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The note was direct, to the point.

"One in skirt, panties and blouse blindfolded hands bound before her. The other in a dress and panties. Be ready by 6:00 pm. NO playing!"

They smiled at one another.

He had called looking for Bob, a wrong number. Trying to be funny, she asked what he was wearing and the fantasy had begun.

They talked by phone and e-mail. His sexy voice causing both their pussies to drip. After his calls it always ended in the same way their tongues fucking each other. They had often spoke about a 3-some, but had never been able to find the right 3rd. Then he had called. The conversations had been filled with innuendo, then he told of his desire to be with 2 women, he had cravings that he was unable to fulfill in his everyday life. They decided that maybe "He" was the one.

They did not know what he looked like, which was part of the fantasy.. nor what exactly would happen. He had always been evasive about what he really wanted, but they all knew it would be exciting. Some calls were filled with passionate words, others were short demands of the two women. All of which was a turn on to them.

They waited for the time to pass.. at 5:55 she placed the blindfold on and bound Jessie's hands, what a sight.. just looking at Jessie made her pussy drip. Paige and Jessie had been friends for years.. both were married, and had begun a passionate sexual affair years before. They spent hours together, experimenting with each others bodies, talking, sharing fantasies. Then came the opportunity to play out their fantasy.

They heard the door open and both felt a shiver pass through them. Paige watched the doorway, hardly daring to breath. Then he entered. She smiled as she saw him. He was tall, handsome with wonderful eyes. He carried a small case, and motioned for her to come to him. As she approached, she felt her pussy tingle. His lips went to her immediately as his fingers went to feel her wetness, he grinned.. knowing she would be ready for him. He walked to Jessie, kissing her lustily, his hand going under her skirt. He felt the thin material of her panties saturated with her excitement.

He began to speak in a quiet yet demanding voice.

"Paige, you shall have the pleasure of being my student tonight. You will do exactly as I instruct you to do, if I am pleased with your performance you both shall receive a very nice reward. Shall we begin ladies?"

Both women nodded, he smiled and walked to his case. She watched with interest as he opened it. She felt her skin flush as she saw what the case contained.

He looked directly into her eyes as he spoke.

"Go and tie her to the chair, I want her bent over, unable to move her hands. Her legs are to be spread wide but not tied."

He passed her the soft leather cord.

She fingered the material inhaling the smell of the leather. As she walked to Jess she noticed her nipples were already erect and fought the desire to reach out and finger them. She tied her as instructed and turned to look at him. He had walked up behind her as she was busy, she had not heard him. He passed her a black crop watching for her reaction. He liked what he saw in her sexy eyes.

He ran his fingers over Jessies ass through her skirt, his hands traveling down her thighs and back up under the skirt. He pushed up the material as his hands moved upward to settle on her panty clad bottom. Paige could plainly see how turned on Jess was by the soaked material covering her crotch. With a quickness, his hand landed a swift slap to her bottom. Jessie jerked in surprise, her legs quickly coming together.

"Do not close your legs to me.. ever"

His hand landed on her ass again, this time it stayed there and rubbed as his fingers pressed between her buttocks. Her legs slowly parted as he continued to press deeper into her, causing her panties to be pulled tightly between her swollen pussy lips. Paige knew the material was rubbing against her aching clit. She began to move her hips but his other hand pressed onto the small of her back to hold her still.

"Shall I remove her panties so we can see how wet this one is?"

His eyes were intently staring at her ass. Paige mumbled as she longed to be in Jessies place. He pulled out a small knife and quickly cut the panties from her. He then handed them to Paige.

"Are they wet?"

"Yes.. yes they are very wet" she replied breathlessly.

"Now, would you like to taste Jessies cunt Paige?"

She stood blushing, unable to take her eyes from the sweet sex had come to know as well as her own. He reached up and pulled her down to within inches of Jessies oozing pussy. Her pubic hair was matted with wetness, her lips puffy and a deep red.

"How does she smell paige, as sweet as I have been told?" "Lick her, excite her but do not bring her to climax"

Paige quickly extended her tongue to lap up the nectar which was Flowing from her friends sweet quim. She avoided her swollen clit, knowing one touch would push her over the edge. She could hear Jessies breathing, knowing how close she was to release. She felt his hands sliding her dress up, still clutching the crop tightly. His fingers touching her lightly. She felt him pinching her clit, rolling the hardened nub between his thumb and forefinger. He was driving her insane, but she fought to concentrate on licking Jessie. Her face was wet with her friends excitement when he pulled her away. He stood her up.

"I want you to apply the crop to her, you may do as you wish with the toy.. but you may only have 1 minute to play with her. You will begin when I say GO, is that understood?"

She nodded, looking at the opportunity which lay before her.


She moved a bit closer, sliding the small leather spanker across her bottom, then between her ass cheeks and slowly to her pussy. She knew the reaction this was having on Jessie, as she strained to press herself onto the toy. She then began a slow and steady swatting on her burning pussy. The smacks were not hard, they began softly, increasing in speed and intensity until Jessie was purring in such delight, feeling the pain from the crop, but knowing it was pleasurable.

"Times up!"

She was so involved in her play, she did not hear him tell her it was over. Suddenly she felt him land a slap on her bottom. She wheeled to look at him, and felt her passion rise as he pulled her to the bed, pressing her forward. She was set off balance and landed on her tummy, legs spread. He was behind her in an instant, pulling her to her knees, pressing her head forward.

"Stay that way, do not move. I think you should get a taste of your own medicine and see how well you like to have your cunt whipped."

She shuddered at the thought of feeling the tiny piece of leather landing on her burning clit. She felt his hands spread her thighs, his fingers pressing into her hot sex. Then she felt the sting of the crop. Her body began a slow dance as he continued to land the crop on her ass, her clit, her thighs.

"Go untie Jessie and remove the blindfold, I want the two of you to entertain me."

He had left her in the same state as she had left Jessie, almost unable to breath.. being so close to release, wanting to cry out for him to continue but the thought of feeling Jessies lips wrapped around her clit pushed her to her feet. Within seconds she had her untied and had removed the blindfold. They quickly fell into a passionate embrace, hands moving from breasts to pussy frantically. Their bodies pressed against one another, breasts touching, pussy juices melding.

They felt his hands pulling them apart. He pressed them to their knees as he removed his pants. Both women began to lick his hard cock. Their lips and tongues met as they stimulated him.

He pulled Jessie to her feet, pressing her over the edge on the bed as Paige continued to suck his cock. He stopped her telling her to get between Jessie's thighs and lick her clit. He moved behind Paige and began to slap her upturned bottom. Both women were so close to climax they were moaning, the slaps were something Paige had craved, but had never admitted. With each slap she received, his fingers slipped easily into her aching cunt. He let this play continue for a few moments before rearranging the women. He had Paige under Jessie licking her steadily as he began applying oil to her anus,, her bottom wriggled so that Paige had a hard time licking her steamy cunt. She wrapped her arms around her slender hips, holding her tightly as he began to press his fingers into her asshole. The tightness easing as he played with her. He moved his cock to replace his fingers, slowly pressing forward, feeling her relax as his cockhead entered her tiny hole. He moved into her slowly, but easily. She began to moan.. almost purr as he began to fuck her ass. Paige sucking on her clit, licking up the juices that were almost running from her. He reached down to pull Paige up, turning her so he was able to spank and finger her simultaneously. It was not long before all were exploding, each twisting with their orgasms. They collapsed into a pile, holding one another. He soon stood, kissed them both and left.

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