Received a txt off my sex master James hi slut can you make it down to my flat today as me and mistress Eileen would like to see you today I sent txt back mmm yes please at what time.

My flat at no later than 3pm slut.

Arrived bang on I rang the door bell and was greeted by a total stranger who let me in and me told that my sex master and mistress Eileen has gone to the supermarket to get a Bootle of wine and he said you no the drill and he left me and I made a start on striping off my male cloths and went into the bathroom to wash out my pussy and then made a start on getting dressed but on my back strapless bra with my fake boobs and put on my black boob tube dress and then put on my blond wig and went back in to the bathroom and put on my slap.

Then I go in the front room and the total stranger that had let me into James flat is sitting there in just his birthday suit and fuck me what a fucking cock it’s fucking huge and I cannot keep my eyes of it he then tells me his name and he said I’m john I say I’m Debbie the slut yes I know James has told me all about.

I sat down and make small talk with john and he said don’t you want to play with my cock I said yes I would like to play with your cock but I have to wait until master James and Mistress Eileen say if it’s ok for me to play with your cock and about forty min’s later master James and mistress Eileen arrive back home and walk in the front room and say to me I hope you have been a good slut and not been playing with john’s cock but before I can answer john said no she’s been a good slut and I
Asked her to play with my cock but she said she will have wait for her sex master to say if it’s ok to play with my cock but she cannot keep her eyes off it and she has been drooling badly master James walks over to me a playfully slaps my arse and says to me you starting to understand who’s in control of this slut.

He then tells me I can play with john’s cock I walk over to were john is and sit down next to him and take is cock into my hard and it starts to get hard and fucking hell if a thought it was big when soft this fucking thing is a fucking monster he then tells me to suck him I gave him a good suck and he then stops me sucking him and said to me I want to fuck you Debbie but I thought fucking hell this cock is going to fucking hurt me but this slut has to as she is told or over wise master James will spank me for not entering his male friend so I said yes I would like that but this will be my first monster cock so can your put plenty of lub in my pussy please he said ok slut I looked over at master James and asked him if he had any poppers in his flat he said yes do you need some and said yes as by the size of this cock I’m about to fucked with I will need anything to help.

John put on a condom and I lifted my legs up and he put good amount of lub into my pussy and then give my the Bootle of poppers and I took a good stiff and he waited until I said ok he then started to push is cock into me and aaa it fucking hurt but did not pull out and did not move is cock in and out just left it in me like that for what felt like fucking hours then he started to fuck me slowly the pain I was feeling was incense put enjoyable at the same time he fucked for a good ten min’s he then shouted you like my cock in your pussy don’t you fucking nasty slut and all I could say was a uuufaaa and boy this man had some saying power he fucked me for a good forty min’s and pulled is cock from out of me and started to wank his cock by my face and asked me were I wanted his cum and master James said make her swallow your cum he then said aaa I’m coming slut and put his cock in to my mouth and he emptied his ball down the back of my throat and fuck me I thought when his cock going to stop coming was he a heavy comer fucking hell not half I was having trouble in swallowing his cum so much that it started to leak out of my mouth and run down my chin he finally stop coming and thanked me for letting him fuck me.

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3 years ago
good story work on punctuation though needs work