Downtown quickie

We've just finished a great meal and wine and are outside the restaurant trying to decide what to do next. You are so beautiful in your tight fitting short dress that I have to feel you and kiss you. I pull you to me and kiss you, hugging you close and lifting you up, spinning you around until we're in an alcove, shielded from view by others. I lean back on a low wall, you pull the dress up revealing your sexy red thong and you sit on me, one foot up on the wall beside me, grinding your pussy into the growing lump in my pants. I stroke and squeeze your tits as we kiss, getting hotter by the minute. I stand you up and get behind you reaching behind to pull your thong aside as I pull my pants down, unleashing my cock. I play with your pussy with my hand as your legs spread and you know what's coming next, I bend down and guide my cock into your wet inviting pussy. You push back on me and we start fucking. It doesn't take long before I let you know that I'm going to cum so you pull off of me and bend down to take me into your mouth. I'm fucking your mouth as if it's your cunt and I blow my load hard, some of it dribbles down your chin and cheeks, so you use your fingers to wipe it off your face and you lick it off your fingers. As I keep stroking in an out of your mouth, staying hard. You smile up at me as you rise up, straighten your dress and thong, help me back into my pants and we walk arm in arm out of the alcove and into the flow of people walking. I hug you close and we decide to walk home and take care of you cumming in my mouth!
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