Bath time with Daddy

After you and I have a hot session of sex you lead me to the bathroom for a hot shower. I love to sneak in the bathroom when you are taking your morning shower. Love to watch you wash your chest and arms, then down your body to your dick. I wish I'm the one stroking you clean with all those bubbles. And the way you wash your asshole..shoving your finger in and out. Mmm my dildo could get a hell of a workout in yur ass.
The water is hot and we step in to get wet. I putmy head under the water to wash my hair and to get lathered up. you grab the puff and stroke my tits and arms with it. Bubbles sliding down my chest to my pussy. You use the puff to rub my clit, I spread my legs for you to get in and clean my hole. Reaching behind me, you rub my ass and slide your finger deep in my hole to make sure nocum will come out.
I'm getting into you cleaning my body and I hear that noise again. I turn around to wash your back,reaching from behind to wash your chest, arms and down to your legs. Paying special attention to your cock, just hanging there with no life. I soap up my hands and begin to stroke your cock and massage your balls. mmmmm you moan with delight. I have you turn around again for me to wash your asshole. I soap you up and slip a finger in.. you don't even flinch. So, to your surprise, I reach into my shower bag and pull out another toy. I take it and lather it up and stick it in your ass. A bit tight at first, but you are enjoying the girth.
We are getting to the point of enjoying my toy in your ass and the noise is louder. We laugh and start rubbing each other again. My nipples are hard as rocks. You bend down to suck and squeeze them, and to our surprise....mommy walks in and opens the curtain. We both stop and look at her face...she is shocked. You hurry up and pull the dildo out of your ass and drop it, my hands are no longer on your dick. Mommy is upset, but you can tell her nipples are getting hard. She turns and walks out of the room. We giggle and get rinsed off and towel off before walking into my room. To our surprise, mommy is laying on my bed wth her skirt up around her waist and her legs spread apart and she's fingering herself.
Oh wow, we both say at the same time. ou go over to mommy and rub on her tits and her pussy. I just stand there and watch you. You grab her pantyhose and rib them at her pussy and pull her undies to the side as you go muff diving in her hairy pussy. Your dick is getting hard as you eat her out. I'm getting excited watching you and drop my towel, while rubbing my pussy.
Mommy looks up at me and tells me to come ver with them, she then tells me to climb on top of her face so she taste my clean pussy. I do as told and begin to ride her tongue. I reach behind me and shove a finger in my ass. Teh 3 of us are going at each other like a pack of dogs on raw meat. Fingers in each others asses, pussy and mom and I are sharing daddy's dick in our mouth.
Daddy gets up and tells us both to turn around with our asses up high, he is going to show us what it is like for a real ass beating. He comes over and slaps our asses til the are red, then takes his dick and shoves it deep in mommy, oooo she yells out and screams at him to go deeper. He spreads her cheeks and rams her. I'm rubbing my tits and dad pulls out of her and rams my ass deep. I moan and cum right away. You like the cum on your dick. Mommy bends down below my pussy and licks up the drippings from his dick.
Mommy is licking daddy's balls and he is ready to blow his wad again. He pulls out of my ass and begings to storke his dick , when he cums he apews all over me and mommy's face. I'm licking my lips for more cum and go over and lick up the cum from mommy's face. Mommy is surprised that I love the taste of cum. She gets up, gets dressed and walks upstairs, Daddy does the same. Me? I go back to the shower and get cleaned up before my boyfriend comes and sees me a mess.
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1 year ago
Damn very hot.
2 years ago
Being a big proponent of pussy, tits and legs--a conventonal type--bum-fucking does nothing for me. The sex, conventional type, does get me roused every time!
3 years ago
damn made my jeans tight!
3 years ago
my kind of woman nasty ! that's the kind of woman I enjoy most as you are just more fun.
You love sticking your pussy in my face and love to suck my cock and insist I cum in your mouth
i'd love to talk with you anytime
think we would have fun talking nasty and cuming up with ideas for more stories.
3 years ago
Got a boner
3 years ago
Very Nice
3 years ago
Hot Storie!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
cute stories