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[Story] The Farm

“Ok Grandpa, I can come down for the weekend. I’ve missed seeing you and Grandma. I have someone who I’d like you to meet.” I said as Grandpa was getting excited that I met someone. He knew my ex-boyfriend and knew he was nothing but trouble. “I sure hope he’s good to you.” Yes he is, in so many ways,” I reply. “We will be down by 4 in the afternoon on Friday, if that’s ok with you and Grandma?”

My boyfriend Jimmy is thrilled to be going to visit with my grandparents, I talk about them all the time and tell him how good my grandma cooks. My grandpa works in his work shed building bir... Continue»
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[Story] hard day at work

It was a long day at work, people screaming because their Christmas gifts for their loved ones didn’t come in as promised. When it was finally closing time, I was very happy to lock the front door, close the blinds, turn the closed sign to face the public and go to the office to prop my feet up.

I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes to relax, before counting the money for the nightly deposit. Quickly I doze off into a dream. I’m remembering one of the first nights of getting the job as a cashier for the company I work for now. When I came home after the first day, my daddy was si... Continue»
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[Story] Jason the Intern

While working with the corporation of Sexual Needs Inc., I’ve been working with a few of the new interns. Its fun watching the newbies learning how not to play with themselves, when they are doing research on the computers.

I tell some of the heavier girls, they need to change out of their “I can’t find a man” clothes. One girl asked me to go shopping with her. I agreed to go after work. One girl said to me that I dress like a slut. I told her that if she can’t handle the sexual ways, then she needs to find another job. She said something cocky as I turned to walk away.

... Continue»
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[Story] Car Repairs

Ok, so I have an older car: 2002 Ford Taurus. It’s getting up there in age and things just happen to go wrong. I’m tired of taking it to the Ford dealer to get my repairs. My friend Stacy told me about the shop her dad goes to. She gave me the phone number and said to ask for Jimmy.

The next day I called. A nice man answered the phone. “May I please speak with Jimmy?” I asked. “This is him, how may I help you?” Jimmy said. “A friend of mine told me to call and see if you could possibly help me with my car repairs. I can’t afford to pay the dealer anymore.” I said sounding desperate.... Continue»
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[Story] Aunt Lo and her nephew Allen

“Aunt Lo, are you here?” Allen called out. He could hear noises coming from her bedroom. “Mm, yessss that feels so good. OH yess harder, fuck me harder,” Allen could hear from the closed door. Allen put his ear to the door to listen again. “Oh Gosh YES! FUCK ME, FUCK ME! I NEED THAT BIG FAT DICK!” The screaming was getting Allen all excited, his tight jeans were even tighter with his hard on.

Allen couldn’t resist any longer and turned the door knob slowly and quietly. When he peeked in the room, he could see his aunt Lo fucking her pussy with a large dildo. At first Allen thought... Continue»
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[Story] My threesome with the boss

Matt stopped at the store, he got a few bottles of wine and a surprise he says to me. I took the bag from him and looked inside. What did I see? Ha ha, there were a few packages of condoms... a French tickler, thick ribs and 2 glow in the dark. Then at the bottom of the bag was a long narrow box, white with big red letters: ANAL LUBE for the tightest asses.

“How did you know I like to get it up my ass?” I questioned. Matt was surprised with my question. “I wasn’t sure, but we also have a huge surprise for you later.” He said as we pulled into a driveway. Matt looked at me, kissed ... Continue»
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[Story] Me, Matt and Mr. Spencer

Matt stopped at the store, he got a few bottles of wine and a surprise he says to me. I took the bag from him and looked inside. What did I see? Ha ha, there were a few packages of condoms... a French tickler, thick ribs and 2 glow in the dark. Then at the bottom of the bag was a long narrow box, white with big red letters: ANAL LUBE for the tightest asses.

