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A snowy day, I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie. An erotic part of the story comes on and I begin to feel the heat from the passion I see. I begin to rub my nippls thru my shirt and bra. My pussy is twitching from the love making on the tv.

I say forget this movie crap, I can't see his dick penetrate on her clit, or Do I get to see him lick her clit or do I get to see her lick his long shaft. I need a real movie. I get my shoes on and drive to the local sex/video shop, Spanky's. They have some of the coolest toys and some erotic things for those fun nights alone or with a partner.

As I enter the room filled with every kind of porn video that you can imagine, the guy behind the counter says hi and asks if he can help me. I smile and say no , not at the moment. I check out some of the new porn. A grab one that has a story line. Those are my favorite. I like how the excitement builds you up for the moment. Not like some of the others that start off with some whore fucking her old mans face and sucking some nasty guy with warts on his dick and ass. YUCK!!!

I like the one I picked out and then went over the wall where I see a couple of gay guys checking out some of their kind of videos. I look for a good gay flick with a storyline of course. The guys are standing next to each other, one of them has his hand on the other's ass and is caressing it. This is getting the other excited and you can see that his dick is growing in his pants.

I'm getting excited and would love to touch that enormous thing that is bulging thru the fabric. I'm trying hard not to stare, but the one with the big dick has turned to his partner and began to french kiss his friend. I try not to stare, but I got so wrapped up in the kissing, that I leaned against he wall and dropped a bunch of movies.

The gays stop kissing and offer to help pick up the movies. I'm bent over and one of them had his hand on my ass and inbetween my legs. This got me turned on even more. He's Bi. Super sweet. My dream might come true tonight. I got up and looked at the guy and asked if he liked what he had his hand on. He answers with a big smile and kisses me and whispers that he wnts to fuck me and his friend. I smile back and say sure, lets go somewhere else.

I go to the counter , grab a box of condoms, some lube and a new vibrator and pay for the rental movies that we have picked out. The gay guy Steve tells me to follow them and we are going back to his loft in the city. I follow behind them and park in the lot. As I'm getting out of my truck, Steve comes up to me and introduces Mike to me. We just laughed and kissed again. The guys lead me to the loft that over looks the riverfront. The sky is beautifully lit with a million stars and a full moon.

The guys tell me to relax and make myself at home. I take my shoes off, and find the tv on already with a gay flick running. I stand and watch it for a moment and turn to Steve and Mike and they are making out. Hands all over each other and pulling and tugging at their clothes. their clothes are off and the guys are stroking and kissing.

/They move to the floor, where there is a fluffy rug, some pillows and lots of toys and lube all around. I find the couch and begin to watch them fuck and play. The way they lick each others dick gets me thrilled and I'm wanting to join them in the licking and sucking.

Watching Steve suck Mike's shaft and finger his ass, has got me taking my clothes off and fingering my clit and using the vibe to fuck my pussy while im also fingering my ass. I'm moaning along with Mike, who is bent over and Steve is fucking his ass. Steve has a huge 9" dick and the girth is at least 3 or 4" round. But, Mike is enjoying it and I'm sure I will too. I can only hope and pray that Steve is Bi.

I walk over to where Mike is bent over and stick my ass up to his face. He spreads my cheecks and licks and sucks my tight hole. One hand is in my clit and playing feverishly. My hands are on my tits and the three of us are having a good time. Steve gets up and sees the wild fun Mike is having and decides that its time for him to get his dick suckd. Steve lays on the floor, I get up to all fours and start to suck on his dick. My ass again is up in the air for Mike to fuck me.

I'm all over Steve's dick, licking and slurpping every inch that I can take in my mouth. His balls are huge and I love to hold them. Steve is loving my tongue on him. I'm sucking his balls and stroking his dick. I tell him I want to fuck him, but he says not yet.

Mike is fucking me from behind and has 2 fingers in my ass. I've cummed at least 3 or 4 times. Each time Mike has pulled out and went to get a mouthful, then kiss me and give Steve a taste of my sweetness. I'm loving the taste of my cum on Steve's cock as I suck on him. The last time that I cam, Steve pulled his dick out and stuck it in Mike's mouth for him to get a better taste.

Mike gets up to trade places with Steve. I'm sucking on Steve and Mike has his dick in me and now has 3 fingers in my ass. Making sure to strech it wide for his dick to enter. He grabs the lube and squeezes some on my asshole. pumping his fingers in and out, twirling them around and making me moan. OOOh yes, he's getting ready to fuck my ass. He gets up and pops me up on some pillows and spreads my cheeks and slowly sticks his head in my slippery tight hole.

