On The Beach

I see you from miles away. I am sitting on the beach watching for all the pretty young girls and admiring their lithe teen bodies as they walk past giggling. You, however are in a league of your own, you strut along the beach, posing and outing all the time, flicking your hair, seeking the attention that you desire. You are bare foot, your toes are perfectly manicured and painted Barbie girl pink and you wear a silver ankle chain. Your long tanned legs are orange and also glimmer in the sun from where the salon added slitter to your spray tan. Where most of the girls on the beach wear bikinis, you are wearing a pair of tiny denim cut off shorts, they are too small for you and you cannot do up the top 2 buttons, as a result your pussy is practically on show, if you had a hairy bush you would be on show but as I look really close, I can just make out the top of the landing strip you had waxed in for you holidays. Your arse cheeks hang out below the shorts, just waiting for my hand to grab. You are wearing a yellow bikini top, pushing your fake tits together and up and out, your cleavage by far the best on the beach and the fake plastic in your tits ensuring that they are perfect in every way. Your hair hangs long and straight down you back, your extensions making it longer and sluttier. Your face is covered in full make up, as if you were going our for the night and you wear over sized shades, making you feel like a porn star posing by the side of a pool for a cheap porn mag.

I walk up to you and instead of trying to come up with some crap chatup line, I just say to you, “ Tell me why I shouldn’t fuck you right now?” you smile, take my hand and we walk away towards the end of the beach. “ And why should I fuck you?” you ask. “Because i am a great fuck and know how to treat a cheap slut like you...” Now we are at the end of the beach and there are less people, you stop and stand back, allowing me to study your body. Knowing what a slut you are, I open my shorts and release my now hardening cock, you drop to your knees and look up at me as if to say, what do you take me for? Taking my cock in both hands, you lick my cock from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. However this is clearly only a tease and you are not going to put out just yet, and you’ll be making me work for it. You tell me to meet me later in the local pub. We are both staying in the local campsite, you are there with a load of your mates but all of them are in couples, I have had a long weekend with the boys but they have all left , back to work, and I am staying on for a few days to surf and see what cheap sluts I can pick up.

Later I am waiting in the pub when you walk in with all your friends. They all settle at some chairs and you walk over to me waiting at the bar for you. What an incredible site you are, your long hair, straight and long down your back, you are wearing a short and very tight halter neck black dress, it is clear that you have no underwear on at all. The dress is tight enough to keep your fake tits in place and the smooth dress over your ass indicates a lack of panties. It goes without saying that your face is covered in thick full make up. What a fuck this is going to be I think to myself...You make it clear that we are not here to drink and lead me outside and down onto the beach. Deserted in the evening sun the beach is the perfect place for you to show off and you immediately throw me your cam and begin to pose and pout at me, letting me take all the photos I want, flashing you sweet pussy, ass and those perfect fake round tits. Before long you are naked and dancing around in the evening sun. I pocket the cam, walk up behind you and grab a handful of those amazing tits, pushing my hard cock against your flabby wobbling ass. Not caring if anyone can see us, you throw your head back as I kiss your neck, longing for me to take you there and then. Reaching down , I feel your soaking wet cunt and dip my fingers inside, you are so wet I think that you have already been playing with yourself prior to meeting me, I release my cock and bending you slightly forward slip easily into your wet pussy, too wet I think and in one swift movement pull out of your pussy and penetrate your ass, sliding in deep and fast. You let out a gasp and moan for more. Holding firmly on your tits I begin to fuck your ass faster and harder and it is not long before I cum deep in your ass as you moan like a cheap whore. “Grab the cam” you shout and then ass I pull away you open your ass cheeks so I can photo my hot cum dribbling out of your ass and down your thighs.

Smiling you leave your clothes on the beach and march naked back towards the campsite. I follow like a lost puppy desperate to see what more you have for me....

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3 years ago
Not bad.. I love little sluts like that...