“How did you know I like to get it up my ass?” I questioned. Matt was surprised with my question. “I wasn’t sure, but we also have a huge surprise for you later.” He said as we pulled into a driveway. Matt looked at me, kissed me... Continue»
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[Story] Andy and the contractor

Andy was playing games on her laptop while her husband Marcus was watching TV. Andy got excited when she won a game on the Solitaire game site. She told Marcus, but he wasn’t really interested. Marcus just sat in his chair flipping channels. He scrolled past the adult channels. Andy looked up as he past “Naughty Wives”. She told him to stop there, with a big smile on her face.

Marcus looked at her with a big question mark on his face. “Since when do you watch porn?” he asked. “Since my husband doesn’t have sex with me anymore” she replied. “I suppose you play with yourself, too?” he... Continue»
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[Story] The day with the Paramedic

I’m ready to start a new me, by painting a few rooms in my house. I’m up on the ladder my phone rings. I reach into the pocket of my paint shirt to get my phone. I answer to “Hey Shelly, what’s up?” She goes on to tell me how she’s coming into town this weekend and wants to get together. I tell her about this hot new club that I’ve been going to. She asked about the atmosphere and if there’s any hot men. I laughed and told her that I’ve picked a few up and had some hot sex.

“Shelly, I’m glad you’re coming in town, where are you going to stay? I hope you are saying my place”, I said... Continue»
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[Story] Milking for Mike

It’s been 6 weeks after the delivery of the c***d I delivered for a friend and her husband. My best friend Carol and husband Mike couldn’t have a c***d of their own, so Carol approved of Mike and I having a few good rounds of sex and him coming in me to get pregnant. Carol’s didn’t have eggs that could or would except sperm.

I remember the night I got pregnant; Mike and Carol were fooling around on my back patio by the pool. I came outside to see Mike’s face buried in between Carol’s thighs. She was moaning with great delight. I set the tray of wine and cheese on the table, and then wa... Continue»
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[Story] Black Mail

My husband and I have been having problems in the bedroom, lately. He’s been to doctors looking for advice on why he’s just not in the mood for sex. I’m always wanting him to make love or to do some old-fashioned fucking and sucking, but when I dress in sexy nighties or in just his work shirts, I’m not turning him on.

I’ve been to the video store, rented some hardcore porn and some lesbian porn; but that hasn’t done anything for him. I’m craving some pussy action really bad. One afternoon he came home early and caught me masturbating with my new dildo and vibrator, he just about blew a ... Continue»
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[Story] Andrew and James

Andrew helps me put my stuff in my car, then he climbs in the drivers seat, to take me back to his house. Or so I thought. The man drove to the cute little boutique in town. "A Dream for Him" , Andrew lead me through the door with him holding my hand. An older woman built like a brick house stepped out from the back room.

"Hi, Louise" Andrew said. Louise came over and kissed Andrew on the cheek and gave him a hug. Andrew introduced me to her and told me to go look around, as the two who had spoke. Louise came over to me as I had a handful of items to try on and to purchase. She tol... Continue»
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[Story] Day Three

Mom started yelling at me again as we walked through the back door. Steve told my mom that everything was okay. "We took her friend home, then I wanted to go see the city lights. I used to love going to the city, when I was a k**." Steve told her. Mom said she was sorry for yelling, then asked what was wrong with Laura's car.

I told her I think it's her altenator, but I will look in the morning. Uncle Steve told my mom he can't believe that her daughter wants to be a mechanic. Mom said that I've aloways had my head under the hood with grandpa. She has learned so much from him. When... Continue»
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My Stories

Just to let all my readers know: A few of my stories are real, some stories are my way of a tribute to my male friends, the Daddy and Me & John and Me stories are just a crazy fantasy of mine. Sometimes I will see a video that will trigger an idea, sometimes just something on television triggers an idea. if you have an idea for a good story, drop me a line give me your first name and what you would like my imagination to write about.
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[Story] After the Party

Around ten o'clock almost all the f****y members left the party, some of my friends stuck around. Uncle Steve and my dad put the tables and extra chairs back in the garage, the grandma's and my mom were finishing up with the kitchen and my grandpa's were watching the ending of the ball game.

I asked mom if she needed any help, but she said for me to go be with my friends. A few of my guy friends helped with the chairs, while the others were listening to the radio and dancing. My dad came from the garage and said that we could have the rest of the wine from the three almost empty bottles.... Continue»
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Truths About Human Sexuality

A) Two people can make love, but three or more have sex.