Barely and gently he pushes his head in me. It's soo big and hard. Steve has Mike come down to my pussy and has him rubbing me and trying to get me to relax. I love the way it feels to have 2 guys messing with me.

I tell Steve to let me lay on my belly and he can enter me that way. When I lay down, Mike is the one who then crawls on back of me and sticks his dick in. It's still big, but not as big as Steve's. He's fucking my ass and Steve is letting me suck his dick again. I get him all wet and he goes then to fuck Mike's ass again. The 3 fo us fucking and enjoying life.

I cum hard for Mike and the guys trade places quickly. Steve has his head in me and i just tell him to give it all to me. Steve shoves hard and he's inside my tight hole. I'm cumming again and again. Teh big dick seems to be growing inside me, Steve says he's ready to blow his wad and pulls out. I tell him no and fill me full of his sperm. His dick is in me and he's fucking me hard and shoots me full of hot cum. He pulls out and Mike sucks his dick, then comes over to my ass and licks it clean of Steve's sperm.

We lay on the rug, talking and watching some of the flicks. I fall asl**p for a short time. The guys get up, get me a blanket and clean up the place. I wake to the smell of eggs and bacon. Mike is cooking and Steve is cleaning the bathroom. I slip my shirt on nd walk over to Mike and sees that he is cooking with no clothes on.

I go to the bathroom and Steve is on his knees scrubbng the floor. I giggled and steve says they share the chores. Each week is different. Steve turns the shower on for me, hands me a washcloth and leaves a towel hanging on the edge of the shower door. He excuses himself and leaves for the livingroom. I take a long hot shower, wash my hair and wash my entire body. I get out, towel dry my hair and wrap the towel around me as I walk into the dining area.

We eat breakfast and sit and talk about last night. I'm having trouble keeping the towel on, so I just say screw it and let it drop. My tits are hard and have all attention looking at them. Steve comes over to me and lifts me in his arms. He walks with me to his the bedroom. I can feel his hard on, bouncing to my ass as he walks.

Mike is rubbing Steve's ass, as he bends over to lay me on the bed to lick my clean pussy. Mike has stuck his dick in Steve and started to fuck him hard. Mike likes the way he squirms as he's eating me out. Steve's fingers are in my ass again, no lube...just 3 thick fingers. I'm telling Steve to fuck me. He takes his dick and shoves it in my pussy in one long hard thrust.

The 3 of us moan loudly and are fucking like crazy. I tell Steve to fuck my ass, just put it in the same as he just did with my pussy. I want him to fuck me again. I turn over to all fours, Steve mounts me and shoves it in hard. I felt like my whole insides had ripped apart, but I came hard and fast.

Mike has come over to me and layed down so I can suck his dick. I suck it for a bit and tell the guys I want both of them in me. Steve holds on to me and rolls over on his back. His dick still in my ass. Mike ,then comes over and spreads my pussy wide and lsucks on me for a few minutes and at the same time,he is fingering Steve's ass.

Mike then sticks his dick deep in my pussy and the 2 of them are fucking me. OOOh I can feel them both pulling and tugging on me. The kisses I get form the 2 are great. My hands are on my tits, then on Mike's ass. Mike says he's ready to cum and pulls out and strokes his wad on me and Steve's face. He then comes over and licks his cum off of us.

Steve is fucking my ass, while I lay on top of him. He's ready to shoot his wad and pulls out to squirt on my pussy and my tummy. Mike comes over again and cleans us up. I tell the guys how much fun I had. I hope we can do this again real soon.

I take the movies home with me and watch them in my bed. I'm fucking my ass with the biggest dildo I have and it just doesn't feel the same. I call the guys to come over and we fuck at my house this time. The guys come over and another wild sex session begins.

I do get to watch Steve fuck Mike this time and have him cum on my tits. I'm sooo happy that I got to have my dream come true.

We see each other alot over the next few months. each time is better than the first time. We see each other soo much that I move into the loft with them. They tell me that they are cool if I want to go out with other guys and it's cool that I bring them home with me. Every once in a while I will meet with a guy who is bi and bring hime home for them, to hae some fresh meat to play with. It turns me on and I play with myself while the 3 fuck.

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2 years ago
Love it ,a dream i am try to make happen to me.
3 years ago
Hot story. Great way to spend a snowy day.