The day with the Paramedic

I’m ready to start a new me, by painting a few rooms in my house. I’m up on the ladder my phone rings. I reach into the pocket of my paint shirt to get my phone. I answer to “Hey Shelly, what’s up?” She goes on to tell me how she’s coming into town this weekend and wants to get together. I tell her about this hot new club that I’ve been going to. She asked about the atmosphere and if there’s any hot men. I laughed and told her that I’ve picked a few up and had some hot sex.

“Shelly, I’m glad you’re coming in town, where are you going to stay? I hope you are saying my place”, I said. Then she said she was hoping to do just so. I’m all excited and almost fell off the ladder. I gripped my toes on the step and told her I would call her when I was finished with her room. As we hung up, I lost my balance and fell off the ladder.

I laid on the floor laughing at my stupidity, and then tried to get up. I put pressure on my foot to stand up and felt pain rush up my leg. I tried a different way to get up and still felt the pain. “I guess I’ll call 911, for someone to check me out” I tell myself. I dialed the number and told the lady what happened. She asked if my front door was unlocked. I said no, but the kitchen door is open. The paramedics will have to come into my back yard to get to the door.

A few minutes later, in comes two paramedics. A lady and a fit and trim nice looking guy, carrying his medic box, came into the room. The lady took my information, while the guy took to bl**d pressure and listened to my heart beat. He then asked what was going on. I told him how I was on the ladder and lost my balance. “I tried to stand back up and felt a rush of pain shoot up my leg, that’s when I called for help” looking into his eyes.

The paramedic looked at me, and then ran his hand down my leg to my left foot. I saw his smile when he touched my thigh. He held my foot with gentleness and felt around for broken bones. He turned my foot a bit to make sure my ankle wasn’t dislocated. After his attention was on my foot he looked up and said, “It looks as if you have just a sprain. I’m going to wrap it and help you up to a chair.”

He finished with the wrapping and helped me stand up, to hobble to the couch. “You might want to call your doctor and see if you can see him for x-rays” the guy said. “Thank you for coming” I said as they left out the front door. I called Shelly back right away and told her that her room may not be finished, due to me be clumsy. She just laughed and said she would help me finish it. We chatted for a bit longer about all the things she wants to do.
After a nap, I got up to use the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and realized I had seen the paramedics in my paint shirt and nothing else. Oh Boy I thought to myself, that guy got an eyeful I’m sure. I finished and headed back for the couch, when the doorbell rang. I hobbled over and opened to see the paramedic.

“I must have left my stethoscope here” he said with a twinkle in his eye. I opened the door more for him to come in. He introduced himself as Kevin. I turned quickly to follow him towards the back bedroom. “I must apologize for my house being so messy. I’m on vacation for the next two weeks and I’m trying to change things up a bit” I said as he waited for me to lead him thru the mess. I got into front of him and blushed when I got a good look at his tight ass.

I opened the door to the half painted room. Kevin looked around and found his stethoscope lying next to the ladder. I gasped as he bent over to pick it up. “MMM” I moaned. Kevin turned around and asked if I was okay. I could only nod at the moment.

I went to open my mouth, when Kevin began to say he could finish painting for me. I looked at him and said he didn’t have to, that my girlfriend Shelly was coming in and said she would finish for me. Kevin said things would be much nicer for her, if the room was already finished. He then put a finger on my lips to hush me up. I shrugged my shoulders and told him to go for it. I asked him if he’d like an iced tea. He answered with a quick yes.

When I came back in the bedroom, I almost dropped his glass. Kevin had his shirt off and hanging on the door knob and was up on the ladder painting already. I stood and watched him with long strokes of paint going up and down the wall. Kevin turned to me and told me I needed to rest my foot. I handed him his glass, waited while he took a long drink and then I sat on the bed. I moved the pillows around to prop myself up and to elevate my foot.

I could feel the juices building up in my pussy. The muscles in his back flexed with each stroke. I imagined me running my fingers over his tight muscles as they found their way to his lower half. I reached over to my iPod and turned on some tunes. AI put on my sex session tunes. Some of the songs were for fun, some were to get things heated up; slow dance music for getting closer, then just a variety of good jazz. Kevin began singing along when the first song came on. He said he liked songs from the past.

