Brian and my mom

Brian was on his way to my house and he has stoped at the sex shop to get me a new toy and lube. He stopped in said Hi to the girl and got me a supersize dildo/butt plug and a jumbo size bottle of ultra slick lube. he was planning of taping him fucking me with this toy.

When Brian got to my house, he knocked on the door and my mom answered. He asked if I was home and mom said no, but he could come in and wait if he wanted to.

Brian couldn't help but watch mom in her silky gown, as she walked around the house. Mom was bending down in front of him, dusting the coffee table and showing off her firm round tits from the top of her gown. Her nice round firm tits bounced as she wiggled around. Brian was getting firmer in his pants. Mom would smile at him and then went to the couch to sit down to do the other side of the table and accidently sat on his lap.

Brian, grabbed her and planted a big kiss on her lips. He had carressed her tits and was rubbing his hands on her torso. Brian found his way to her "v". He could tell she didn't have any panties on and that had turned him on. Brian worked her spaghetti string strap off her shoulder and then had started to suck on her nipples. His one hand had lifted the bottom of her gown and was rubbing her inner thigh.

Mom got up, looked at him and told him to follow her. Brian got up, grabbed the bag of goodies and followed into my parents bedroom. Mom grabbed the bag to see what was inside. She was shocked to see such a toy and was impressed by the lube. Mom, then pulled her gown off and told Brian to get undressed and suck her tits and pussy the way he does to me.

Brian, got on all fours and pput his face between her legs and began licking and fingering her clit. Then he started inserting his fingers in her pussy hole. Pumping it, til it came. Brian was sucking and licking up the cum. The only thing Brian didn't like, is that mom didn't shave or much less trim up her hairy bush. He is used to my baby smooth shaved pussy.

Mom was opening my new toy and was sucking on it. Brian was impressed that mom could open her mouth that wide and be able to put some of it in and suck on it. This got Brian very hard, he moved up to her face and stuck his dick next to her mouth. Mom put the toy down and sucked on his dick. Pre cum coming from his dick and mom swallowed it, without gagging this time. Brian is moaning.

Brian then told mom to turn over and put her ass in the air. He then put a finger in her ass and mom said that hurt. So he got the lube and squeezed a bit in her hole, then inserted his finger again. Brian is pumping his middle finger in and out, making sure she is lubed and ready for another finger. Now having 2 fingers, mom is moaning in delight. Brian reaches over and gets the toy and lubes the head and moms hole.

Mom is gasping as Brian is slipping the toy in her tight ass. I don't think daddy ever fucked her ass before. Anyways, Brian is takng it slow, but with pressure trying to get it in her. Mom had her finger in her pussy and is rubbing her cum all around. Brian, then realizes that she is going to take the toy, but she will take his dick. He mounts her, lubes his rock hard cock and sticks the head barely in her hole.

One stiff thrust and he's in her ass. Mom screams loudly and has tears in her eyes. Brian leans over to mom and sees the tears on her face. He asks if she wants him to pull out, mom shakes her head no and says continue. Brian squeezed more lube to loosed things up. Mom, now is getting into the groove and is enjoying him deep in her.

Brian, is ready to explode. He asks mom where she wants his wad. Mom says to go ahead and fill her ass. Brian shoots a massive load in her. As he pulls out, mom gasped and said that was awesome. Mom got up and cum was dripping from her hole. Mom told Brian that she wants him to put that dildo in her pussy. Mom laid on the bed and spread her legs wide. Brian fingered her hole for a minute and took the toy and slid it in her hole. Mom took it like a pro. Brian was pumping her hard and mom started to squirt on Brian's face.

Mom was happy that she got off and told Brian thanks for the nice fuck. She walked away and headed for the shower. Brian ws happy that he got to fuck her in the ass, but at the same time felt bad cuz now he had to tell me that he fucked her. He went in the shower with her, got cleaned up and got dressed. As Brian was getting dressed, I walked in the front door. I seen his face of surprise.

Brian grabbed me and kissed me and told me how much he missed me. Then he sat me down on my bed and told me wht had happened between him and my mom. I was thrilled to hear that someone had finally fucked her in the ass. Daddy wouldn't do it or she just wouldn't let him. Brian told me how she was coming on to him and he just grabbed her and took over.

After Brian told me aout their session, I told him to pull out the toy and lets get it cleaned up so he can use it on me. He forgot to bring it downstairs, so I ran up to get it and mom was just looking at me in shame. I told her, that it was ok and that I'm happy she got fucked in the ass. I told her that I would give her my beginner butt plug and that she needs to wear it often to stretch that hole.

I came back downstairs and Brian was on my bed jerking his dick. I handed him the dildo and said to him to put it in my ass. I undressed and Brian pulled my plug out of my ass, lubed the toy and took his time sliding it in. It hurt at first,but I was getting into the feel. My ass is stretched and my finers are deep in my pussy. OOOH it feels sooo good. I'm wanting to have Brian's dick in my pussy and the dildo at the same time. Brian sticks his dick in and fucks me like a bull in his cow.

Mom walks down to see us going at it and she walks back upstairs and smiles. She gets on the phone and tells daddy that she is horny and can't wait for him to get home. She wants the 2 of them to go to the sex shop to get their own toys and to have fun like I do.
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3 years ago
that hot babe keep them cummmmmmmmm
3 years ago
Mommy and her toys will be next...I hope you enjoy. If any of you horny nasty men wants me to write about you, give me your name and the subject of our story. I have a vivid imagination