The Backrub

You're lying facedown on the bed with just your pants on. Traveling can be draining, a nap would be welcome right about now.
The bed smells like any other bed in a Sheraton smells, vaguely of some perfume you can almost recall the name of, mostly of fresh laundry.
From somewhere out in the hall, you can hear women's voices and the faint ding of the elevator bell.
The water in the bathroom turns on reminding you there's someone else in the room, and your cock twitches briefly.
She's a girl from online, and you find yourself scarcely believing you're in a hotel room with her. The conversations had been fun and she was quite nice looking.

She'd given you her phone number, with the caveat - "Call me anytime you're in - we'll get together." The expectation certainly hadn’t been strong, but surprisingly, she’d said “Sure – I’ll meet you at the Sheraton – there’s a nice quiet little bar there – I’ll be wearing a green sweater.” The green sweater had been tighter than you’d expected, nipples poking the thin material, and a tiny slice of tan tummy over black pants.

Now she was in the bathroom, an unknown quantity, and you were lying on the bed, shirtless, wondering what was next. The bathroom door clicked open.

“ Hmmmmmmmm…. nice back. You look tense though.”
You could hear her move toward the bed, the bedclothes rustling as she sat next to you.
“ This should help.” Warm liquid touched your shoulder blades, and ran down your spine, not quite to the waistband of your trousers.
Her hands were warm, and her touch gentle. Rubbing muscles soundlessly, you could feel yourself relaxing into a nice back rub – just enough pressure, no nails, just fingertips and the occasional palm, rubbing what could only be oil into your skin. Muscles being kneaded, and soothed, your mind drifting. The background noise faded away, and you could hear her breathe, slow and deep.

Her fingertips gathered skin, and pushed it away, then back, dancing over muscles. Lower and lower, her fingers rubbed and stroked flesh. Your eyes closed, your body enjoying the simple touch of another human.

“Turn on your side – don’t open your eyes.”

The lightest touch on your stomach tells you her fingers are undoing your belt, and unfastening your pants. The button, then the zipper, slowly growling down, over your hardening cock. Her fingers leave the barest trace, almost a caress. She moves material down over your ass, and slides her hand over your cock. The pants slide down your legs and away. Nudity has never been a problem, but you feel, for one second, the juxtaposition of the unknown. You’re naked, is she?

She pushes you back flat, face down, and begins to rub your back again, this time trailing down to your ass, kneading and stroking, a finger sliding down the edge, then tracing the curve. More liquid now, rubbed across the glutes, the finger now a bit deeper, then the palm and fingers beginning to stroke the back of your thighs. Your cock is harder now, and her hands continue to knead the muscles in your legs. If it weren’t for the persistent erection, you’d be asl**p. The room is close, and slowly, the bed shifts, and she lies down beside you, skin to skin, somewhere a part of you thinks – ah, she was naked. For just a moment, there’s nothing, just a feeling of heat. Her hand rests, for just a moment on your ass, and then her fingers slide in further, now rubbing up and down, across your asshole.
“ Shhhhhhhhh…just relax, don’t move.”
A fingertip presses in, and is still. Her breast presses against your side, her hair on your arm. Gently, the finger moves further in, and then out a bit. A low moan escapes your lips, and she presses in again.
“Turn over, face me.” she says, her finger still planted in your ass.
You move slowly, and turn to face her. The room has gotten darker, she is mostly shadow now. You can feel her breath on your cheek, and your mouth meets hers.
Her finger pushes in again, and your hips move forward, pressing your cock into her thighs. She pushes again, and now there is no space between you, your cock wedged between her thighs, you can tell her finger is now completely inside you.
Slowly, she starts to fuck your ass with her finger, and her hips rock back and forth, stroking your cock with damp thighs.
“oh god” she almost whispers, through clenched teeth. Her nipples are hard, pressing harder into your chest, and she buries her face in your neck. Now a second finger enters your ass, and you can feel your cock growing unbearably hard, still encased in her thighs.

You’re almost afraid to touch her, afraid to interrupt. She is licking and kissing and sucking on your neck, her fingers working in and out of you harder now, and your cock is ready to burst. Her hips begin to thrust faster and it’s almost like being inside her. Her flesh is soaked with her own juices, mixed with your precum, and you can feel muscle bearing down and squeezing. There might be three fingers in your ass now, and you can feel cum boiling, ready to explode out of you. You groan and she groans back, you can feel your cock, hard as concrete, start to spill cum all over her jerking thighs. The fingers in your asshole freeze, and your orgasm takes you completely. Slowly you come down, and she looks over at you, and smiles.