I watched him wiggle his sweet ass as he moved to the music. He wasn’t really paying much attention to me, so I was able to reach between my legs and rub my hot mound. I closed my eyes as I rubbed hard into the slit of my pussy. I moaned louder, and then stopped quickly when I heard him ask if I was okay. I stopped and said “yes, I’m just enjoying my view.” I blushed as he turned towards me. “Oh really?” the hot sweaty man said to me.

“I can’t resist seeing a man half naked in my house work” I said while touching myself again. Kevin laughed and asked me to pour some more paint into the pan he was using. I got to my feet and walked over to him. I could have bent down forward, but I wanted him to see my ass, so I bent down making sure my shirt lifted above my waist. I heard the man moan when he got a good view of my ass. I stood letting my shirt lay the way it wanted to.

I lifted the paint can to pour the paint, knowing that my shirt was exposing my shaved pussy. I could feel his eyes staring at my form. I stepped away as he did the trim work around the ceiling. When a good dance tune came on, I asked if he’d like to dance with me. Kevin looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said he’d love to. He held me in his arms as we swayed to the music. His hands worked their way down my backside to touch my ass. He lifted my shirt up and grasped ahold of my cheeks. Gentle squeezes from his big hands made my pussy clinched tight, so my pussy juice wouldn’t slither down my thighs.

I followed his lead and grabbed his ass. I moaned as I nuzzled into his chest when he pulled me tighter. I could feel his thick cock grow harder in his pants. I pulled slightly away to look into his eyes. The hunger of sex filled his facial expressions, along with mine. Kevin moved his mouth closer to mine to kiss me. Open mouthed kisses made me so much hornier. The moaning coming from the both of us, drowned out the music we’d been dancing to.

We somehow managed to dance our way to the bed, when Kevin began to unbutton my paint shirt. My nipples were hard with the excitement of having attention, other than my own hands. When I broke up with my last boyfriend, I haven’t had any sexual relations in a few months. I needed to find myself, again. My shirt was pulled off of my arms as Kevin kissed my neck and shoulders. His kisses were making my toes curl. His hands cupped my breasts and massaged and kneaded each one.

I began to unbuckle his belt, wanting to have his stiffness in my hands. I lowered his pants and massaged his cock thru his blue silky boxer shorts. The moan from him came from deep down. “Oh, your hands feel so good” as he moaned in my ear. “I know what will feel much better than my hands” as I sat on the bed to take him in my mouth. I licked the tip of his head and cradled his balls in the palm of my hand.

I rolled his balls in between my fingers, all the while licking his long cock. I worked my tongue to his balls and began to suck each one and then sucking so much I was just able to put both of them in my mouth. I know I must have looked like a hamster with my jaws full. Kevin pulled my head closer to him as I deep throated his cock. I could feel my pussy growing with anticipation that I had to finger my wetness.

Kevin seen what I was doing, and then lifted my hand to taste my drippy fingers. He smiled when he finished with each finger. He pulled from my mouth and said it was his turn to do the licking. I leaned back on my elbows to allow him to kiss his way down my torso. He kissed and sucked each nipple, and then he’d blow a cool breeze to watch them grow more. I could feel my pussy ache with each kiss, he applied to my body.

Kevin got to the top of my clit and just barely worked his tongue in for a little taste. He spread my pussy to reveal how wet I really was. My pussy was glistening with so much moisture; he didn’t waste any time before diving in with his tongue. Sucking, then licking, then more sucking made me come again. As I gasped for a deep breath, he had inserted his middle finger into my very wet opening. I gasped again, this time with a smile.

“Oh Kevin, please!” I said loudly. “Please, what?” he questioned me. “I want more of you inside me, please Kevin. I feel like I’m ready to explode and want you to help me get there.” My eyes rolled to the back of my head and back again, as another thick finger made its way deeper in me. He fingered my pussy until I had just about all I could handle, and then his mouth went down to suckle my clit. I couldn’t handle the feeling and had let my orgasm explode all over him.

The fingering got faster along with his sucking on my clit and pussy. I began to beg him for him to enter me. Kevin pulled me further on the bed, kneeled next to my face for me to suck him to a thick state. When he was extremely hardened, he pulled from my mouth and lifted my legs to enter my wet pool. His big thick head struggled at first, but was able to slide in. I let out a loud cry as he pulled from me, and then entered again and again, each time getting deeper. Oh the feelings I’ve never experienced such pleasure. Kevin leaned down to slip his tongue in my mouth, and then kiss me in such a passionate way. The way he was making love to me, felt like he hasn’t had a partner in a long time, either.

