Just getting a new job and trying to impress the boss, is my very most priority in life. I make sure that I'm dressed well each day: a business suit (blazer, shirt, tight skirt, panties and bra to match), pantyhose and heels. My hair groomed nicely and my makeup just so. I choose a nice light fragrant perfume, just a little something to make the boss turn his head.

My desk, just outside his office, is neat and organized. I make coffee each morning and always make sure there is some kind of breakfast item near the coffee. Some of my responsibilities include opening his mail, answering the phone, taking messages, setting appointments and making sure the clients are taken care of.

One day I was in a huge hurry to get to work, after a wild night out with the girls, that ended me up having sex with my best friend's b*****r. I stayed the night at his place, the sex was great and exciting. We had sex in his car, in the stairway, the couch, and then his bed. Then of all days to be at work on time, I’m running late.

I hurry to get myself dressed, I'm not able to find my panties so I just put my pantyhose on. I pull my hair into a ponytail, put fresh makeup on and the only cologne I have in my purse. It's a bit bolder than I normally wear, but I can't very well go to work smelling of sex.

Once at work, I stop in the ladies room to make sure I look nice and notice the big stain on the front of my blouse. I tried to clean it up, but I had only made it bigger. I took the blouse off, shoved it in my purse and slipped my jacket back on. I buttoned it as much as I could and tried to make sure my lacey white bra didn't show too much. I'm glad I had a low cut bra on, only because the buttons didn't start until below my bulging round breasts.

I walked towards my office, when I saw my boss on his cell phone in the hall. I gave him a quick nod and hurried myself in the door. I quickly got the coffee brewing and set out the fresh pastries that were delivered earlier.

Mr. Spencer came in and said he noticed I was running late. I apologized to him and said it won’t happen again. He chuckled and said it happens to the best of us, especially after a good night of partying. I looked at him with a puzzled look. He said he was at the same club, I was at last night. I blushed, knowing that I was drinking it up with the girls and definitely was dancing very sexy with the men.

I asked him if he had a good time. I told him that I didn't see him. I then told him, I go there all the time and knew just about everyone. He said that he's only been there a couple of times and was out with a friend of his looking for new eye candy. That’s when he had a sparkle in his eyes and said, “You and your girlfriend looked like the kind of eye candy, we were looking for.” I blushed and set his coffee mug on his desk.

Mr. Spencer winked at me and said we will talk more later. Then he told me that his friend, Matthew Broadman will be calling to confirm plans for tonight. He then continued to tell me what to reply to him and to get the Spicy Rum account together for his meeting. I said “yes sir, anything else I can get for you?”

I heard him mumble something like he wanted me to show him some more of my sexy moves. I turned and looked at him. He said he will need those papers and email in 15 minutes. I walked out of his door and quickly got the file folder he needed and printed out the emails.

My cellphone rang, I answered, “Hello?” My best friend screamed in my ear about how upset she was that I fucked her b*****r. All I could do is laugh at her and tell I would call her on my break. When I hung up, Mr. Spencer was standing behind me looking over my shoulder. I could feel his breathe on my exposed neck. The tiny hairs on my neck were standing on end, when he said that I smelled really nice.

I handed him his papers and said thank you, sir. “I’ll be out of the office most of the day, get yourself together and we will have dinner. I need to go over a new project that I want you to work on” He said as he headed out the door. I smiled largely and could feel my nipples grow very hard, just knowing he was looking down onto my chest. I made a mental note, to keep a change of clothes in my car, for if this was to happen again I will not be under dressed.

Once I sat at my desk and worked on his mail and email, the phone rang. It was his friend Mr. Broadman. I told him what Mr. Spencer had told me. Mr. Broadman said that he can’t wait to meet with me tonight at dinner. “Oh? You’re going to dinner with us? He didn’t tell me that.” That’s all I could get out of my mouth, when I heard him chuckle.

