My Door is Open

A friend of mine has put a dream in my mind and I'm so wanting it to happen. So, one night while he was in town he told me that he had a surprise for me. My friend Mark had rented a room at a hotel off the main strip. When I got there, Mark had some candles lit, a cooler with water, beer, wine and soda. He was stocked up like we were going to have a party. I looked around, didn't see him at first, then I heard the shower going.

As I went to the bathroom, I undressed to surprise him by stepping in to have a little cleaning fun. To my surprise, it wasn't Mark, but this black man, large muscular arms and legs. His dick was at least 5 inches soft. He smiled at me and went on with shaving his beard and washing his face. I took his dick and started to stroke him and moved him enuf for me to be on the side of the tub, to be sucking his dick, while the hot water was rushing down my back.

The black man, turned the water off. Picked me up and walked me to one of the beds. He didn't say anything he just kept smiling at me. He had me lay back and spread my legs wide and began to finger and suck my clit and pussy. His big fingers were fucking my pussy hard and I began to cum. He pulled them out to stick them in my mouth and told me to lick my cum. I dd as told. He then crawled his huge body on top of me, putting his enormous dick in my mouth.

I began to suck on this huge dick..10 inches and 3inches in girth. Like I said enormous. I'm trying to deep throat it, but I'm gagging alot. HIs precum was more than most, but it sure is tasty. He pulled out of my mouth and began to put it in my hole. OOOH, a bit much at first, but I cane quickly and he was sliding in and out with ease. As this guy is fucking me in my pussy, he rolled over and I'm on top. He has his finger in my ass, I'm afraid that he's thinking of putting his dick in.

There's a knock on the door, and it's Mark. He says that he's happy that Matt and I have met. We continue fucking and Mark ahs stripped down, pured us a glass of wine and walked over to me. A big kiss was planted on my lips, then his dick is in my mouth. Matt has now stuck 3 fingers in my ass and I'm bucking like crazy. All 3 of my holes are being used..How exciting. Mark, goes to the back of me and sticks two of his fingers in my ass, along with Matt's.

I'm cumming alot. Matt grabs my waist and starts punding his dick fast and hard. He"s ready to cum. Mark tells him to cum inside me. He wants to see the jizz drip from between my legs. Matt does as told and cums alot. He gets up, gets a beer and sits on a chair to watch what happens next. Mark comes over to me, plants a kiss on my lips, works his kisses down my neck, my chest all the way to my pussy. He then continues with the kisses and begins to lick my swollen clit. He spreads me wide and goes in for the clean up. He just loves to eat cum from a womans hole, after she has been cummed in by someone else.

Mark is fingering my holes. I'm cumming for him and he goes to clean up again, this time he shares his goodie with me. Likcking my cum off his face, turmns me on. There's another knock on the door...2 more black guys enter and begin to strip. They are already hard and are ready to fuck and suck. One guy comes over to me and drips some of his beer on my pussy and goes in for the cleanup. The foam from the beer feels funny, but thrilling on my clit. The other guy has his dick in my hand and I'm wanting to suck on it. He tells me no, not yet. I'm jerking him and he's ready to cum. I open my mouth and he squirts in the back of my throat. A lot of cum, trickling down.

The other guy has me on all fours and lubes my ass and slides his head in my hole. very big and very hard. He sees that I'm tight so he take it slow. I'm screaming in pain, but telling him to put some more lube and shove it it. This huge cock is now inside me. The other guys are smiling and telling me that they are next. This guy pounds my ass and cums. Matt gets up and sticks his dick in and pounds me, one after another...finally I'm ready to collapse. Mark lays me on my back and lifts my legs up high to suck the cum from my ass.

all of us are sitting around having a few cocktails and the knocking begins again...
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I will finish with the story shortly.