat me."

Although Maria has always been my Baby Girl she hadn't called me 'Mommie' since she was four or five years old and it showed how all-consuming her lust was. How could I refuse her plea? I plunged my tongue into her and she wantonly mashed my face to her cunt. I didn't mind as I was all-surround by her pussy. All I could see was her pussy mound. All I could smell was her scent. All I could hear was her moans as my tongue explored her inner walls. All I could feel was the velvety soft silkiness of her inner folds.

Bringing my hands underneath her butt-cheeks, I lifted her up to get that last fraction of an inch, penetrate her with the last millimeter of my tongue. She whimpered her appreciation. She moaned with gratitude. I twirled my tongue inside her pussy and she called out to the gods.

"Oh god, oh, oh god, oh, oh god," she implored as I savored the taste and feel of her inner folds. I strove to completely lick all of her inner pussy walls and as I did I could feel her cream dribbling down my lower lip and onto my chin. In fact, I realized my face was getting covered with her juices and I loved that I was wearing my daughter. "Oooh god mommie, oh god."
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