He excused himself for laughing, then said he will be by to pick me up from the office at 5. He then said Mr. Spencer will meet us at the Vianno’s around 6pm. I told him I can’t wait to meet him and see him then. We hung up, I could feel my juices building between my legs. His voice was so deep and sexy, and if he looked anything like my boss, she’d be sure to be having cum drip down my legs.

I had my lunch then called my friend Cindy, to tell her that her b*****r and I are grown adults and we can fuck if we want to. I then told her, he was so nice and crazy at the same time. She then asked if I would tell her more. “Like what? How big his cock is, where we fucked, how many times we fucked?” She said yes, please. I giggled and told her all about him.

Cindy told me she has always had a fascination to have sex with him. She said she remembers having to take showers with him, when growing up. They always had touched each other, but when her boobs started to form, the showers quit. I told her I didn’t know that, until now. She was shocked when I told her how long and thick he was. I then told her he made me cum quickly when he licked my clit. She let out a moan and said she will have to talk with him, about fucking her bestie.

We hung up after talking about last night and her messing around with the bouncer. I continued on with my work chores, had lunch and just cleaned up the offices until it was time to leave. At 4:45 the phone rang, it was Mr. Broadman. He said he was in the lobby. I gathered my things and rode the elevator down. When the doors opened, there was a man standing with a pair of tight jeans, work boots and a blazer. He had dark brown hair, touching his shoulders.

He turned around and asked if I was Lori. I said yes as he took my hand to shake. I felt the heat rise in between my legs again and the butterflies flutter in my belly. He e****ted me to his 4 wheeled drive truck and helped me in. I had to lift my knee length skirt up over my knees to get in the truck. “Mr. Spencer said you were at the club last night.” I said with a smile. “Did you enjoy yourself, Mr. Broadman?” He smiled with a grin and said yes.

As we drove to the restaurant, he told me that he could watch me dance anytime of the day. I blushed as he touched my shoulder and ran his hand down my arm. My pussy twitched with excitement. He looked over to me and winked when I moved closer to his side. “I hope you don’t mind me moving over?” I asked. He lifted his arm to be around my shoulders and tugged me closer.

“I don’t normally do things like this, but for some reason I’m very comfortable being here with you,” I said. Mr. Broadman said, “My name is Matthew, you can call me Matt; I’m pleased that you are comfortable. May I ask why you feel this way?” “I’m very turned on by the way touched me, and helped me into the truck. Your hands are so big and I can just tell from the way your suit coat fits, you have big muscles.” I had a bright pink hue on my face, when I said that.

“I can show you my muscle, if you really want to see,” Matt said. I giggled before he caught what he just said. “I mean muscles.” He said with a big grin. I reached for his leg, squeezed his thigh and could feel his head throb through his pants. Matt reached further down my jacket and felt for my right breast. I shifted for his access. The horny mood I’m in, I needed to feel his strength on me.

“Mm,” I moaned as he touched the tip of my nipple. It didn’t take me long and I was rubbing his the tip of his head. I looked up to see him smile and let out a slight sigh. With that he made a quick right turn into a parking lot. Matt found a spot at the end away from traffic and parked. “Are we here?” I asked. “No, but you have me so fucking hard, I’m ready to blow my head. You’re nipple is hard and perky, I want to just suck it. May I?” Matt asked.

I unbuttoned my jacket and revealed my plump breasts with the lacey bra. I grabbed his hand to touch my breast. When the man grabbed me, I felt myself cum. My inner thighs are now very wet and I want nothing more than to have him take me in so many ways. Matt bent over and sucked my nipple thru the material. I cooed and tilted my head back as he squeezed and sucked on me. My hand was stroking his cock.

He lifted his head to look at me, then began to unzip his pants. He freed his long thick cock, when I quickly took it in my hand. I rubbed the tip of his head, then long strokes up and down his shaft. It was his turn next, to tilt his head back. As he was releasing his breath I leaned over to take his cock into my mouth. His hand gently rubbed the back of my head as I took all of him into my throat.

