I'm a finger whore

I must be the only 18 yr old that is still a virgin. That is that I have never been fucked by a penis.

I started fingering my clit when I was in middle school. Went out with friends, some of the boys had felt me up and some of them had slid their fingers in my clit. They would rub up and down, but none of them really made it to my pussy hole.

One night at the movies,i was sitting mext to this boy who I wanted to be my first. He and I were kissing and feeling each others stuff. For him to be 14 and me 13 he had a big cock. He was hard to the touch and I rubbed it thru his pants. My nipples were hard and he was rubbing them and next I knew he had my shirt up and his hand was in my bra.

I was enjoying him sucking and squeezing my boobs. I was getting excited. I took my free hand and slid it down my pants and was flicking my clikt. I was getting wet.

The boy then undid his pants, my hand vame from my undies and I had then gravved his dick. I was stunned cuz I never had a penis in my hand before, but it felt soft to the touch and he was rock hard from me rubbing. He kissed me some more and asked me to lick him, so i bent over and was licking then sucking on him . Right there with my friends in the row in front of us.

He started to cum after a few minutes of me sucking on him. I didn't like the taste at first, but I did swallow some of it. He handed me a napkin and I got up wiped my mouth and face. He kissed me some more and the movie was over. We got in the back seat of his b*****r's car and started to make out again. This time his finger was in my pants and was fingering me and making me cum. I wasd trying to be quiet, but it felt soo good, tht I let out a big scream. His b*****r and his friend started to laugh.

The next time I went out with another boy, he fingered me, and I sucked his dick. Swallowing became a habit for me. I would only let the boys finger my pussy and fondle my tits.

In high school so many of the boys wnated my pussy and i wouldn't let in. I just let them finger my hole and I gave them bj's. I got to be known as the bj queen.

I"m out of school and I'm going out all the time, letting guys finger me and me sucking them off. I enjoy this very much, I almost cant wait til I get finger fucked with out my pants on.
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8 months ago
Fantastic, reminds me of my grade school and high school days, thanks for writing it!!!
3 years ago
Loved the story. Thank you.
3 years ago
Lucky boys in your school!