The next day

When I got to work, Kelli was ringing some customers out. She smiled as I walked up to her to clock in. I asked her how her date was. She said my fuck session in the store made her exceptionally horny and the guy got a blow job in the parking lot. Then she told me that I forgot something last night. I asked her what, did I forget to clean something up?

Kelli told me I left my camera on the shelf by the lube. Oh the surprise on my face. Kelli said she looked at the pics and had downloaded some of them on her computer. I guess she likes what she saw. I hope she doesn't put them online for the world to see.

Kelli went to the office to work on the books. I pulled the number from my pocket and called it. Jack answered the phone and said he was glad that I called. I told him about last night, he said he'd like for me to arrange for it to happen again tonight and he will bring his video equipment along, with a camera man.

I called Sally to see if she had anything to do, after our f****y night. She told me no. I told her, that I will arrange to work late and that she will have to come pick me up. I then called Scotty and had him drop Sally off to get my car. She told Scotty she needed to go see her mom for a bit, before she left in the morning.

I called daddy and told him that I won't bbe at dinner again, that I'm closing the store again tonight. I then told Kelli what was going to take place in the store. Kelli called her cop friend and told him what was going on and to tell the others not to bother us, that she was having a party of new movies.

When Sally came in, I gave her some new crotchless panties and a cute top to wear, without a bra. She looked hot when she tried it on for me. I grabbed her and began to rub her nipples to get them stiff. That made her shirt look even better. I told her she is going to be taped tonight. This made her hornier than ever.

The evening went on, I texted Scotty to see how f****y night was going. He told me, that mom and daddy were fucking on the couch, Sally was sucking his dick and he was fingering her ass. I told him Im sorry I missed out on such a good time. He then told me, that He was making sure Sally's ass was being stretched for some good fucking.

I told Scotty he could show up to the shop and he can be in the taping. He said he might, but he needed to spend some time with his girlfriend, Linda.

The store was beginning to empty out, before Sally showed up. A few of the guys from last night were lingering around. Jack came in the door with his equipment. I introduced him to Sally. They hit it off right off the bat. Jack kissed her and groped her tits. He tod her that top made her tits look yummy.

I closed the store down, pulled the sun shade down so not to draw tooo much attention to the outside crowd. I had Sally turn the neon lights on through out the store. It now looks almost like a night club for swingers.

Kelli came out of the office in this blueish black latex catsuit, with knee hi boots. She had it unzipped to her navel. Her tits were bulging to be freed. I thought some of the guy's eyes were going to pop from their sockets when Kelli came out.

Jack went over to kiss Kelli. She instantly grabbed his cock and began to rub it. His pants were tight, then with his hard cock growing, you could imagine on freeing him. Sally was over by the video's being felt up by some of the guys. The camera men were all over the store, taping everyone make out, before the big production.

Sally began to take her clothes off, when Jack walked over to her. Sally told Jack to get on his knees and suck her pussy. He did as told. Sally liffted her leg to his shoulder and placed her foot on him. Jack spread her lips as his tongue licked her to a frenzy.

One of the other guys grabbed Sally and had her suck his dick. Sally was getting into this. I went over to Kelli and began to kiss her. My hands roamed on her tits, freeing them from the latex. Her tits were so yummy looking, that I instantly started to suck on them.

Jack's friend Sam came up behind me and started to undo my pants, to pull them off. Sam began to finger my ass and clit. Some other guy came up to Klli and took over from my sucking. Sam had taken me to the table, layed me down, spread my legs and licked my clit til he made me cum. He sucked my nub hard, fingered my pussy and made me cum again.

Jack got undressed and pulled Sally onto his cock. First she straddled him, letting her tits flop in his face, he sucked them as he fucked her. Some guy tried to get in her ass when Jack stopped him. Jack said he gets first poking of her tight ass. Sally stood up, turned around, put her ass to Jacks face, let him suck her hole for a minute, then nuzzled her asshole on his cock.

Jack let out a loud moan as she slid on him. Sally was bent over his knees and fucked him hard. She was loving every minute of making him feel good. The guy that she was sucking his cock, came over to her, made her laid back on Jack and had entered her pussy. Scotty was let in the front door with Linda. Scotty grabbed Llinda as she looked around.

Linda got on her knees to suck on Scotty. Scotty pulled his clothes off as Kelli watched him. She seen his enlarged cock and fell in love. Kelli went over to Scotty and pushed Linda out of the way. Scotty helped Kelli out of her clothes. He licked and sucked her nipples all the while she was rubbing his cock.

Linda went to the one camera guy and started sucking on his cock. He taped her as she sucked on him until he came all over her face.

Everyone is fucking each other, while the camera's are rolling. Sam has filled my mouth with his cum, as I sucked him to another hard on. I stood up for him to fuck me in my ass. I played with my pussy while he fucked me hard. I really wanted to have 2 dicks in my pussy while Sam fucked me.

I look over to Kelli and my b*****r, Scotty is fucking her pussy hard, while he grabs her tits. He lifts her as he leans backwards. Kelli is straddling him and is pumping her pussy on him. Scotty bites her nipples as she makes him ready to explode. Kelli gets up to suck his cock. With each lick, Scotty moans. Scotty explodes in her mouth as Kelli swallows every drop of his cream.

Scotty and Kelli get cleaned up and dressed. Scotty looks for Linda and Sally. He sees them fucking each other with a double headed dildo in their asses. A couple of guys are standing and watching them. The guys have their dicks in their hands jacking off. As they got off, they made sure to give the girls a facial.

Kelli had those guys get cleaned up and leave. As the guys all got off, Kelli had them leave. The only few left in the store were me, Kelli, Sam, Scotty, Sally and Jack.

Jack tells me and Sally that he loved how we got right into things, we weren't shy. Scotty, grabs me and said that I'm far from being shy. Scotty also told Jack how he tapes me having sex with Brian and daddy. Sally looked at him and asked if he taped her and I having sex the first day she got home. Scotty smiled and said yes and she was Hot.

Kelli and Jack walked back to the office, as the 4 of us had left. Sam cleaned up the store before leaving also.

Scotty dropped Linda off at her house. She told him she had a fun time. Sally and I pulled in the dirveway right after Scotty. We sat in the backyard laughing about our late night evening. A promise was made not to tell mom and daddy what we had done. I went to take a hot shower, when Scotty joined me. I had to suck on his cock, before we went to bed. I pulled him to my bed, layed him down and went crazy on sucking his throbbing cock.

Before he was ready to get off, I got on all fours and had him fuck me. I wanted him in my ass soo bad. Scotty fucked my pussy, then my ass. He got off in my ass. He filled my ass with his cum, I could feel it leaking to my pussy. I rolled to my back and began to play with his cum. I pulled my fingers to my mouth. Scotty watched, then went down for the final clean up.

I rolled over for him to get the rest from my ass. As Scotty got up, he slapped my ass and got his boxers on. Scotty went to bed and so did I. I do know that we all had some good dreams that night.

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