First Time - with s****r Lisa

When I was twelve years old, my sex life began. My s****r recalls that I was then a very beautiful boy. My limbs and tummy still had some baby fat, giving me the appearance of softness and likability. My face was cherubic.

Our parents had gone out of town for the weekend, leaving my fifteen year old s****r to look after me. The first night we were alone my s****r Lisa came into my bedroom and got into bed with me. It was a warm night and I was lying on top of the sheets with just jockey shorts on, almost asl**p.

She was naked when she lay next to me on the bed. She embraced me from behind, molding my body to hers. I felt her breasts pushed against my back. She reached over and took my little cock into her hand and squeezed it gently again and again until it became hard. It was four inches in length, she later told me. I knew it was Lisa; I recognized her smell. Lisa and I had always been close, we loved each other, and this novel touching did not disturb me; it felt good. Lisa pulled me onto my back and began to kiss my face. She lingered on my lips for the longest time, until I learned to pucker and kiss back. Then she stuck her tongue between my lips. It felt so good I stuck my tongue back between her lips. We were soon tongue sucking. All the while Lisa was rubbing my boy chest and my soft, unmuscular legs.

When she cupped my groin, with her lips still pressed to mine, I sighed in delight. My penis was now as hard as it had ever been. It had become hard before a few times, especially in the morning when I awoke. But this feeling was something special; I liked it and I wanted her to continue to touch me there. She began to lick me all over. She licked, sucked and nibbled on the two nubs of my chest, and then she licked my belly button. She licked down my legs to my feet and sucked my toes. Then she kissed her way back up, on the inside of my legs, and she licked me up there between my legs, my balls and penis. I was electrified when she took my little cock into her mouth and began to suck it gently. With the suction still applied she then moved up and down my cock, until a wondrous feeling came over me. The whole of my being seemed to concentrate in my penis, and a pleasure I had never before experienced intensified there, seemingly without limit, until my young body convulsed in ecstasy and my penis seemed to explode.

Lisa coughed and made gagging sounds, but that soon passed, as did the hardness of my cock. She rose up from my body and looked me in the face. Gobs of goo were on her lips and chin. She used her tongue to reach what she could and swallowed. She was very excited.

What she then said I did not entirely understand. She repeated herself, over and over, saying in a husky voice that it was her first time and that she enjoyed it. She lay beside me and embraced me and I hugged her back. I had always loved her, and now she did something that gave me so much pleasure. Later I could only remember in amazement that my first orgasm occurred in the mouth of my s****r. We snuggled for a long time; I dozed a while, off and on.

Later, when I was more awake, Lisa encouraged me to explore her body with my hand. She was so soft, especially her breasts. Lisa had me kiss them and lick them, and then to nibble gently on the hard nubs on top. This seemed to excite her. She took my hand and placed it between her legs. She took my middle finger into her hand and rubbed it gently up and down the top of her slit. She asked me to do this on my own, the way she showed me. And I did.

Soon Lisa was moaning and I worried that she might be getting sick. She pushed harder and harder against my hand and then whined louder and louder, until she shouted our wordlessly, very loud, in a way that I cannot describe. She soon relaxed, and her breathing, which had been so irregular that it worried me, returned to normal. We fell asl**p in each others arms.

We did this many times that weekend and before it was over Lisa taught me to suck her where it gave her so much pleasure. A few weeks later, when Lisa was able to get some kind of pills, she showed me how to fuck. It was marvelous, but I still liked her to suck me. We have been having sex for almost two years, and I hope it never stops
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2 years ago
sweet tell us more
3 years ago
nice story bought back some good memories thank you
3 years ago
Thank you all!!!
3 years ago
Very nice
3 years ago
enjoyed you enjoying her !
3 years ago
Nice story, lucky guy, especially if this is true story.
3 years ago
nice =D
3 years ago
pictures please
3 years ago
nice story. Well written
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good story.
3 years ago
nice and hot
3 years ago
Nice story. More please