The Hotel Room

Mom opened a couple of beers and daddy was setting up the dvd player. He put in one of the new flicks they just bought. Mom stood in front of daddy and opened her coat. Daddy stood there with his mouth open. Drool dripping down his chin. Mom giggled and said she felt trashy in this hotel room.

Daddy, pulled her close and kissed her like the first time they ever kissed passionately. His tongue was almost in her throat and his hands were all over her body. Mom could feel his cock growing very stiff. Daddy rubbed her tits thru her shirt.

Mom then had began to take daddy's pants off. She released his throbbing dick that had precum on the tip. Mom squatted down to lick that mess up and started to suck his dick. She had put one hand on her pussy and rubbed it. This got daddy more excited and he began to shoot another wad of cum in mom's throat.

Daddy had mom get up and kissed her again, tasting his own cum on her lips. He licked her mouth clean and began to undress her. Mom's tits were poking thru the bra. Daddy nibbled on them as he undid the hooks in back. Her tits were free and daddy's hands cupped them and sucked on them. This was getting mom very excited and had reached down for her pussy.

Daddy had stopped her hands from roaming and had bent down in front of her and started to kiss her thighs. He was rubbing her legs to find that she had thigh high's on. Daddy had lifted her skirt and seen another pair of new undies. Daddy, then unzipped her skirt and pulled it off her hips. He had pushed her to the bed and kissed her some more.

The kissing and touching was getting daddy's dick hard again. Mom had reached down for it, and daddy told her no.. He then started to kiss his way to her tits and on down to her hot box. He licked her clit and kissed her gently. His hot breath was making her pussy twitch. Daddy spread moms legs wide and licked her inner thigh to her lips. He then spread her lips and blew some heat into her hole. Licking gently and rubbing her inner thighs has made mom cum.

Daddy was sucking and licking hard to clean her up. Mom is massaging her tits and has been begging daddy to give her a kiss with his lips full of her cum. He gives her a kiss and goes down for more licking. On his way back down, he stops for the lube and her plug.

He lifts her legs up and lickes her ass for a few minutes, then lubes it up for the plug. Mom is enjoying this fuck session. She tells daddy that she feels like a slut and is being used. He laughed and said that's why they have this room.

Daddy has mom get on all fours and sticks his throbbing cock in her pussy. He fucks her hard for a bit and is pumping her ass with the plug. He thinks she's had that plug long enuf and lubes his dick, stands up and enters her ass slowly. Mom moans and says she wants all of him at one time. Daddy shoves his dick deep in her and fucks her.

Mom screams with delight and cums for him. Daddy pulls out and licks her ass. Then back in with another hard thrust. He's fucking her hard and mom reaches for her rabbit. She turns it on and sticks it in her pussy. Daddy then moans and says how it feels on his dick. Mom pumps her pussy and daddy pumps her ass. Moms says she's ready for another orgasm and daddy is moaning and ready to blow another huge wad.

They both cum at the same time and collapse on the bed. Both are sweaty and has cum dripping everywhere. They lay on the bed talking and kissing.

Mom gets up and goes to take a hot shower, daddy follows her and they fuck again. Daddy gets out first and begins the movie and lights the candles. Mom comes out with another nighty on. Daddy pulls the blankets back for her and they lay together and watch the flick and get all hot and bothered again.
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