Sally's First Gangbang

It's after 5pm when I call home and tell mom that I'm pulling another shift. Megan called in. I tell mom to tell Scotty and Sally to bring me some dinner. Kelli gave me the keys to lock up, she said she had a hot date and needed to go home to clean up. I smiled and winked at her, then told her to be good and to behave herself.

Scotty and Sally walked in a couple hours later. There were a few people in the shop, browsing, looking at the porn. Scotty gave me a kiss and my plate of food. Sally wandered off to the lingere. We watched her as she looked at some of the lacy thongs and bras. I told her to go try some on.

I shown her the dressing room, that I've used before. It's the handicap stall, which is bigger and has a bench..the mirrors are on all four walls, better viewing, you know. Lol. Sally enters the room, begins to try on her things. You can hear her ooohing and ahhhing. I ask if she's ok, she tells me she needs a size smaller on a few items.

I get smaller sizes, go to the rabbit wall, open one, put a battery in, then hand her the stuff. "OMG!!!" she yells out. Scotty and I giggle and walk away. Scotty is looking at videos, I ring some of the customers out. One of my regulars had asked about Sally. I told him who she was. He said that she was a cutie and he'd love to fuck her tight ass. He gave me his number and said to call him tomorrow afternoon.

Scotty walks over to Sally's room, peeks his head in the door and she's playing with the rabbit. She's kneeling on the bench with the rabbit in her ass. The ears are tickling her pussy. Scotty stands there and watches her. Another customer comes over and peeks in. Now there are 2 guys standing at the door with hard ons.

Sally hears Scotty and looks up. She sees 4 guys now staring at her. Each one is stroking their cocks. One of the guys pushes his way through. He tells Sally that he'd like to help her with the rabbit. She says ok and lets him sit on the bench. He has Sally sit on his lap and spreads her legs. He first plays with her nub, then puts the rabbit up to her nub.
The vibration is making her move around while she cums.

Sally tells the guys that are outside, that she wants each one to come in and use her. Scotty got a box of condoms, hands them out. He told them, they wear one or no sex. I went to the door and locked it, then turned the lobby lights down. I closed down the register and turned a porn on the tv/dvd. The store is now starting to smell like sex.

I tell Scotty to get another bench from the back and bring it to the dvd lobby. I have one of the guys help me while I'm on the ladder turning up the tv. He sees up my skirt and rubs his finger up my thigh. I smile and start to come back down. I'm close to his face and lean into him. He grabs my hips and begins to lick my pussy.

Scotty, is now standing over Sally, having her to suck on his cock, while she is fucking with 2 other guys. I think she has finally realized what she has been missing. Every one of her holes are filled with a cock. I tell the guy who is eating me, that I need to get the camera and take pics of Sally. He laughs and says ok.

I get the camera from my purse and go over to where Sally is being used like a whore. I begin to take pictures of her sucking cock, holding a cock in each hand and 2 cocks in her pussy and one in her ass. I get some good shots of her.

The guy that was licking my pussy said it was my turn to have pics taken. I smiled and said ok. I began to take my clothes off while he was taking pics as I did. I left my skirt on til the very end. I went to take my shoes off, when he stopped me. He said he never had fucked a woman with heels on and he wants me to be his first.

I found a chair to sit on, spread my legs a bit, raised my skirt and played with my clit. The guy is taking pictures close up. Pictures of my tits, my hands on my clit, pics of me spreading my lips to expose my nub and pussy hole. I asked Scotty to come over and take pics of me sucking on this guy's cock. As I did so, Scotty's cock is growing again. Pics were taken up close, then he took some of my cute little ass, poking out from my skirt.

Scotty put the camera down then came over to suck on my ass. His fingers and my fingers are playing with my clit. I'm still sucking this guy's cock when Scotty began to fuck my ass. I pulled from the dick and told Scotty to lay on the floor. I then stood up and straddled his torso. I sat on his cock, pumping his cock with my ass until he pulled me backwards. Scotty fucked my ass hard, until another guy put his dick in my pussy.

Here are 2 girls getting used by 6 cocks. All of us are having a great time, until Kelli walked in the door. She turned the lights on and seen me with every hole filled. She walked over to me, bent down to kiss me and tell me that I'm doing a fine job at customer service. I introduced her to Scotty and Sally. She went over to Sally and told her, when she comes home for summer break that she has a job.

Kelli gets her things, then leaves. Before she left she told me to wrap things up soon and make sure everything is in tip top shape before I leave. Kelli left and we went on with our fuck session. When the guys were all ready to get off, Sally and I were sitting on the benches with our mouths open and our tongues are hanging out.

Each one of the guys got off either in our mouths or on our chests. Cum was dripping from my chin as I swallowed the cream. Most of the cum was in my mouth, compared to Sally. I watched her as she swallowed some of the cream and gagged on the most part of it. I told her it was cool, that she didn't swallow all. The guys liked it just as much.

Everyone got cleaned up, Scotty let the guys out the door , then helped me put the store back together. Sally stood there watching the tv for a minute and realized that the girl in the video was Kelli. She pointed her out to me. I raised my eyebrows and watched in aww. I ejected the dvd and put it in my purse.

I asked Sally if she had a good time, she said she never would have thought of having a gangbang with guys. She said she has seen her lesbo friend have a gangbang with other girls. She watched as they fucked, sucked and fisted each other. She said that they didn't touch her, because she took off before they had a chance.

I set the alarm, then locked the door as we left. Sally rode home with me. We stopped at the liquor store to get a few bottles of wine and some beer for Scotty. We needed to celebrate Sally's first gangbang. When we got home, we changed into some shorts and went to the back porch to have some drinks. This was the second to last night, before Sally had to go back to school. Tomorrow night was f****y said something about dinner and a movie..I guess we will have to wait and see what kind of movie we will be watching. Maybe I need to slip the one of Kelli in the player.
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9 months ago
Nice story! I need a visit to that place.
11 months ago
Sally has now been trained to be some luck cocks public gangbangin' WhoreWife !!!!!