New toys and the help

My toy box seems empty, only having a few dildo's in it. Mr Purple, blue ice, a small butt plug and my 10" glass dildo. I need a new butt plug and I'd really like to have a purple rabbit (waterproof). So I go down to the local sex shop and start looking at all the fun toys. There's a guy helping me at the glass counter. He's pulling out different size dildo's and letting me examine them.

I tell him that I like this short glass one that looks like a long pacifier. It has a ring on the end like a handle, I figure it would be great for use in my ass. Then we go over to the rabbits. I ask him if he can open this one and let me try it with batteries. He puts in the batts and I'm starting to enjoy all the speeds and the different ways it spins. I tell him that I can't wait to get home and try my toys out.

The guy smiles at me, rings everything out and tells me that I can go into the silky room and try them out here, if I wanted.

He leads me into the purple room, shows me how to use the tv and dvd player. He tells me, if I need anything, to ring the buzzer and he would come into help. So, I'm getting a movie going and getting comfy on the furry bench. There is a curtain behind the tv and I open it. On the otherside is a guy jerking off to the tv. I don't think he can see me. I'm thinking its a one way mirror. Sweet I think to myself.

I'm watching the guy and the movie and I'm undoing my clothes to get naked. My nipples are hard and I'm pulling on them and sucking on my nips the best that I can. My finger is sliding up and down my clit. I get the rabbit out and begin using it on my pussy. I put one part in my hole and the other is tickling my clit. this is turning me on. I'm fingering my ass and get the glass dildo out, suck on it for a minute or two and stick it in my ass. Slow at first, then i'm strokng it harder.

I take the rabbit out and fuck my ass. I'm on my back with my legs up high on the glass in front of me. I'm moaning loadly. I'm getting into my masturbation and didn't realize that I hit the buzzer. The guy came to my door and asked if I needed his help. I was startled at first, then Told him I couldn't get the player to work. I unlocked the door and let him in. He's looking at me with his "I want to fuck you eyes".

He leans over to look at the dvd player and I roll over and let him see my plug in my ass. I ask him to help me with pushing it in further. He takes the plug and begins to pump my ass. I'm now moving myself to the doggie style and letting him do all the work. I'm playing with the rabbit on my clit again. All this attention for me and nothing for the guy.

I pull away from him and begin to undo his pants. He says that he can't let me do that. That he is only here to help the customers. Well, really he would be helping fucking me. But, he says that he's not able to do so. So, I tell him to continue with fucking my ass with the dildo. He's into this alot. In between the dildo and his fingers in my ass, I'm getting off alot. I tell him thanks for the help and would love for him to help me again.

I'm dressed and out of my room, he's helping some guy with a movie. I walk over to him and tell him thank you again and slip him my phone number. On my note, I tell him to call me when he gets off work. The customer looks at him and tells him he needs to go for it. He'd like to fuck my ass, the cuatomer tells him.

A few hours later, the phone rings and it's Rick from the sex shop. I give him directons to my house and he's on his way.
I leave the door open just a crack and he walks in calling my name. I tell him to come to the kitchen, where I'm sitting on the counter with whipped cream on my pussy and tits.

He undresses and walks to me, bends down to lick the cream off my tits and is rubbing the extra cream over my tummy. licking my tits and licking up the cream to my pussy is making his dick very hard. He's licking my pussy and fingering me to make my own cream pie. I pull his head in closer and make him eat my hole.

Rick, lifts me off the counter and is holding me in his arms. My legs wrapped around him and he has a finger in my ass. I can feel his cock on my pussy, it needs to be inserted. He lifts me up a bit and slides himself in me. Rick turns me around to put my back up against the wall. He's fucking me like he hasn't had any pussy in a long time.

I'm screaming with ecstasy. I'm cumming and Rick continues fucking me and fingering my ass. I'm begging to have his dick in my mouth. He puts me down and I'm on my knees sucking his hard member. The floor is rough on my knees, so I lead him to the kitchen table, I have him lay down, I squirt the whipped cream on his dick and put a cherry on top for good measure.

I kiss his lips and kiss my way to his member. I work from the bottom up. First his balls, then his shaft. MMm, the cherry is in my teeth. I go up to his lips to share the cherry. He pulls the cherry off the stem, I then work the stem into a knot and give it to him. I then go back down to sucking him. The pre cum is spooing from him and I'm licking it and showing him that I'm slurping it down my throat.

I then crawl on top of him in reverse cowgirl and is bouncing my ass in his face. He's liking the view and his thumb is in deep in my ass again. I let out an OOOh and he puts in another finger. As, I'm pumping his dick, he's fingering my ass harder. I tell him I want his dick in my ass. I get up and grab the olive oil from the table and put it on his dick and lube my ass. I then sit in same style on his ass.

A loud sigh from Rick and I'm riding him. He has me lay back on his chest and he's fucking me. My fingers in my clit and on my chest. Rick has me get up into the doggie style. He then mounts my ass and is fucking me. This feels soo good, it's a great feeling to be fucked by a complete stranger. A nice young man fucking my ass.

Rick is ready to cum, I tell him to fill my ass. He does fill it and comes to my mouth for me to finish sucking him off.
We are finished and are getting dressed, Rick helps me clean up our mess in the kitchen and offers to take me out for dinner. Since we already had our dessert, he's hungry for dinner. We go out for a quick bite and we go back to my house for another round at dessert.

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