Biting her lower lip, Colleen undoes the button holding Steve’s khaki shorts closed. With one tentative hand, she slowly slides the zipper down, tracing the length of his throbbing hard on as she does so. He notices her chest rising and falling rapidly, her breasts moving in time to her rapid breathing as she seeks out his hidden treasure. Steve moans softly as her hands move to pull his boxers and shorts down his thighs to give her a better look.

“Ohhhhh,” she moans, worshiping the sight of his steel hard member throbbing seductively against his stomach. Colleen takes one hand and gently slips it around the hot shaft just below Steve’s swollen head. Lifting the meaty weight of his cock, she slides her hand down the long shaft. Her thumb traces the soft skin sliding sensually over the throbbing veins beneath. Reaching his balls, she gives him a soft squeeze, causing his head to swell even more. She feels his large hair covered scrotum swelling against her little finger and without thinking, runs her tongue quickly over her lips.

Steve feels a jerk in his cock as he watches this hot blond lusting over him. His ass tightens, involuntarily pushing her hand deeper into his crotch. Taking her delicate wrist in his hand, he pulls her closed fist back up the length of his cock, moaning softly at the feel of her soft hands on his shaft. Pulled from her reverie, Colleen takes the cue and begins stroking the thick meat laid out before her. Slowly at first, then a little faster.

Obviously talented in this area, she uses several tight fisted strokes, deliciously pulling Steve’s foreskin across the hard swollen tissue of his cock; before lightly pulling a few fast strokes, especially teasing the head. Stroking up and down, she pulls herself up to her knees to give her a better angle at his huge cock. Then, adding her other hand, she begins jerking him off in earnest. The muscles in her arms and shoulders, clearly visible in her tank top, moving sexily under her tanned skin.

The delicious feel of his entire cock being fully enclosed in her warm hands is almost more than Steve can bear, after the sexual wasteland he has endured the last few months. His knees slide apart and his heels dig into the soft cool earth beneath his feet. Grasping one of her forearms, he begins thrusting into her tight grip. His hips push up hungrily on each downward stroke of her arms. Fucking her hands, he moans as she quickens her pace.

He feels her panting breath moving across the head of her cock as he moans, “MMMmmm, Colleen. I’m... I’mmmm... ohhhh... yeah, fuck, yeah, I’m cumming. Cummmmmmm....”

Feeling his cock starting to throb, Colleen leans forward, earnestly taking the thick head between her lips and begins to suck. Fucking now with abandon into her tight velvety grip, Steve shoots load after hot load deep into Colleen’s waiting mouth. Surprised at first with the strength and volume of his ejaculation, she settles quickly down into a true cocksucker’s rhythm. Breathing raggedly through her nose, she swallows mouthful after mouthful of Steve’s warm cum until he settles, exhausted, back onto the cool grass.

Gasping in a lungful of the cool night air, Steve slowly regains focus. “Ohh, Colleen. That was so good. You were so good.” And though he can’t see it, she blushes. Running a hand gently over his softening cock, she demurely says, “Thank you. I have no idea why Lisa would let this go to waste, but if she doesn’t take care of you, we may be able to find other uses for it soon.”

“But right now, we have a party to attend. I think some people might be missing us about now.”
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