“Damn woman!” Matt released through his teeth. I sucked his cock with great strength, that his pre-cum came quickly. I moaned as I swallowed. “Lori, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop. He cried. I lifted up to look at him with hunger in my eyes. “I know what we need to do, let me call Stuart and tell him we will be running a bit late.” Matt called Mr. Spencer and told him that he needed to stop by his house for an emergency and we will be there shortly.

Next thing I knew, we were pulling into a gated subdivision. The houses were big and beautiful. We turned into Matt’s driveway, then the garage door opened. I swear the garage is the size of a barn, to house his truck. He turned the vehicle off, opened his door with his limp dick just barely poking from the opening of his pants and helped me out of his truck. He held my hand and led me to his bedroom.

We didn’t say much to each other as we helped each other from our clothing. Matt kissed me as he ran his fingers over my nipples that grew hard. I did the same as I felt his dick grow to the length I took into my mouth once before. I moaned wanting to have his hands touch my wetness. I spread my legs enough for him to feel the heat. Quickly as he just barely touched my clit, I began to cum.

“Mm you feel nice and wet.” He moaned and smiled. I could feel the hunger grow deep within me. I kissed him again and said I want to have him buried deep inside me. Matt groaned and said, “Yes, I want you too.” He then lifted me into his arms and walked me to his bed. He lay me on my back and kissed my lips on down my neck to my chest. He kissed and sucked each nipple until they were so hard I could poke his eyes out.

His kisses made their way to the hood of my clit. He blew a hot breath on my clit, then spread my lips wide as he licked me just with the tip of his tongue. I shook, then grabbed the hair of his head and pulled him to be closer. My legs spread as wide and as far apart as I could get them. Matt held one leg down with one hand and the other was rubbing my pussy. His tongue licked my nub, then traced my dripping hole.

“Oh my gosh!! Please give me your dick, Matt” I let out with eagerness. Matt slid a finger deep inside my pussy. He fingers slid in and out as he licked and sucked me. I began to moan and my body began to quake as I had my first orgasm. “Give me your cum, give it to me,” he growled as I came with convulsions.

Matt sucked my cum from me and continued with his fingers sliding in and out. I relaxed some, when Matt slid his body back to kissing my nipples, then working his throbbing cock to my moist and heated opening. His dick was just barely inside my opening, before he inched his way in. I was panting and pulled him to be inside me with my legs wrapped around his waist.

Matt said he will be inside soon enough, to just lay there and enjoy. He was on his knees between my legs, his hands rubbing and teasing my nipples. I licked my lips as I watched him enjoy his playing. “Do you know how badly, I want to suck your cock?” I said licking my lips. “In due time, you will be able to suck me into your throat again, my dear lady.” Matt replied, then slid his cock in further.

Finally he was buried in me up to his balls. He took his time pumping into me, working me to another orgasm. The man fucked me in such a way that I had never experienced, slow, fast, faster and harder than slow making sure he rubbed my g-spot with his hard head. I came many times working up to having another orgasm.

I told Matt to roll over and let me fuck him. He liked that idea and held onto me and rolled over. I got my position and pumped his length. Matt watched my pussy grab his slick dick with each movement. He moaned as I lifted off, then slid back down. When I turned myself around to let him see my cute ass, the man let out a cry that he was enjoying his view.

I bent forward, grabbed my ankles and road his cock hard. I had myself going in a great way, which I screamed as I had another orgasm. Cum was running down his cock and balls, making a huge mess everywhere. Matt pulled me to lay on his chest and continued with sliding his cock in me.
Matt's phone rang again, sure enough it's Mr. Spencer. Matt answered being out of breath. "Where are you two?" I could hear. "Are you fucking my assistant?" Mr. Spencer asked. Matt told him that we will be there in a half hour to have another drink or two. Then hung up. I rolled off of him and looked at his cock, before going down to lick my cum from him. I sucked his length to his balls.