B) All women are beautiful. Any size, race, etc. It is in the eyes of the beholder. Us guys, Hmmmm. Women are HOT. Period. How can we compete with that?

C) OK, gotta go Bible here...Adam said to God. " Why did you make Eve so beautiful". HE said, "So you would love her". Adam said to God. "Why did you make her so dumb"? God said, "So she'd love you".

D) German wartime (1945) film goddess Marlene Dietricht was bisexual and quoted "God only made two sexes. Why limit your options".

E) In light of that quotation, who cr... Continue»
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[Story] Uncle Steve

My 18th birthday is today, mom and dad have invited the whole f****y and some of my friends for my big blow out. Dad went to the airport to get my grandparents and my Uncle Steve from Florida. Mom's parents are already here. Granny is helping mom in the kitchen and gramps is helping my b*****r Sam put up the tables and chairs.

I look at myself in the mirror and say this weekend will be the best. I'm getting my shorts on and look at my breasts in the mirror. Nice firm mounds with perky nips. I circle my nips then pinch them as they grow harder. I squeeze my mounds and pinch again. I'... Continue»
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[Story] Andrew

I met this guy Andrew on a website. He wanted to meet for coffee at the local coffee house. I agreed and met him at 2 in the afternoon. When I got there, he was conducting a meeting with some of his colleagues. I grabbed me an iced tea, then walked towards his table. Andrew pulled me to sit next to him on the booth bench.

He wrapped up his meeting, then turned his attention to me. We sat close as we chatted about our likes and dislikes. His hands were all over my legs and arms. I didn't push him away, actually I was touching his cock through his pants. The man had a nice dick that ... Continue»
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[Story] Scotty fucking with daddy's girlfriend

Scotty came into the shop yesterday to tell me about his newest fuck fest. I laughed when I seen his eyes glistened with the huge smile on his face. He told me about daddy's newest girlfriend, Louise. Nice big tits 46DDD's, brown hair that was shoulder length, a little on the plump side, about the same heighth as me, a few tattoo's one being on her lower torso headed towards her waxed pussy.

I asked Scotty how he knew all of this, knowing that I was in for a hot steamy story. Scotty said he had just left the hardware store, where him and daddy both worked. Scotty said that daddy had to ... Continue»
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[Story] Daddy's sneaky fun

"Mmmm, ohhh yes" the cries the man heard from his daughter's bedrooom. He knew his daughter wasn't home, so who was that making those noises? He began to open her door, but realized it was cracked open enough to see in. The man saw his daughters best friend making love to her own pussy with so many toys. The man stood in the door way just pushing the door open a bit further so he can get a better view.

He watched the tall redhead rub her large nipples with her hands, then working her hands down her torso to just barely rub the opening of her clit. The girl found a dildo and stroked i... Continue»
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[Story] Jodie's Panties

The next morning, I woke to feeling John's morning wood trying to find it's way to my hot entrance. I turned my head to look at John over my shoulder. I smiled at him as he was fondling with my clit. His fingers slid up and down making me very moist. I lifted my right leg for him to have better access.

John spooned closer to enter himself into me. As he worked his hardened dick further, we both moaned from the feeling. John held onto my breasts as he worked his magic in my pussy. Slow soft thrusts, then quick hard thrusts. As I screamed from having an orgasm, John hurried to get his... Continue»
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[Story] Jodie meeting Jeff

Mom called the store looking for me, while I was having lunch with John. Julie talked with her about all of us having dinner sometime soon, just the girls. I looked at Julie with the "really" eyes. I knew what mom wanted, and I wasn't really thrilled about chatting with her. I told Julie that her and daddy's divorce is over and she's feeling empty.

