My new friend Rob

It's a Saturday afternoon and I"m on the couch watching tv and reading my messages on XHamster. It's still a bit cold outside and a little bit of snow.

One of my guy friends clicked on and said we need to meet up and have some sex. Hmmm, I'm thinking..ooh goodie...another blowjob and he will be gone.
This guy Rob comes to my house, sits on the couch next to me. We have small chat and kiss. We are kissing and feeling each others sexual points.

We begin to undress each other. Rob is impressed with my sheer black bra and how my very hard nipples are showing thru. He grabbs my tits and rubs them and is tugging at my nipples, then nibbles on them right thru my bra. I'm starting to get wet and can feel my pussy twitching. It's aching for a finger or more.

I'm helping Rob out of his pants and pulling his shirt off. MMM a nice hard, hairless chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms and large hands. What a freaking turn on for me. I love big muscular arms. I love how they hold me and how I can rub them when having sex.

Rob, then pulls my pants down, but leaves my thong on. He is starting to take my bra off and continues with sucking my tits. I try to rub his cock and he tells me..this is all about you. Your needs, before mine. I was stunned and shocked. I'm sooo used to stroking and giving a blowjob. Maybe, having them fuck me for a few minutes, then they are gone.

We are standing in the middle of my livingroom, blinds are open, front door is open, tv on and we are making out. Some people are walking down the street, but I don't think anyone can see us, but I don't think Rob minds either. Rob, slides his hand down my tummy and slips his hand down my panties. He can feel the moist heat coming from my snatch.

He bends down and pulls my panty to the side and begins to lick my slit. His large fingers are rubbing me, I'm getting more excited and i'm wetter than before. I raise my leg and prop it up on the coffee table. Rob, is licking my pussy and fingering me. I'm cumming and he's licking my juice. I grabbed his hand and pull it to my lips, mmmm, my pussy juice..mmm.

Rob pulls my panties down and has me bend over the arm of the couch and is eatting my pussy and my ass. His fingers are in both holes, fucking me. I cum again, and he's licking and scooping it up to share with me. Rob, has two of his large fingers in my ass and is stretching me to be prepared for his dick. OOOO I love this feeling.

I moan loudly, He asks me what I want. I tell him I am enjoying him licking my pussy. He has me sit on the arm of the couch and he is on his knees licking and sucking me. He still has his fingers in my ass. I have came a couple of more times and the last time that I came; Rob had been rubbing my clit hard and fingering my ass and pussy with his hands and I began to squirt hard. I came all over his face and chest.

Rob knew it was time to insert his rock hard cock in my pussy. Slowly he sticks his head in, then pulls it back out. I tell him to put it all in and he tells me NO with a big smile. He does this for a few more minutes, teasing me. He likes how I hesitate each time I thin he's gonna give it all to me.

When I wasn't expecting it, a hard thrust and he's deep inside me. My moan is loud nd my smile is huge. The thrusts are slow and deep, nothing fast. Rob, says that I deserve to have a love making that I never had before. I didn't know what to say or think.

His hands are on my face, pulling my hair from my face, kissing me like he meant it. Rob tells me, that he could tell from our conversations, that I'm alwasys the giver and never the receiver. Well, It's my turn to receive. I'm stroking his arms and looking into his eyes. I can tell that he is enjoying my tightness and is ready to get off soon. the thrusts are harder and getting a bit faster,

He shoots loads and loads of cum inside me. To my surpise, Rob doesn't pull out. He stays in me, kisses me and I'm feeling him getting hard again. Mmm he says, how he loves to feel his cock grow inside tight spaces filled with his cum. I'm twitching, cuz I need him to fuck me some more. I lift my legs up around his waist. He is pumping me and I'm begging for him to put his dick in my ass.

I roll over and get on all fours. Rob, puts a bit of lube on his dick and puts some on my hole. Sliding his 2 fingers deep inside me, I'm cuming again. Rob, grabs his dick and slides it in my very tight opening. Slow thrusts again. He wants me to enjoy every minutee.

I love how his cock feels in me. I really want to suck on his cock, but i was told no again. Rob, is making love to my ass and is moaning along with me. He tells me he is ready to blow again. I tell him to let it go. He fills my ass with loads of cum. When he pulls out, I can feel our cum dripping out of me. I reach down, to scoop some of the cum and to rub it on my chest and to taste some of the salty mixture.

We lay on the floor, snuggled together under a blanket. I did shut the front door, but Rob suggested that in a little while we, go in the backyard for some snow sex. I looked at him like he was crazy. He says that a quick session in the snow is revigorationg and makes him horny.

As the sun goes down, we venture to my back yard, undress and i knee down to suck his already hard cock. He lays me down and starts to fuck me, right there where the whole neighborhood can see us. It's thrilling and cold. He cums quick and we run back inside. Get in a very hot shower, wash each other and warm up.

The evening progressed with us having sex everywhere in the house. We even had sex on my mom's bed. I haven't done that since I was in high chool and I had a bunch of friends over and a couple were fucking on my bed. Sex on tables, the computer chair, the rocking chair, love seat and in the very cold garage. The tool bench is perfect height for him to sit on and I don't have to be on my knees to suck his dick.

The sex was great. Rob stayed the night with me and we got up the next morning, had morning sex before and after breakfast. A few more sessions and Rob had to leave. He told me as he was leaving, tht we will do this again next weeken, but only at his house. He has a hot tub.

I can't wait for this to happen. My dream of having sex in the outdoors in the cold has been fulfilled and then some.

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3 years ago
Thanks for the HOT Story Babe! MMM someday we will make this Cum True! I want in YOU!!
3 years ago
Nice friend... I need one..