Kevin pulled from me, and then rolled onto his back. He pulled me to straddle him backwards. My pussy accepted his length. He then pulled me to lie on his chest, so he could hold my tits and continue with sliding in and out of my pussy. “Mmm, I can’t tell you how good this feels” I whisper to him. With that, Kevin pulled my legs together and lifted them high. His dick was filling and extracting from me, faster.

With him pumping his thickness in my pussy, Kevin moaned in my ear, “You feel so damned good and tight.” I turned my head to get a glimpse at him and moaned back on how good he feels. I lifted off of him, to turn straddle and face him. I slid my pussy down his eight inch cock. My pussy just opened up to accept all of him. I moaned as his cock rubbed past my g-spot. Once I was in position I lifted up and down on him. I came hard letting my come drip down his cock and onto his balls.

Kevin rolled me off of him and instantly went back to my pussy to lick me. I lifted and spread my legs for his access. I begged Kevin for his fingers again. Not one or two this time, but he inserted three. He fucked my pussy and licked my clit, until I had another orgasm. This time I began to squirt. The surprise on his face was priceless, “I’ve never had a woman squirt for me.” Then he went right back to sucking my clit.

Kevin then trailed his kisses back up my torso, stopping at each tit. Pulling, tugging, pinching and sucking each one. I reached down to stroke his cock while he toyed with my nipples. Kevin seen the hunger look in my eyes knowing that I want to suck his cock some more. He turned to be on top for us to 69. I gagged on his length at first, but got used to him tickling my tonsils. I bucked my lower half as he fingered my pussy hard.

The more I bucked, the more he fucked my face. I pulled away to cry out as I was ready to come once again. Kevin quickly turned to fill my pussy with his cock. Once his thick head entered me, I came hard and loudly. I pulled his ass to be balls deep in me. Kevin smiled and asked if he could come in me. I nodded yes, being winded from the last orgasm. Kevin fucked me faster and harder until he began to fill me with his load.

I hugged Kevin as he panted heavily on my chest. The sweat was pouring from his head. I kissed his forehead as he continued pumping his come in me. When Keen pulled from within me, his come was still seeping from him. I quickly leaned forward to suck the remaining come. Both of us moaned again, and then collapsed on the bed.

Kevin closed his eyes as he caught his breath, and then wrapped his arms around me. I rubbed his muscular chest, paying attention to his taught nipples. I circled his nipples, and then pinched them to see how he would react. Just when I began to move down his chest, he grabbed me and said not to go. I continued down his chest and began to lick each of his nipples. The man moaned when I sucked one on. A smile grew on his face as I moved my lips down further. I licked and kissed my way down his happy trail, until I reached the tip of his still hard dick. I was happy to see he was still hard. I fingered and toyed with his nicely curved dick. I laid my head on his hips and watched the reaction of the muscles that flexed his dick.

Kevin had slid his hands into my hair and pulled my face over to take him into my mouth. I didn’t need much of his coaxing, I was already stroking his dick, and then I just barely took his head in between my lips. I began to suck just his head, and then slowly took more and more of him, until he was tickling my tonsils. I could feel my own nipples grow harder. I pinched one as I was holding his cock with the other.

Kevin moved himself up the bed to be in the sitting position. I got up on my knees and turned so he could play with my pussy and ass. As soon as I was in his reach, a quick slap was applied on my ass cheek, then another to share the sting. “Ooh, that was a surprise.” I said as I pulled away from his dick. “Do you like to be spanked? Do you want to be spanked? “Kevin said with a nasty smile.

“I feel dirty, like a young girl who’s gotten into trouble, “I quietly said as I turned to kiss his lips. Then I straddled his waist and slid my wet wanting pussy down on him. We both let out an “Oh” as I twisted to get him settled deep. I put my hands on his chest and lifted myself up and off his dick, then slid back down again. The next time, I lifted just until his head was just barely out of my entry, and then slowly back down. Kevin helped me to move faster, by holding my ass cheeks in his hands.

