Daddy catches me

My b*****r went to school and I went on a job interview at the local sex shop. My parents and everyone I have sex with is excited. I can only hope and pray that I get the job. I know a lot about the products and the movies, so that should be a good thing.

The interview went on, the owner told me he would call me at the end of the day to let me know if I got the job or not. So, I go home, clean up the house. I gather some of the laundry to start a load of wash.

I'm loading the washer and see mom's crotchless panties and her new peek a boo bra, daddy's bikini undies and his new pair of elephant looking underwear...I had to giggle at these and really want to see him in this. I can just see his dick as the elephants trunk. My b*****r has the same boring tighty whiteys.

My b*****r comes walking in the door and yells for me. I tell him I'm downstairs in the laundry room. He grabs a banana and a drink and watches me as I bend over to get clothes from the dryer. He takes his unopened banana and slides it between my legs. I jump and asks if he's happy to see me.

I turn around and see my b*****r standing there with a very hard dick. I look him up and down, step closer to him to reach for his banana. He looks back with this evil grin, grabs my waist and takes my shorts down. He's looking at my undies and turns me around, bends me over and slides a finger in my pussy.

I spread my legs a bit for him, my pussy is wet enuf for me to hear him sloshing his fingers in and out. Next thing I know, he has taken his fingers out and tried to put that banana in my pussy. I let out a scream and told him, this isn't the place to do this.

We went to my bed, got undressed all the way, kissing each other as we go to play on the bed. We are both running our hands all over each other, paying attention to every sensual spot. My b*****r stopped at my clit, fingered and licked it alot. He got me very wet again, grabbed the banana, peeled it and tried to slide it in me. What a weird feeling.

He's got it in me and continues licking my clit. He slowly eats the banana to where it is at my pussy. We giggled and he went on to eat me and the fruit. He came up to me and planted a kiss on me, then kissing me again to my pussy. He has pulled the rest out of me and fed it to me. mmm banana flavored cum.

I then grab my b*****r's dick and stroke it. He turns around and puts his dick in my mouth and sucks my pussy some more. I suck his dick, lick his balls and put a condom on him while his dick is upside down.

He turns around, rams his dick in my pussy and fucks me hard. My legs are up, spread wide and I can feel my cum dripping down my ass. I'm screaming that he feels so good deep inside of me, that gives him more incentive to pull me up to his dick, put my legs on his shoulders and fuck me even more.

I'm begging for him to fuck me like the dogs do in the back yard..we turn around, I get on all fours and his dick is working it's way in my ass. I was surprised at first, but I'm enjoying it. My b*****r pulls out and says he wants to try something different. He stands up, turns around and puts his dick in my ass backwards. Our asses are touching each other.

I reached down to play with my clit some more. I lift my head to see daddy standing in front of me, wtih his dick in my face. I jump at first, but daddy is shaking his head no and to suck his dick. I do as I'm told. My b*****r fucking my ass and daddy fucking my face...oh my what would mommy say if she saw this?

My b*****r asked me how I liked this way. Daddy answered and said that it looked fun and he wanted to try it. My b*****r jumped and pulled out quickly. He was scared at first, but daddy told him he is fine with us fucking as long as he wears a condom.

Daddy took his pants off and climbed up to my ass. He got in same position that my b*****r was in and slid his dick in. I told my b*****r to bring his dick to me and I was sucking on him. Daddy got up and layed down. I stopped and went over to him and slid my ass on his dick and my b*****r put his dick in my pussy. I love the whole double penetration, thing.

I'm cumming hard and daddy can feel my cum on his dick. My b*****r says he's ready to cum and daddy says the same. They both pull off their condoms and jack off til they came on my chest. I collapsed on the bed when they were done.

Daddy told us that he seen the video that my b*****r had made and he got off twice. He told us that next time we fuck, my b*****r needs to set up the camera and tape us. I was excited and thrilled.

We set up a time for later in the week to do this. Mommy will be at her ladies night out thing, so we would have plenty of time to fuck. I can't wait til that day comes.
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2 years ago
great story! loved it
2 years ago
I'd love to see that video...