So to fantasy time......

we live together and You have been out at work. You model for a number of magazines now and also present on Babestation. Today You were at a studio posing for some pics for Front magazine, the shoot was all around You being a dominatrix, wearing leather, PVC and posing with another girl being sub. You were away for about six hours with travelling time, make up, the shoot and then checking You were happy with the pics. As always posing, pouting and dressing up gets You all hot and horny and i love everytime that you have a shoot as i know that i am in for a treat when You return home.

You ring the bell and i come to the door. i open the door and You drop Your coat to reveal Your outfit. You have Your hair sc****d back and tied tight in a high ponytail. Your eyes are covered in a deep bright blue make up and You wear large fake eyelashes to show off Your eyes. Your lips are bright red and shiny from the amount of gloss You have applied. You wear a skin tight shiny black PVC catsuit, nothing underneath and there is a zip allowing access to the crotch. On Your feet You wear high heeled bright red patent leather ankle boots, matching Your lips.

You order me out of the house and tell me to strip naked and fall to my knees. Your instructions are simple, "follow every instruction and don't make eye contact with me", "Now follow me into the kitchen" I focus my eyes on your heels and follow into the house, not daring to move my eyes above your ankles. You order me to make you a drink of Vodka and coke and then tell me to lie on my back in the middle of the floor. As i lie on the floor, still not looking up at You, You stand over me, take a sip of Your drink, swill it around Your mouth and the spit it in my face....."What the fuck is that?" You ask You place the sole of your shoe on my hard cock and place the heel dangerously near my ass, stepping on my cock and squashing it up and down as if you are driving a car revving the engine, pushing my cock up and down with Your shoe. Your heel scratching my ass as it moves.

Next you kneel down on me, pressing Your knees into my elbows, restricting my movement, You grab my balls and cock and grip them hard, scratching them with your long nails, you don't go as far as wanking me but just squeezing the life out of my cock. You then unzip your catsuit and release the aroma of Your pussy in my face. "Don't even think about trying to lick My pussy!" you tell me. You reach down and begin to flick Your clit and finger Your pussy, You are so wet from the shoot that it does not take long for You to reach Your orgasm and Your pussy juices run out of Your cunt and down on to my face, " Don't lick it!" You shout, i can taste and smell You but You zip up and tell me to turn over and face the floor. You return with a chair and tell me to sit on it and put my hands behind my back. You tie them tight and tell me to continue looking down and not at Your face. You set up a camera in front of me and then blindfold me. i hear You preparing a load of things, boiling a kettle, striking a match, preparing a drink and then i hear You walking away. You appear to be gone for a long time, but then after a while i hear You return, Your heels clipping on the kitchen floor. i don't it but You have removed your catsuit and now stand naked in front of me except for your heels.

You start the camera and set to work. You start by introdcuing Yourself to the cam as Miss Mather and how today You are going to show the world how You control me. You walk over to me and slap my face telling me i had no right to have a hard on. You take Your lipstick and write on my forehead "CUNT" and then "Miss Mathers Bitch" across my chest, sticking Your naked ass in the camera as You do it, giving the audience a real show. You then scratch my chest with you nails before moving away, "you cock is still hard, bitch " you say and then empty a glass of iced water onto my cock, laughing as You do. Then You grab a candle and drip wax all over my chest and then on my balls, burning my skin, but whatever You my cock stays hard. You lean in and whisper "Aww do you want to cum now?" i go to answer but before i can You slap me and laughingly say " you fucking wish...." You grab my cock and try and squeeze the life out of it. All of a sudden the phone rings and You answer, clearly it is one of Your friends and You begin to chat as if nothing is going on, leaving the cam running and walking a around me, standing in front of me and placing Your foot on my cock, pressing as hard as You can. After about five minutes the call ends and You set about me again. You straddle me, put Your arms around my neck and lower Your pussy onto my cock, just allowing the tip into Your wet sweet pussy, You begin to kiss me but then without warning, slap me again saying "Who the fuck are you to stick your dick in Me?" You walk behind me and release my hands, remove my blindfold allowing me to see you bald pussy directly in front of my face "Ok bitch this is your only chance to not have blue balls tonight, you have 60 seconds to cum, GO" I grab my cock but You distract me by pushing Your pussy in my face, completely stopping me from wanking my aching cock. "Times up bitch" you shout and order me to remove my hands from my cock. You turn and stand in front of me and lean into the cam and say "Well that's it boys and girls, jon gets no cum tonight" before turning of the cam.

You turn back to face me smiling " Enjoy that babe?" "You are the fucking best babe, no come hear and let me empty my balls!!" You drop to your knees as I stand up, you take my cock in your hands and begin to suck hard on the tip before taking the full length deep in your mouth, gagging as my cock fills you, seconds later you feel my cock twitching, you pull back and let me spray my cum all over your pretty face, my balls are so full that the cum covers your face and drips off your chin, down on to you tits, a picture of sexiness at the very best.......

Love writing this for you and got real excited when you came online half way through, shame you could stay and talk. Hope you really enjoy the stories and I will try to stop by tomorrow to find out whether you liked them and if I managed to make you cum...........................
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