My first coming oozed from my pussy and down to his balls. Kevin smiled and said “I’ve never had a woman come as much as you do.” “I come all the time; I finger my clit, or insert a toy deep inside… I come” as I kiss him. Kevin pulls my face closer to his and kisses me, all along with him pumping his length in and out of my pussy. Kevin’s hand shift to my tits then begins to suck on a nipple. I lift from his dick and work my way around to have my ass in his face, as I suck my come from his dick and balls.

Kevin slapped my ass and spread my cheeks to see my tight opening. He slides his finger over my opening, down to my wet pussy then back to my ass. A finger works its way in. “Oh god, yes!!” I yelled, and then before I could ask for another, Kevin had another finger inserted. “Mm mm, that feels so good, are you going for a third?” I asked in a naughty way. “Three fingers? You want another finger in that tight opening?” He said. “Yes, please finger me and make me come again. I not only want to feel your fingers, but I’d really like to feel your thick cock in my ass.” Looking over my shoulder with a smile.

He then got to his knees, slapped my ass a few more times before spreading my cheeks for his tongue licked me. I put my ass high in the air for him to see that I’m hungry and wanting him to be in me, some more. Kevin spit in his hand, slathered his dick and just rested the head of his cock in my opening. Gentle pushes as his head works its way in. I rocked back and forth for him to push more in me.

Kevin took my rocking as an initiative and pushed himself further in, then slid most of the way back out. I was crying for him to fuck me harder. “Slow fucking is the best, until I’ve worked your ass to accept all of me,” he said. I rocked more and more until Kevin was balls deep in me. Kevin then worked his way to be standing over me and is now sliding with ease in and out of my ass. I began to fingering my pussy until I was ready to come again. He pulled out and had his face in my pussy licking my pussy then my ass. His thick fingers were in and out of both holes, until I couldn’t stand not having his in my ass again. Kevin lay on his back as I wiggled my ass on his dick. I fucked his dick, and then he bucked into me faster. When he was ready to come, he filled my ass, and then continued with filling my pussy. He held me on his chest as his dick pulsed in my filled pussy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been with somebody who comes as much as you do,” I panted out. I turned my head to look him in the eyes, and then kissed him some more. When I rolled off his chest, Kevin rolled on top of me and kissed me passionately. Our sweat mingling with each other as we kissed for a long time before we fell asl**p.

A couple of hours passed, I woke to a finger tracing my left nipple. Kevin was smiling as he made it hard. I watched him tease my nipples, then he sucked and kissed both of them, then he worked his kisses down my torso to the hood of my clit. Slowly he spread my legs further apart, while his fingers were sliding in and out of my wet pussy. He blew a cool breeze on my swollen pussy lips, and then spread them to see the little remains of his come still inside my canal. I gentle breeze of his breath made me twitch.

Kevin spread my legs further apart, and then lifted my legs over his shoulders. He said he needs to examine my swollenness to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. I giggled and tugged on my hardened nipples as he fingered my now really wet pussy. When he felt that his finger was wet enough, he then slid that finger deep in my ass.
We both moaned at the feelings we had. Kevin lifted me further up his chest, so my pussy was under his stubble of his chin. He licked and sucked my nub until I was bucking from me coming. Fingers and his tongue were playing in my pool of come. I begged for him to feed me some of my come, from his fingers. I smiled as his fingers entered my mouth.

“Oh Kevin, please fill my pussy with your cock, I’m ready for you.” I begged. Kevin stood up again, pulling my legs with him, as I rested on my shoulders. His dick slid in my ass with more ease, than the first time. In and out, in and all the way out, then back in again. I fingered my pussy as he got a good rhythm going. I looked up to him, to see a huge smile on his face. I blew a kiss to him as he fucked my ass harder.

“Come in me, fill me pull of your hot come!!” I screamed to him. “Uh OH” he moaned as his ribbons of come filled my ass. So much come filled me and trickled down my back. Kevin started to pull from my ass, when I begged his to pump me a few more times. He did as asked until his dick couldn’t stay in any longer. “Come here, lay next to me” Kevin whispered as he put his arm around me. We snuggled close to each other the rest of the night.

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7 months ago
it would be fun to play it out.
7 months ago
Damn that was a great story.. Thank you. My cock is throbbing from reading that