Me and Daddy

I'm at home by myself laying in my bed fucking my hot pussy with my dildo. Lubing up my butt plug and shoving it deep in my ass. Getting things ready for when my boyfriend comes over later. He always comes over for dinner, then I give him dessert. Cream Pie is my specialty. As I'm thinking of how good his dick will be fucking my hole i'm cramming my dildo deep inside me. I'm not paying attention to my surrondings and you(my daddy) is watching from the stairwell.
You begin to undress and walk over to me..seeing me fuck my hole. You bend over and tell me that I'm a very bad girl for masterbating. I've been told how bad it is to do. I'm going to be be spanked and punished. I see that you have no clothes on...I ask where yur clothes are and you tell me don't worry about it. You bend me over to slap my ass and see my butt plug buried deep. you pull it out to see my ass hole wide open. You continue in slapping my ass and slipping a finger deep inside. I tell you to put another finger in me...and fuck my hole. You slip in 2 more fingers and I moan loudly. you then turn me over and have me suck your hard cock..all 8.5 inches of it. Holding my head you push and pull me to swallow all of you. are surprised that I can take all of you and enjoy it. Your mother can't take it all.
I'm fingering my pussy again and rubbing my very erect nipples. You then take me and lay me across the bed and spread my legs wide and begin to lick my clit working your way to my hole. OOOO daddy, give me all of your tongue...finger me..PLEASE!!! I want you to make me cum and you can taste my sweet nectar. I bet I taste better than mommy. I can hear you moaning with a smile of approval. I'm moving alot...cumming in your mouth, i grab your fingers and suck on them...mmmm my nectar in my mouth. Youare surprised on how nasty I am.
You then crawl ontop of me and shove your hard cock in my pussy....not slow..but very hard hoves in and out...OOOH FUCK ME, PLEAZE DADDY!!!! FUCK ME HARD!! I tell you how i watch him fuck mommy and wish it was me, that makes you want me even more. I'm begging you to let me suck your cock,, i want my cum on my tongue. mmm yu make me smile. I'm begging you to fuck my ass, please you are hard as a rock and lubed up to fuck my tight hole. there again, no slow and hard. OOOH YES!!! wE BOTH ARE MOANING WITH EXCITEMENT.
We hear a noise,but ignore it. I'm fingering my pussy and you grab my dildo and shove it deep in my pussy. I then begin to pump my hole and your are fucking my ass...ooh how this feels awesome. you tell me that you are ready to cum.. I tell you that you have to cum on my chest, I'm not on birth control. You then are begging to cum inside me...I tell you NO. no fucked up babies for me. I roll over and stroke you til you cum all over my tits, i'm rubbing and scooping up your cum to lick it off my fingers.
Now it's time for the bad girl to get a bath....

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3 years ago
Hmm what a good girl!
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
nice love it
3 years ago
im hard
3 years ago
naughty but love it
3 years ago
Naughty Girl, I love it look forward to reading all your storys.
3 years ago
Sweet :)
3 years ago
Very hot. You are so naughty.
3 years ago
3 years ago
A good story but I'm not into this style of writing, just me but there you are.