The man grabbed his balls and fed them to me. They are too big for me to take both of them at once. I sucked each one with gentle pressure then I finally was giving him a hard suction, which he begged to bury himself in me to release his cum.

"Oh god YESSS, fill me please." I smiled and said. Matt got on his knees, bent me over to be on my knees and rammed his cock in me. He slid in with great ease. "OH" he moaned as I felt his cock get harder as he's ready to explode. A few more times of slapping my ass with his body and he was filling me full. The hot ribbons of his sex was burning my insides. I had a huge smile on my face knowing that, this hot hunk of a man just filled me with his seed.

Matt grabbed my tits as he slumped over my back. He pinched, pulled and massaged my plump breasts. We stayed like this for a short moment, then collapsed on his bed. Matt pulled me to be close to him, kissed me and said we could be great friends. He then told me, that he has been with a lot of women, but never had one that came as much as I have.

With that, his fingers were playing in my cum filled pussy. I stroked his limp sticky cock a bit, then went to move back down to suck him some more. He stopped me and said we have to do dinner first. We kissed as his fingers were playing in our cum. I laughed and told him to stop or we would never make it to dinner.

Matt stopped, pulled his fingers to my lips and I sucked the cum from them. I smiled seductively and said how much I want to suck the cum from his cock. "Mm that sounds like fun" Matt replied.
We got ourselves cleaned up and dressed and was back on the road in less than ten minutes. I know I smelled of sex, but I really didn't care. I had some cologne in my purse. Matt sprayed some of his cologne on before leaving the house. He said he didn't want to be too obvious, with a chuckle.

As we got out of the truck, I quickly sprayed some cologne and we walked into the restaurant. Mr. Spencer was waiting patiently. He stood up, shook Matt's hand and gave me a glare with a spark in his eyes. We sat as the waiter took our drink order. Matt and Mr. Spencer began chatting about me and my dancing last night. I began to blush, then Matt said that I fucked like I was dancing.
I excused myself from the table. As I walked away Matt said for me not to be gone for too long.

When I came back from the restroom, I came from behind Mr. Spencer and listened to him ask if my pussy was tight when I fucked? Matt looked up a bit and seen me. "Yes she's tight, her pussy grabbed a hold of my cock, tightly. She rode my dick and came more than most women ever do."

"Hmm" Mr. Spencer said, then asked, "Do you think she would fuck me in my office?" Matt laughed as I touched Mr. Spencer and said, "I've been hoping you'd ask me to fuck you. Every morning since I started working for you, my panties get wet just thinking of you taking me in your office and sliding your hard cock deep inside me." Both of the men got huge smiles on their faces.

"Let's hurry and eat, because I'd love to fuck both of you tonight," I said with a horny look on my face. We ordered our meals, ate and flirted with our food. Matt kept ordering me more wine. "Honey, you already know I'm a sure thing. You don't need to get me d***k." I kiss him on the cheek and giggle.

Mr. Spencer paid the tab, as Matt and I use the restroom. Once in the parking lot, I got into Matt's truck, Mr. Spencer said for us to go to his place. I was so horny that I bent over to open Matt's pants and began to suck his cock. He moaned loudly and said he's about ready to cum. "Mm, I want to have your cum, I want to taste you." I mumbled with his cock still in my mouth.

A few moments later, Matt spooed his load in my throat. I continued sucking him keeping him hard. While I was still sucking, the cell phone in the truck rang. Matt answered knowing what was going to come through. "Is she sucking your fucking cock?" Mr. Spencer said with a jealous voice. "Yep, she sure is. She's already swallowed my load and she's keeping me hard with her tongue. She wants us hard to fuck her all night." Matt replied.

We will see you in a bit, I'm going to stop and pick up some brew...

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Cool story! You must be so much fun ;)