The Tree Trimmers

A sunny afternoon and it's not real chilly out. There's 3 guys in my backyard, trimming the trees. 2 young guys and an older guy, late 40's. The older guy has this look to him, that I would love for him to walk in on me, while fingering my clit.

I go to the backdoor to watch the guys trim the sweetgum tree, that is right outside of the office window and the backdoor. I watch for a few minutes and walk back in. I then go to the office and watch from the window. Watching the way these guys climb the tree makes me wonder how flexible they really are.

I'm working on the computer with a feeling that I'm being watched. The older guy was staring at me. I looked at him and smiled. I could tell by the look in his eyes, that he had other things on his mind then trimming trees.

I got up from the computer and went back to the livingroom couch. I was watching something on the tube and was remembering the hot sex session I had yesterday afternoon. I had pulled my shirt up a bit and was rubbing my nipples until they got hard and pulled them from my bra. Rubbing them some more made me more horny and I need to get myself off.

I put my hand down my pants and begin to finger my clit, then putting 2 fingers in my pussy and fuck myself alternating with fingering to finger fucking. I'd rub my tits and keep them hard while trying to make myself cum. Then again I get this feeling...

I'm being watched again. I look out the window and there's the older guy watching me and rubbing his pants. By the look on his face, he wanted to come in and help me. I motioned for him to come in the house. He closed the front door and locked it. He then came over to me and bent down to give me a kiss and to touch my rock hard nipples.

I reached up to his pants and unzipped them. His dick was hard and was looking mighty tasty to me. I opened my mouth and pulled him closer and began to suck his dick. Pulling him in more, I could feel his cock in my throat. I began to swirl my tongue around his shaft and he was moaning and telling me how good it felt.

His hands were on my tits, pulling and tugging on my nipples. I came up for air and he said that he's been watching me for a while and that he would like to taste my fingers. I let him suck on my fingers, while the same time, his hand has found it's way to my clit.

I looked at him and said lets go to the other room. We went to my bedroom, and he began to feel me up again. His hands under my shirt and is undoing my bra. He pulls my shirt off and releases my 44dd's. He then bends done and begins to suck on each nipple.

I am working on getting his pants off, I pull away from him again and squat in front of him to suck on his dick. His pants fall to the floor and I"m lifting his balls to suck on each one, then both at the same time. I'm licking the tender spot between his sack and his anal hole. He jumps and moans louder this time.

He has me stand up to take my pants off and lays me on my bed. He then takes my legs and spreads them wide to see my pussy glisten. His finger is tracing my clit and pussy. Then, with one quick thrust, he has his finger deep inside me, then a second. I'm moving my hips as he is pumping my pussy. He has his thumb on my clit and rubbing me to delight.

I'm beginning to moan louder and tell him that I'm ready to cum. He then bends down to suck my cum from me. His fingers come out and I grab them to suck on them. His tongue is deep inside me and I'm rubbing my clit. He's flickering hard and I'm rubbing faster and ready to cum again.

I'm squirting in his face and he's enjoying the cum. He comes up to me and kisses my tits and kisses his way to my lips. Deep tongue action in my mouth, making sure I get some of my cum. MMMM very tasty.

I tell him that I'm soo ready for him to fuck me. He lifts me up and puts his enormous head to my pussy and lets it sit there for a moment. I'm reaching down to guide him in. Small pumps of his head only, I shake and tell him More, I want all of it in me. Fuck me hard!!! With that, he rams me hard. Fuckng my hole, faster and faster.

I'm cumming again, so much it's hard for him to stay in me. He bends down to lick up some of the cum and back inside with his dick again. Hard thrusts in and out, lifting my legs higher and further apart each time. OHHH I'm having a huge orgasm, screaming for him to go harder.

He's fucking harder and faster than before, he slips out and finds his way to my ass. He's soo into the motion that he begins to shove faster and harder in my ass. I scream out at first, but then tell him to fuck my ass. He's banging my ass cheeks so hard, it sounds like someone is clapping their hands.

He's ready to cum and I have him cum on my tits. I roll over and he's standing in front of me, wanking his dick. Hot spurts of cum on my chest, my fingers running thru the streams, and I'm feeding myself some of his cum. I then lean forward to suck his dick clean.

We sit on my bed for a few minutes longer, with his fingers in my pussy again. He can't believe that after the fucking he just gave me, that I was ready to go again. I spread my legs so he could go down for one last taste. He comes up and kisses me with my juices dripping down his chin. I smile and tell him we will do this again.

We get dressed and he goes back out to the guys. They are full of questions, but he blows them off.

The next day, he's outside my bedroom window up in the tree. I look out and see that he's the only one in the tree. I lift my shirt and begin to rub my tits. I then lay back on my bed, spread my legs and put my dildo deep inside. I began to fuck myself hard. He's licking his lips and tells me to save some for his lunch.

You can only imagine on what he had for lunch...
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2 years ago
I used to be a tree trimmer and always wondered about this. I would be in a tree and see inside girls bedrooms. Sometimes fingering themselves, sometimes just watching TV or whatever. Never had time to go inside because my boss was an asshole. I guess I should have...
2 years ago
"I would love for him to walk in on me, while fingering my clit."

he'd have to have a long reach
2 years ago
Wow, that is so hot
3 years ago
part of this is true and the rest is what I was daydreaming of today. I did finger myself to make myself shiver with a good orgasm. The tree trimmers were really outside, but no one came to my door :(