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I picture u walkin into our door looking haggard and tired from a long night at work. I greet you with a nice hug and kiss and tell you to go immediately to the nice hot bubble bath I've run for you. I help u undress, feelin u up as I do and u melt down into the tub and let out a big contented sigh as u lift your lips up to me to kiss as you say 'thank you love'. I say I'll be right back and u just lie there letting the stress leave your body and you start wondering what I'm up to. u start to know that you're in for a nice relaxing night of love-making because I come back into the room with a tray with two glasses of a nice sweet wine with the bottle and vanilla-scented candles which I arrange around the tub, soft music that u like playing from the bedroom. I pull my robe off slowly and just stand there looking down at u with love and lust in my eyes, rubbing my breasts seductively and spreading my legs so u can see how ready my pussy is for your love. I slip down into the tub between yur legs facing you. I softly rub yur feet and calves talking in sweet low tones that I want u to completely relax and give yurself to me, allowing me to take u to heaven. I hold yur wine glass for u and feed u a long drink and you swallow it and close your eyes, sighing again. I rise up and step out and pull your head and back forward so I can slip in the tub behind u, my pussy and belly and tits slide down your back as I lay u back on me and my hands go to work under the bubbles on yur breasts, making the nipples come even more to life as I squeeze them and twist them just the way u like. I give u and I another drink of wine, then my hands slide slowly down your belly to your pussy, playing down there as if I was playing with myself when I think of u. Your head is rolling back and forth nestled in my breasts as I kiss the back of yur head and yur ears and u turn your head so we can kiss. You state that yur mine and that I have totally relaxed u but that yuv had enough of the bath and would like nothing more than to go to bed with me. We get out of the tub and look at each other and kiss and i take yur hand and lead you to bed. I have candles burning in here too and rose petals cover our bed. I lie u down and just start slowly, teasingly kissin yur body from yur feet up to your thighs, parting yur thighs to kiss and lick your pussy and clit for a few seconds before I continue up yur belly to yur breasts and neck and face. I'm straddling u and u reach up to stroke my pussy and ask me to please let u have a taste. I'd wanted to make u wait but I'm so turned on that I move up and lower my pussy to yur mouth, squatting down as u tongue my pussy, asshole and clit in succession as I moan and writhe above u, holding your head up and rotating my hips easily to your rhythm, I could cum in a second. I swing around so we can 69 as I can't wait to have you in my mouth and we just lick and mouth and love each others pussies for the longest time. We tease and bring each other to the edge many times and we're soaking each others faces from our juicy love holes. I move off of u and tell u I have a surprise for us and produce a beautiful double dildo that we're going to fuck each other silly with. u smile happily and just lay back and say 'yes baby, fuck me like you've never fucked anyone, I want u so bad, yur the only one I'll ever want or need baby, u r my world!'. I take this 'cock' and slide it around yur pussy to lube it up, grinding yur clit and sliding it hard and poking your asshole hard with it. I slide it in to yur pussy a little bit then more and more and fuck u very slowly with it as my other hand is stroking yur tits and the cock is starting to go in and out faster and faster and harder and harder as I lean in to tongue yur clit in a perfect rhythm to the cock. I lift myself up and slide the entire remaining length of the cock into me, slowly and seductively showing u what it's doin to me and start squatting up and down hard, legs spread wide, our pussies mashing together so sexily when we meet, our clittys kissing like only they can. You tell me I'm making u cum and I say 'yes baby, cum for me, cum hard as I fuck u my love and we'll cum together'. With our hands on each others breasts and still gyrating and slamming together in perfect motion we scream out of love and lust for each other as we explode in orgasm, whining and cumming and hugging and just riding the peaks and valleys of passion over and over still speaking dirty thoughts of lust and beautiful words of love and devotion breathlessly to each other as I lie on top of u, our chests heaving and the cock still inside us as we can feel each others intermittent spasms spelling the end of our orgasms. We kiss softly and long and smile happily when we look at each other. I slide off to yur side and we just lie facing each other with the cock still in us, legs wrapped and hands stroking slowly and kissing and speaking words of love and just building to another round because once will never be enough for us
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