“That was fucking amazing.”
You pull her close. She has a very nice mouth, and full lips. You have the urge to bite them.
“I’m glad you liked it. I love ass-fucking men. Judging from our conversations, I thought you’d be okay with it.” Her face was flushed, and her nipples were still stiff. It was obvious she was still turned on, still ready. You slide your hand between her legs, and she’s sopping wet.
“Kiss me” she says, her voice low and urgent. You do, and take the opportunity to bite her bottom lip. Her breath is hot. Her hands are all over your body – rubbing, stroking, nipples, cock, back, arms. You slide a finger into her wet slit, and she pushes forward.
“More… ” She arches her back raises her leg and pushes her pussy to you harder, and you oblige – two fingers, then three pushed into her. For one moment, you hesitate, and she grinds her clit across your knuckles.
You start to fuck her with your hand, and find a nipple close enough to suck into your mouth. “ Ahhhhhhhhhhh..God baby, make me cum.” Your little finger slides into her, and you can feel every muscle in her cunt clench down on your hand. You push against her, and she pushes back. You fuck her with your hand in earnest now – her hips rock against you, grunts of pleasure and the slick noise of her pussy sucking your fingers all you can hear.
Her orgasm comes swiftly, and for just second, you cannot move your hand, and then a gush of liquid, running down your wrist.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Baby – that was good.” She reaches between her legs, and slowly pulls your hand out of herself, and pulls your fingers toward her mouth. “Come taste me.” And she sucks your first two fingers into her mouth, running her tongue over your fingers and then licks your palm. Her mouth is coated with her cum, and it’s all you can taste, all you can smell as you kiss her hard, your tongues licking out the others mouth. The smell of her sex and the irresistible craziness of it all has your cock hard again. She smiles her slow smile, her lips bitten and inflamed then pushes you back onto the bed. She gets up and walks back to the bathroom. You hear rustling and a bit of noise, as though she were unwrapping something.
“Come here…”
You get up and walk toward the bathroom. The open closet holds your duffle bag, and the suit you wore to the meeting this morning. Your cock juts away from your body, leading you towards her.
There are several cock shaped dildos arrayed on the counter, amidst a tangle of straps and a large bottle of lubricant.
“I want to fuck your ass. Choose my cock.”
A finger of fear runs down your spine. Her finger was one thing; a cock in your ass is something else. Anal sex with your cock inserted into a woman’s ass has always been extremely pleasurable, but being the receiver of a cock had only been a consideration, really a fantasy.
The dildos all look hefty, much bigger than her finger. A pinkish one seems huge, far too big, veins deeply sculpted and the head flared out beyond the taut shaft.
There is a darker one, long and a bit slimmer, but with a big ball sack at the base.
“That one” you say, pointing to the darker one.
“Good, I like that cock. I’ll be a moment getting ready.”
She silently hands you the bottle of lubricant, and begins to unwind the straps. She steps into the harness, then pulls it up around her thighs, and pushes the dildo through.
She folds a hand towel and pushes it between her pubes and the base then tightens the straps that are now around her thighs and waist. She turns to you, reaching to pull you close. You move toward her, your cock barely brushing hers. She kisses you, deeply; cupping your ass cheeks, and pulling your pelvis to hers, cock touching hers, your chest rubbing her breasts.
She reaches down to your cock, and strokes it, “Are you ready?”
“Ahhhh…yes.” you reply, and she leads you to the bed. She gently sits you down, her cock now at the level of your mouth.
“Well…what are you waiting for?” “Suck my cock,” she says to you, barely brushing her cock across your lips. You open your mouth, and accept the head of her cock. It is a strange feeling, sucking and licking on her cock, but your own cock feels it; she holds the back of your head in one hand, and pushes it deeper into your throat. You can smell her pussy, and reach out to caress her ass. She fucks your throat, gently for a few more moments, and then stops, the dildo lodged in your mouth. She withdraws the cock, and your lips close, briefly over just the head. You look up at her…like so many have looked up at you.
“I’m going to fuck your ass now. Turn over and kneel. Put your head on the bed.”
You do, and you can feel her fingers running over your ass cheeks, down to your asshole, still sticky with lube from earlier.
“Reach back and spread your cheeks. Show me where you want my cock.”
You do, and your cock feels like it has turned into stone. Lube is suddenly running from the top of your ass down to your balls, she scoops up a bit of the running liquid and pushes it into your asshole.
“’re still open. Just relax. Just the head for now.”
The head of her cock presses against your asshole, and slips in. The feeling is terrifying and fantastic, and until today, you had thought that this would never happen to you, except perhaps in a dream.
She massages your ass cheeks, rubbing lube all the way down your balls, then she reaches between your legs and grabs your throbbing cock.
“You’re ready for more, I can tell.”
“Push back against me, take my cock up your ass” Slowly you push your ass onto the dildo, grunting as it slides deeper into you. She holds perfectly still, as though she can feel you accepting her cock in your ass. The movements are almost non-existent at first, the barest sensation, and something in you gives, and you move against her, taking it completely and you are full of her cock.
“How does that feel baby? Do you like my cock up your ass?”
“God yes” you sigh.
“Good” and she began to pump, slowly, holding your ass with both hands, occasionally running a finger around the edge of your asshole, making your cock jerk uncontrollably.

