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Sex is breaking up half of couples

Because sex is breaking up half of couples

Lots of people cited as the reason for breaking up with a partner should be insurmountable resistance or lack of understanding. However, as a representative of sexual studies, has worked for the magazine Cosmopolitan Institute for Public Opinion Research Gewis, the cause is often quite prosaic - intimate discord and dissatisfaction. He confessed to at least 56 percent of the 1073 respondents men and women aged from twenty to fifty years old who are seriously thinking about leaving partner because he does not want to change anything in the past, in ... Continue»
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The angle of erection and detection of biological

The angle of erection and detection of biological age

As we know, based on scientific research, varies with the age of the angle of erection. Therefore, by measuring the angle of erection determine the biological age of the man and his health. In healthy men aged:
15-20 years worth of jade wand in his prime and hull forms with an angle of approximately 45-60 degrees. This angle corresponds to the erection position of the thumb on the hand that is assigned to the lungs, bronchi and also lymph node system. Jade wand in the erect state without ejaculation reinf***es these authorities. During ... Continue»
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some tips towards SEX session

special Taoist sexual rituals are massaging, kissing, stroking, coated aromatic oils, each invocation eyes erogenous zones | clockwise and counter-clockwise, until the whole body in their energy field transforms into one erogenous zone. The biggest erogenous stimulation of the partner achieved by starting massages secondary erogenous zones, then immediately go to primary erogenním zones and eventually you will be massaged tertiary erogenous zones.

For men, the most sensitive right side of the body. (yin form = receiving power)
A woman is most sensitive left side of the body. (yang form = c... Continue»
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7 problem in SEX and a bit of solutions

The beginnings of sexual life may be in many ways complicated and not always in bed goes as it should. Therefore, we bring article focused on this very subject: Problems in sex. Do you know your advice with something? Does it hurt you? Do you think you're doing something wrong? We will help determine the cause of tri problems for your adorable sex hm ...:-)
First it hurts!

When first love girl bleeds and sex it hurts, but of course there are girls who have sex does not hurt nevyroní a single drop of bl**d. But ... the problem may occur when the second, third and fourth intercourse when pai... Continue»
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Bimal shares his true story, he writes:
“I thought this real-life account may interest you. I’m a Hindu man in my early 40s living outside India, divorced since early this year after being married for several years to a lovely Punjabi Hindu Brahmin lady from India, slightly younger than I am myself. Back when she was in her 20s, my ex-wife modelled part-time for a short while in Punjab. She’s not tall but is quite pretty with sharp facial features, beautiful straight hair, an appealing light brown skin tone along with a very curvy physique. From when we first got together until the time the r... Continue»
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[Story] my wifes naughty elder s****r talked me into

It is really impossible for a person like me to hold himself up to his wife only when he has a Saali like Mukta. My marriage is more than a year old and I am indulged in an extra marital affair with s****r of my wife. Mukta is actually my wife’s cousin s****r, nearly 3-4 years elder then me, not married and very young and naughty from the heart.

I must tell you that from the first day I met her I was tempted by Mukta's body. This woman was meant to be fucked, and fucked repeatedly. Warm and fleshy, her body was crying out for a man's attention and initially I could not believed that she di... Continue»
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[Story] Confession of a Mature Married Women

Dear readers, today I am going to confess in front of you all of a sin I have committed in the rage of sexual emotions. I am Shobha. A very simple housewife in my early forties. I have a loving husband and a daughter of 13 years in age. I live in a Mumbai suburban area called Malad. My husband Anil is in his mid forties and works for a leading bank as a branch manager. Anil loves me a lot and is very liberal. Unlike many middle class old fashioned husbands, Anil does not worry about me talking to his male friends or my own male friends from college days.

Every day, I take my daughter to sc... Continue»
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who are all having sexual contact with Married Wom

Share Your sexual contact with Married Women / Men ( Except Your Wife / Husband

in my point of view , Having Sex with Married womens is a great and Safety for all .

hope u guys also have same thing may be ,

> Share ur relationships with whom , age & present status

Dear Xhamsters Plz Share all Your experiances

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Do you like to have sex with your s****r in law?


No.Not at all

If she prefers

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