My b*****r

The evening went on as usual, dinner, dishes, taking the trash out...normal shit. My b*****r and I had went to the store to get some condoms and other things. I needed to get a new bra and some panties, he needed undie also. We had fun looking for underwear. He helped pick out my bra, he like my undies regardless of what I picked. I had him get some new microfiber undies that hugged his dick tight.

ON or way home, I bent over to suck his cock. I pulled his shorts down just a bit and he told me no. I looked at him, shook my head and got back up. I made sure the door was lock and leaned against it. I lifted my shirt and bra and started to play with my tits. I was holding my tits, rubbing my nipples getting them nice and hard.

my b*****r was watching my every move, he almost drove off the road when I put my hand down my shorts. I began to finger my clit and wasgetting into it, slipping my finger into my wet pussy. I pulled my hand out and gave him my finger to taste. I then pulled my shorts off and spread my legs so he could see everything. I sat there, played with my kitty, spreading my pussy lips and fingering my hole.

My b*****r pulled off into a dark parking lot, put the car in park and leaned over to touch my pussy. He didn't waste no time, his fingers were deep in me and he was kissing me. He worked his hlips to my tits and was sucking on each of them hard. It's like he's never had sex before, but I know that's not true. I've watched him and his gf fuck a few times.

I made my b*****r stop and we got out of the car. I walked to the trunk and got on top and spread my legs again. My b*****r then was able to suck and lick my pussy with ease. I grabbed his head and pulled him in closer. His fingers were pumping my pussy making me squirt. I was screaming with delight and wanting his dick in me.

My b*****r, pulled his shorts down and climbed up to fuck me. A few quick thrusts and I'm cumming again. This is uncomfortable for him , so we get down and I bend over and he gets me from behind. He's fucking my pussy hard and we are both moaning. My b*****r rams me hard and tells me he's ready to cum. I tell him to put his dick in my mouth and let me suck him clean.

We got dressed and drove home. Once in the house, mom asks why we took so long. We told her, we stopped for a soda and chatted about his gf. Mom looked at us with a weird look and went on with her business.

Daddy said that Transformers was coming on. We went to my room to watch it on the big screen. We said good night to mom and daddy and went down stairs. I turned on the tv, my b*****r got the pillows propped up and opened our sodas. I went in the bathroom, put on my new bra and my night shirt and a clean pair of panties.

I came out and the movie just started. I crawled in my bed and my undies were peeking out from my shirt. We watched some of the movie and we heard our parents yell down to say good night. We knew then that we could fool around some more. We waited for a bit to make sure they were asl**p, before I took my shirt off to show my bra.

We started to fuck around with each other again, and ended up fucking again. I asked my b*****r if he would fuck my ass. He came back to say not when the parents are home. I laughed and said I understood. So, now I'm waiting for the next time we can fuck.
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2 years ago
very good but more details
2 years ago
wow very nice