Her pace continued, steadily increasing, until your ass and her hips met with a crash on every stroke.
She is well and truly fucking your ass now, without mercy. You feel flesh being pounded tender beneath her cock. Your own meat drools precum, and your balls are trapped in the vise of your own skin.
“Take my cock boy – take it all, take it now” she screams, as her thrusts grow more and more wild. Her nails dig into you and the cock rips your anal passage back and forth, the head bursting through your gaping hole with every stroke. The cum that has boiled in your balls begins to spew out of your cock, and she pounds you again and again, slowly coming to rest, her cock lodged firmly in your depths. Cum puddles on the spread beneath you, you have cum without having touched your cock.

For a moment, there is no movement, no sound. Then slowly, with a slurping sound, she withdraws the cock, and runs her finger around your asshole. “ I love to see an open asshole. Yours looks fucked wide open.”

You feel the weight of her on the bed beside you, and she moves close.
“Did you like that? I just fucked your ass baby.”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…I loved it.” You reply, and reach to pull her closer. Your mouths meet again, and you can feel her hips gently rocking. Her mouth slides along your jaw, to your ear. “Will you fuck me? In the ass?” “You have a beautiful cock, and I want it in my ass.”
Her hand closes around your shaft, and you feel a surge of energy. Her hand strokes your stiffening cock.
“Suck it baby…. make it good and wet, and then I’ll fuck your ass.” She moves down your body, pausing to suck your nipples, and lick a line from your belly down to your cock. Her mouth closes over the head, and you feel her throat pull you in. Her tongue draws designs around your cock, and her head moves up and down. Her hands and mouth work your cock and the thought of fucking her ass is making your cock twitch again.
“Enough…let’s see your ass sweetie.”
“Show me where you want my cock.”
She stands, turns around and pulls her asscheeks apart, showing you a pink asshole. You stand behind her, and push your cock into her soaking wet cunt.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawd.” She moans. “Please fuck me.”
“Hold still” You push a finger into the flesh of her asshole, feeling the tightness, and the heat. You start to stroke her pussy, your cock sliding easily in and out. You push your finger deeper, and she moans again.
You pull your dick out of her and push the head at her ass. It slides in, meeting no resistance, and you hear her groan into the bedspread. Her ass is tight and hot, and all you want to do is fuck her, suddenly, as hard as she’d fucked you. You grind into her, and feel your balls slap her wet flesh. You pump in and out of her, not caring now about anything but filling her ass with cum. Your cock slides in and out of her ass harder and harder, and you can feel her ass muscles clench. You know you’re going to cum soon, you can feel it, one of those cums that starts somewhere in your spine and comes shooting out of the end of your cock like fire from a flamethrower. A few more strokes, and you slap her asscheeks hard, and then grab her hips and sink your cock as far into her asshole as it will go, and cum sprays her insides.
You can hear her panting. Your knees sink, and you roll onto the bed, beside her.
A while later, she turns to you and smiles. She gets up, walking slowly toward the bathroom, where you hear the shower spray begin to beat the tiles. You join her, and in a daze, wash each others bodies in the endless hot hotel water. Dressing only takes a moment, and she looks at you and says “You know – I know this great Italian place – want some dinner?”

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3 years ago
A great story I had to go over it twice because something popped UP during reading it that I had to take care of!
3 years ago
WOW! You are one hell of a sexy lady! I hope there is much more to cum from you.
3 years ago
Now I want a backrub! Nice story.
3 years ago
wow im gonna do that some day
3 years ago
great story... I like your imagination!!
3 years ago
nice story