Sneak affair

Bella was brought into my uncles house as a maid,She had a one heck of a phat ass.I use to visit for holidays and had been fantasizing about her but she was a couple of years older.She was 32 and I had just turned 23.I had been thinking of ways to let her know that I desired her but she seemed so distant and hard to approach as she viewed me as her young master.My uncle and his wife left for work every morning and did not return until dusk.So it was just myself and Bella at home.My uncles house was built such that the maids had their own quarters separate from the main house.At night when everyone else was asl**p I quietly left the main house and found my way to Bella's room.I got on the bed with her and began to caress her.Stop she whispered,we are gonna get caught.I worked my way down her belly and between her thighs.She spreads her legs as my middle finger slides over her clitoris and between her pussy lips.its a little dry so I move back to her clitoris and gently rub it.She spreads even wider and her hips start to move.Now I can feel the slippery fluid,she tries to get my finger in but I stay on her clitoris.Her vagina is pulsating wildly at this time.I can feel her breathing getting heavier and her heart beating faster.I get on top of her and move my briefs to the side,letting out my hard cock.I slide it in as she wraps her arms around my neck.I sink my cock in even deeper,she jumps as I feel it hit her cervix.We are both high on lust as we fuck,Bella is moaning loud,her eyes closed.I feel the rush of semen starting to build so I stop and tell her to get in a doggy position.I slide my cock in from the back and begin pounding away.Bella buries her face in the mattress as I fuck her harder.She is starting to cream and the she suddenly jumps off and starts running from one ends of the bed to the other.Next thing I hear her vagina letting out a long queef as she tries to hold it in.She is embarrassed as I look at her in awe.I pull her back towards me and spread hr legs in missionary position.I slide in and start pounding,she wraps her legs and arms around and starts to breath heavily.She lets go of me and tries to push me off her body but I keep pounding,she grabs me tight and lets out a scream.I feel her pussy get wetter at this time I can feel the sperm building,marching their way up my urethra with one big thrust I let it all into her as the tingling sensation runs through my body.
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