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Magic Finger Sex...

Yesterday I went to my friends house about 10:30 am, we talked for a bit, around 11 we got naked, he spent a good long while licking and sucking my lady bits and I went to heaven.

Was just an incredible time ...my friend was in absolutely fine form - he's a total sweetheart. Our goal was to get his hand inside of me, so there was lots of massaging both internally and externally. The fabulous part of being the receiver of fisting is getting to the point where the partner CAN put their hand in you. It's all about being relaxed and for me, the more I cum, the more relaxed my pussy gets. I came about ...a million times I think, but it wasn't quite enough.

I tend to stay very aroused once I get there...so I can have multiple orgasms, squirt and have more...he has magic fingers, so he spent a long time rubbing and massaging and finger fucking me and tried again, but still no luck getting his hand all the way in. I could take 4 fingers folded, but could not get around the width of his hand. So we rested for a bit, and I sucked his cock. I love sucking his cock, and I can take him all the way down.

By then, my pussy really needed some stiff cock too, so I rode him cowgirl style, clenching down on him and squeezing his cock with my pussy, his hands rubbing and squeezing my tits, reaching between us to tweak my clit. More glorious cums.

Then a bit more rest, some water and we tried one last time to get his hand in, but by then, I was getting a little sore, so we turned it into one last fingering that drove me crazy - I was cumming so hard it was like dying a little bit. My friend knows me, and knows that I cry easily...when I finally hit the peak, it made me cry. He snuggled me close and eventually I could speak. I believe in returning as much pleasure as I receive, so I sucked his cock again, and swallowed every drop.

When I left yesterday afternoon, my pussy was shut...she was swollen and hot to the touch all evening.

I hope you like the photos that came from yesterday, please let me know.



I ran across this quote and it truly seemed appropriate....

It is not sex that gives the pleasure, but the lover.
Posted by longhairedbbw 3 years ago
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Wow what a horny read, I would love to tease your lady bits with my Tongue and fingers I could do it fir hours... X
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing - Loved the quote too ~
3 years ago
nice..thanks babe
3 years ago