I got the Job!!!

I got up this morning, tot he ringing of the phone. I answered and it was the girl from the sex shop. She told me I got the job and to be in at noon, for my training. I jumped out of bed, got my cell phone and called Brian at work. I had to tell him. Then I called daddy. He was very happy.

I took a hot shower, put on a cute mini skirt, pair of thong panties, a sheer bra and a snug to fit button down shirt, I grabbed a pair of flats and out the door I went. I checked myself in the mirror of my car, made sure my hair looked right, makeup wasn't smeared and put on some lip gloss.

Once inside the store, Kelli the store manager met me at the door. She shook my hand and led me to the office. We chatted a bit, then she gave me the normal paper work to fill out. She asked what size shoe I wore and got me a pair of pumps. She said if I was going to wear a skirt, then I need to show off my legs.

I finished the paper work and went to the floor where Kelli was stocking the shelves. I offered to help her, I bent down picked up some of the videos she was putting up and put them on the shelf. I smirked and said my daddy had this one. Kelli looked at me and asked how I knew. I told her I seen it and watched it, with my boyfriend. I didn't tell her, it was the one me, daddy, mom and Brian watched that night.

We finished with the videos and went to the register. She showed me how to run the register, how to take checks and debit/charge cards. She had shown me where the batteries for the toys were and handed me a know all guide for the toys. She told me to read it and get to learn how to use all the toys. I could take the toys out of the package, to feel and to see how it works. When a customer buys a toy that needs batteries, we would put in new batteries to show that it worked.

Kelli then had told me about the party supplies and the clothing. She shown me the dressing rooms and where the cleaning products were. Sometimes she would let the husband and wives go in together to try on the clothes...they all didn't try on the clothes, they tested the clothing too. I giggled and said like the day that my mom and daddy tried out the clothes. Kelli was surprised that I knew about that.

I worked the register for most of the day, reading the book and meeting some of the regulars that came in. I knew some of them, from working at the ice cream parlor. I would see the men bring thei k**s up for a treat after ballgames or dinner. Most of them brought their wives, too. Some of the wives came in the sex shop without their husbands.

Kelli had told me, that I had to use the privacy act, when I see the guys in without their wives and vis-a-versa. It was amazing on how many of the spouses cheat. Some of them would say hi, some would keep their heads bent down, cuz they were embarrassed to see me. I didn't care, we all have hormones.

The day was thru and Kelli told me to be back in the morning at 8. I'm going to learn how to open.

I got home, talked with mom about the job. She asked how much discount I get, I told her I didn't ask, I'm sure I will find out tomorrow. We were fixing dinner when daddy and my b*****r both got home. They started to play basketball in the driveway til, the food was ready. I went out to tell them dinner was ready when my b*****r tossed me the ball. I dribbled it for a few seconds, then jumped to make the basket. My tits damn near fell out from under my shirt when they bounced.

Daddy and my b*****r just stared at me as I bent over to pick up the ball. My skirt was short enough for them to see my ass and my pussy. Daddy whistled, I stood up and blushed. Told them it's time to eat. My b*****r said under his breath, that he can't wait to eat my pussy again. I heard him, turned around and whispered back, he can tonight.

Dinner is over, and I volunteered to do the dishes. I go to my room first and take my bra off and come back up. I'm standing in front of the sink doing the dishes, mom and daddy in the livingroom waching the news and my b*****r sitting at the table. My b*****r gets up and picks up the towel and slaps my ass with it. I jump and splash him with a handful of water.

We laugh and finish the dishes. Wvery once in a while, my b*****r would rinse a plate off and make sure he would splash water on my shirt. My nipples wuld get hard and poke thru the wet shirt. By the time we were finished with he dishes, my shirt was very wet.

We went outside to play ball again. When the ball went behind the garage, I would go get it and he would follow me. My b*****r would pin me to the back of the garage and would kiss me and rub my tits. I unbuttoned my shirt for him and he would suck on each nipple. He would work his kisses to my lips and his hands to my pussy. He would just barely touch my clit and could feel the moisture on my panties.

I was rubbing his cock, when daddy came back and interuppted us. He didn't get mad, but joined in the rubbing of my ass and tits. Daddy had slid behind me, his zipper was undone and his dick was poking me in the back. I bent over for daddy to put his dick in my pussy and I sucked on my b*****r's dick. OOH that felt good.

Daddy was pumping my pussy full of his cum, and I was swallowing my b*****rs cum. Mom was yelling for us to come in, when she came around to the back and seen us behind the garage. We were dressed and was looking at a birds nest that fell out of the tree. Mom said that we shouldn't touch it, cuz of the egs in the nest.

We giggled as we went into the house, following mom. I had went down stairs to take a shower and everyone else was going to their rooms for the night. My b*****r sent me a text and asked if I was in the shower yet, I told him I ws just getting in and for him to join me. He came downstairs and joined me in the shower. He helped me get my pussy clean and shaved. I think he liked shaving me. Wehn I got out of the shower, he stayed in for a bit longer and to my surprised he used my razor and shaved his pubic hair.

I went to bed, and he came and joined me. My b*****r didn't give me the chance to see his shaved area, he just went straight for my pussy. Spreading my legs wide and spreading my pussy lips to lick and suck my pussy. MMMm I told him to suck my asshole, too. My legs went up over my head and his tongue was lapping my ass. A finger and tongue, then a couple of fingers pumped my ass.

I rolled over and went for his dick. I was shocked he was smooth and no hair. His dick was already hard, I sucked on him for a bit, then got on top and slid my ass on his cock. We fucked this way, I twisted around and faced his feet. I bent over and he knelt and got me in doggie style and fucked my ass without pulling out. I'm rubbing my clit as his stiff balls slapped my pussy.

I can't remember how many times I came, but I was ready to squirt from rubbing my nub hard. My b*****r pulled out to get every drop on his tongue. He sucked my pussy hard and fingered me some more. I had him put his dick in my mouth, cuz I want more of his hot cum in my throat. I sucked him off again. We finished messing around and went to sl**p. When I woke up that next morning, he was upstairs already, didn't want to get caought by mom.

I got another shower, got dressed for work and went on with my day. Kelli had
shown me more of the ropes, the warehouse and the things I had to do when I opened. Closing the store will be next week. I met some of the girls that came in for their paychecks. One of them, waits on me everytime I come in. We chatted a bit, she gave me her address and told me to come over tonight for a party. She called me to give me details and what to wear. This will be an interesting evening...I can't wait.
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Great story!