Julie said she seen my mom with a nice looking man the other day. She said mom looked great and the guy was all over her. I asked Julie if they were acting like a set of teenage k**s making out. Julie laughed and said yes to a certain exte... Continue»
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[Story] Dinner with a twist

I called John to see what time he was going to be coming home, as I picked up Chinese. He said he had one more meeting, then he'd be off for three days. I said to him that I will be waiting for him at home.
I stopped at the department store real quick and found some new purple thigh high hose, a pair of fishnet hose and some new sexy thongs and bikini underwear. Walking over to the clothing area, I found a cute Navy blue business suit. I found my size, then went to try it on. The girl at the fittingroom, let me in a room, as she looked at me in a weird way. I put the suit on, then c... Continue»
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[Story] How my Sex Life began

John and I were laying in bed after having another great sex session. John asked me how things came about with me loving sex so much. I told him that I used to watch my mom have sex with many different men, up to the day that she married my last step dad. He's the one that I was caught masterbating in my bedroom.

Then I told him how things were in high school. I told him that I actually started having sex when I was in the 7th grade. One of my moms boyfriends son introduced me to giving blowjobs. I remembered how his dick was really small, but I enjoyed sucking on him. At first I wou... Continue»
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[Story] Busted Pipes

Stacy is new to the neighborhood, her apartment is finally put together. She still has a few days before starting her new job. A loud noise comes from inside her building. Stacy runs back to her apartment to see the shower head laying in the tub. Water is squirting everywhere. When she tries calling the apartment maintance man, all she gets is his recording of not being in the building.

Stacy decides to call a local plumbing company. The lady on the phone said there's a crew down the street and they should be at her place in a couple of hours. She's next on the list. Stacy remembers... Continue»
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[Story] John's Little Girl

After leaving the store today, I stopped by mall to pick out a new sex outfit for John. I found a cute little plaid skirt, a pair of white thigh high hose that had the seams down the back, an extremely sheer white button down blouse (that is a size to small). I then went to the lingerie store to get some new undies and bras. I came across a cute front open bra that was very sheer and had slits where my hardened nipples would poke through.

I went to try the bra and a cute blue corset on. First the bra. I fell in love with it, I knew it would be perfect with my school girl outfit. When ... Continue»
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[Story] The Town's Annual Fuckfest

Dinner was served, before Mayor Goode got up to talk. He welcomed all the new-comers and told us that we are seated amongst two couples from town who know the way of the evening. Mayor Goode then walked around chatting with all of us newbies. Sandy and George talked with Bill and Annie, who are also new. The other couple from town were off setting up the screen and computer.

A waiter came around and brought 4 cans of whipped cream, chocolate syrup and lube; along with marichino cherries, sliced peaches and oranges. One of our waitress's is Rita. Her maid outfit just barely covers he... Continue»
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[Story] Road Trip continues

We enter into this small little town called Dickerpuss. Everything seemed normal,
a few mom and pop diners, a theater, post office, a couple of stores, a d**g
store and two small hotels. People were roaming through the town, just like any
other little town. k**s and teenagers were standing in line at the theater.
We park in front of The
Little Diner and walk in, we're hungry after our sex session at the rest area.
As we walk in, we see a few older men sitting on the stools at the bar talking
about how hot the days have been. We find a little table in the corner by the
win... Continue»
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[Story] Roadtrip

I suggest to John that we go on a road trip to where ever. I go into our bedroom and pack a bag, just in case we decide to stay somewhere. I had bought a new butt plug and had inserted it deep into my tight ass. John comes in to add something to the bag and doesn't tell me what it is. He grabbed the clothes that was laying next to the bag and tells me to hurry it up. I yelled out telling him I will be ready in a couple of minutes.

I finished putting on my mini skirt, a white button down shirt (that I stole from John's closet), pulled my hair back into a ponytail, checked my makeup and slipp... Continue»
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[Story] Moving Day

After staying at John McKay's house for the past week, I was asked to move in with him. I smiled and said yes, that it's about time for me to move out. John said he loved how me and daddy had sex, but he doesn't want anyone but him inside me. Then John tells me that he knows my history of sex at the shop, and that will be under his discretion only.

John rode with me to my house. We see daddy's car and some other car in the drive. I raised my eyebrows and smirked with hope of me catching daddy with another woman. He has caught me a few times, so why not catch him. As John and I walk t... Continue»
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