Sex with Litty

This is a true story about my first time ever having sex.

I had been with my girlfriend for about 1 year and 6 monthes before we started having sex. We were 16 at the time and i had wanted it for a long time but she always just said im not ready and we stuck to blow jobs and me eating her out.

Soon after we started giving oral sex to eachother i had fantasized about doing more stuff because of my odd obsession of watching porn and jacking off because i was always thinking about my girlfriend, Litty. (that is her nick name)

Before i start telling you about my loss of virginity experience ill describe my beautiful girlfriend. She had an athletic build that was a perfect fit for her body. She was about 5.4 and 120 pounds. Very beautiful dirty blond hair and her ass was perfect. Her boobs were a solid B cup and possibly C in some stores. None the less they were amazing.

Now i can remember the day perfectly, we were in school when i got the text that she was pretty close to being ready to have sex. I ofcourse was so excited but she said i couldnt tell anyone. I knew it was gonna be the day. I had practice after school as well as her and then we "had" to go to one of her annoying friends house after practice to be nice. we then left after that to go to a cook out, or atlease i thought we were. I didnt think my chances of sex that day was good.

Soon we went to my house to let my dog out and without me knowing i went downstairs and then returned upstairs to my room only to find her completely naked and sitting with my condoms on her tits. one on each nipple. I asked what about the cook out and she said, that was a lie. i want your juicy 8 in. cock in my pussy now. I was to excited that i almost busted right then and their.

After alot of intense makeouts heaving feeling we were both naked. sitting on my bed. i started to eat her out to get her sweet pussy so wet that it would put out a drought. She soon climaxed after that annd i watched it flow out of her and sucked up every bit of it.

Next she said she was ready and i slowly stuck it in her until i was about 4 in. in and she started to squirm, she complained it hurt and i looked down and had busted her cherry, not much bl**d though and it didnt ruin the mood. We were going hard at it not too long after that. It felt so good that i soon loaded that condom with my cum and started sucking her tits again and then fucked her again until she was shaking like a dog shitting glass (thats how good her orgasm was).

We layed there for a while after kissing and feeling until i heard the door of my garage open, i knew it was my dad coming home and luckily my neighbor up the street waved him on and he went right past my house and drank at his house til 10 o clock and that made me very happy because she wanted me to fuck again.
Her pussy is one of kind, a cute freckle on the lips, he clit so amazing yet conceled its beauty by the hood. And to this day i still get excited at the thought of fucking my girlfriend, no wife. and i lost my virginity 16 years ago and we are still going strong and sexy.
83% (12/3)
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4 years ago
nice story...
4 years ago
You cant forget your first time.
4 years ago
i remember my 1st & 2nd times 1 was great 2 was a bust by little sister i almost killed her the hottie i was with said not to hurt her bbblllluuuuuuuueeeeeee bbbbaaaaalllllsssss
4 years ago
Nice I still remember my first time as well.