Me and 3 guys

Here we are meeting in the NO-Tell Motel, just off the high way. Me, John, Bob and Mark. Everyone is horny and is willing to do as told, tonight. I'm in a mood for some discipline to these horny ass guys who just can't keep their hands off themselves.

I tell the guys to undress me, and they are only allowed to touch and suck me. No fucking..that will be later. Then I have Hon and Bob undress each other, and I'm undressing Mark. He's got huge muscular arms and legs. His chest is super tight..muscles everywhere. His dick is very muscular too..I cant wait to feel that muscle in my holes.

I'm stroking on Mark and sucking his balls. I catch Bob getting ready to jerk his dick, I get up and go ove to him and tell him to get to his knees. He does as told and I have John stand in front of him. John's dick is hard, and I have Bob lick his head. You can suck his dick only. If you stop you will only be able to wach and nothing else.

Bob is sucking John's dick and I go back to sucking on Mark. I can feel my juices in my pussy, so I stop with Mark and get on the bed and spread my legs wide, so all 3 guys can see my glistening pussy. I spread my pussy lips open and begin to finger my hole...I need some of my cum in my mouth. I tell John to stop sucking on Bob. I tell Bob, to come over to me.

Bob, is standing in front of me, I tell him to lick my pussy and clit, give me a licking I won't forget. Then I have John, lay under Bob and continue sucking his dick. Mark comes over to me and I tell him to put his dick in my mouth. MMm I'm loving this, a huge cock in my mouth and another sucking my pussy. I tell John to get up and come put his dick in my mouth too. You can't ask for much more than this.

I then tell Mark to take Bob's place and to fuck me. I have John and Bob feeling each other up. Then I have Bob take John's dick in his mouth. Suck it Bitch, I tell Bob. Mark, is fucking my pussy, he's surprised that I can take all of him. Fuck me hard I'm telling him, he's getting ready to cum..I tell him to cum in my pussy. So, he is filling my pussy with his hot cum. He pulls out and I tell him I want to suck his dick again.

Then I tell John to come over and lick my pussy clean. Bob is standing there and don't know what to do but stroke his dick. He forgot he will be punished. I tell him to get in the chair and sit there. If he touches his dick, I will tie his hands to the chair.

I'm now standing infront of Bob, with my ass in his face and his dick is getting hard again. I tell Mark to stroke John's dick and John do the same to him. I'm rubbing Bob's dick and rubbing my tits in his face. He goes to grab for me and I shake my head no. I then lift my leg and put my fooot on his knee, then i rub my pussy again dhowing him my lips and some cum dripping. I take my finger slide it on my clit and take it to his lips and let him taste my cum.

Bob is getting into this too much, So I have John go behind Mark, lube up his ass and Fuck marks tight hole. I tell Mark, that he cannot touch his own cock. Just to enjoy the ass fucking. I'm getting horny from teasing Bob and from watching the other 2 fuck. I go over to the bed and begin to rub my tits and stroke my clit. Bob is just watching and I can tell he wants to wank. I have Mark get up and go over to Bob and suck his cock, and Have John go on with fucking Mark's ass.

I plled out a dildo and began to fuck my pussy and I'm fingering my ass. I lube up my ass and slip the dildo in my ass and I'm fucking both my holes with the dildo. I have John come over to me and have him lick my ass and finger it. Mark is still sucking on Bob. John is enjoying my ass with his tongue and finger. I have Mrk come to me and tell him to put his dick deep in my ass.

As mark is doing so,I have John go over and untie Bob and have them both come over to me. Mark is fucking my asshole, I have Bob below me and is licking my pussy and I have John's dick in my mouth. All 3 holes in use. I'm ready for dp. I have John lay down, I sit with his dick in my ass, lay back and have Marks huge ccok in my pussy and bob is in my mouth and he is sucking my tits.

Wow, a huge fantasy is being filled for all 3 of us. Bob is kissing me and Mark. Deep tongue action, then Bob is kissing on John. I tell John to suck on bobs dick and I tell Mark to fuck me hard. I want to cum hard for all you boys to enjoy. Mark is fingering my clit and pumping me hard. Mark is ready to cum, he pulls out and squirts in my face and bob's face. Bob then goes in for some pussy action. He's stroking me and is ready to cum. I tell him to do it insid me.

John is fucking my ass and cum is dripping doen his dick. This makes him fuck me harder and faster. My tits are bouncing up and down and I'm screaming I'm cummmmming...I've got cum now drippping from my ass and my pussy. John is ready to cum, He cums in me and continues to fuck me even more. I pull off him and go down to lick his dick. My ass is up in the air, and Mark and Bob are licking and fingering my holes.

We all 3 collapse on the bed. I tell them, that I had a great time and can't wait for this to happen again. To my surprise, I look over a Mark and Bob and they are kissing each other and stroking. I gess they liked how they felt and are now taking things in their own hands. John and I are making out and we are ready to fuck again.

Here's 2 hot horny couples fucking in the same bed. MMMM what a fun night.

100% (7/0)
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2 years ago
Great fucking story. Between reading your words and seeing your pics, I had to jerk off.
3 years ago
I loved this. The dirty masculine sex coupled with a dominate and horny woman make my cock hard as rock.