The Drive

The Drive
You suggest that we take a ride into the countryside, but little did I know of your plan. At around 9am we left the house and got into the car which I had hired at the airport. You give me some general directions and we set off. I had already noticed that you had dressed in a way which was bound to turn me on. You had a short red skirt and had teamed it up with a sleeveless white top. We talk as we are driving and it then with your skirt riding up that I notice the fact that you don’t have any panties on. You see me smile and know what I have seen. You tell me that you are going to tease me until we get to the forest. This has the instant reaction of getting me horny. You take one of your hands and place it on my crotch and with the other you slip it between your legs and start playing with your pussy. You can feel my cock harden with the knowledge of what you are doing. You slide a finger into your wet pussy and pull it out, moving closer and putting your finger into my mouth so that I can taste how sweet you are. I ask you how much future and you tell me a good half hour away. You move back and take my hand, placing it between your legs. As I move my hand up your thigh I can feel the heat from your pussy, and by the time my fingers reach you there is already a wet patch on the seat. I start by rubbing your clit up and down, then in a circular motion. This helps to put even more of your juices onto the car seat. From this angle I tell you I can’t finger fuck you, so you slide down the car exposing your shaven pussy. It is such a turn on doing this as we drive passed others in the car, people unaware of what we are doing. We stop at a set of signals next to a black truck, due to its height the driver and his passenger have a clear view inside. You can see the drive watching as I slide my fingers in and out of your dripping pussy. While he watches, you pull my fingers out your pussy and suck them clean. As the lights turn to green you blow him a kiss as we drive off. As we get closer to the forest you notice that the black truck is following us. I ask you what you want to do, should I pull over or race off. You think about it for a moment and tell me to pull over. I find a quite spot and pull in. The truck follows us in. We both get out the car and turn to look who was there. The driver gets out, a young guy in his mid 20’s a little rough around the edges but good looking. As his passenger rounds the front of the car, You take note of the sheer side of him. He must be well over six feet tall, and by the size of his arms incredibly strong. You freeze for a moment with what to do, two guys standing there silently looking at you. I gap your arm and pull you closer and down onto the floor. The teasing in the car and turned my mind to lust. I unzip my pants and pull out my stiff cock, you take it in your hand and pop it straight into your mouth. I grab the back of your head and push you onto my cock, you take my cock deep down your throat. As you suck me I nod to the two guys who approach without a word, you look up to see two more stick cocks facing you. I could tell in your eyes you were pleased by what we had found. While the one was only around average size, the other was a true monster. The guys move either side of me and close in, you take both cocks in your hands as you continue to such me. You move your head to the average size cock and without even looking at him, push his cock into your mouth. As your first fuck the monster and such the other I move round behind you and lift up your skirt, exposing your naked ass and pussy to the world. I rub your clit with my fingers before sliding my cock into you. I tell you that i’ve never felt you so wet before, all you can do is moan. You turn to the monster cock, running your tongue from his massive balls all the way up his shaft and take the head into your mouth. You have to open your mouth wide just to fit it in. You hear the other guy say something to me and feel my cock pull out of you. The guy disappears from view. I watch as he rubs his cock against your clit before pushing it inside you. You pull your head from the other cock and turn to me, you whisper to me to come closer. As I get close you turn your attention back to my cock, sucking off all of your wetness. I guy behind you fuck you hard and each trust sends waves through your body. You notice the fucking stop and new pair of hands on your waist. You look up and me as you feel his massive cock f***e its way into your already beaten pussy. You eyes open wide as you feel your pussy stretching under the thickness of his cock and I can tell by the way your body moves that you had just cum all over it. You take deep breaths as he inches his cock inside you until you finally feel his balls pressed against you. Pulling his cock out he slams hard into you making you scream. With now two cocks to suck and your pussy being pounded all you can do is moan and scream. You are so dazed by what is happening that you mind can’t comprehend the words being said. Instead your body was only able to process the pleasure. The guy pulls his cock out of you as I flip you over so you are sitting on my lap. You feel my line my cock up with your tight ass and push inside you. You bite your lip as my cock f***es its way deeper into your ass. You body twitches again uncontrollably as you cum again. You mind is fuzzy as the big guy lines his cock back up with your pussy. You feel him squeeze his cock into your now even tighter pussy, while my cock is deep inside your ass. The other moves to the side of you so you can suck his cock at the same time. We pound your pussy, ass and mouth hard until you seem unable to take any more. The first guy with his cock in your mouth starts to cum and even though he is only average he cums hard. You feel the jets of hot salty cum hit the back of your throat forcing you to swallow his load. You hear the big guy start to want as he fills your pussy, the knowledge of this is too much for as f***es me to cum hard in your ass. You hear the guy say something as they walk back to the car. You manage to stand up and hold onto me as a mixture of cum from your ass and your pussy runs down your legs. All the words you can manage is wow as we get back in the car. The seat already wet from your juices was about to get covered in two guys cum. Thank god it’s a rental xx
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