Jodie meeting Jeff

Mom called the store looking for me, while I was having lunch with John. Julie talked with her about all of us having dinner sometime soon, just the girls. I looked at Julie with the "really" eyes. I knew what mom wanted, and I wasn't really thrilled about chatting with her. I told Julie that her and daddy's divorce is over and she's feeling empty.

Julie said she seen my mom with a nice looking man the other day. She said mom looked great and the guy was all over her. I asked Julie if they were acting like a set of teenage k**s making out. Julie laughed and said yes to a certain extent. She said mom had a tight dress with a slit up to there on her left side and the front was very low cut. I asked Julie if the dress was bright blue and sleeveless.
A nod and a question came to me from Julie, how did I know? I told Julie that dress was mine. I let her borrow it for a fundraiser and she never gave it back. Mom had told me she feels slutty in it and she liked it.
Julie understood my sarcasm and attitude. I excused myself away to the office to call my mom.

When the answering machine came on, it sounded like her and the man she is living with just got done having sex. I left a message and told her I didn't have time to talk on the phone today, but for her to come in and visit. I hung up and called John's office. Jodie answered, I asked how she was feeling today. She said much better and thanked me for letting her stay. I told her she can stay again tonight if needed.

Jodie told me that John said the same thing. We both giggled. She put me thru to John. He answered in a tone of voice that he was mad about something. I asked if everything was ok, when he snapped quickly and said his friend's son was in jail for trying to break into one of the sex shops. I asked which one, he said it was the one in the next town. John said he was really pissed at Jeff, for bailing his son out of jail from the last burglary.

I told John that I was sorry to hear about his friend. John asked if something was wrong, for me to call him mid morning. I told him about my mom, that it pisses me off that she's acting the way she has been. I then told him that mom had that blue dress that I loved so much on and she was acting like a slut in it. John purred when I mentioned the blue dress.

John said he would get me another dress like that, but only ruby red and the slits will be on both sides. I smiled and he could hear the excitement in my voice. I can't wait, I told him. But I need some place to wear it. In our own home doesn't count, I need to feel the men looking at me with drool dripping from their mouth's and their women being jealous, that they can't look as good as I do.
A loud chuckle came from John and my mom. She'd been standing in the doorway listening to me. I told John I had to go for now and will see him later for dinner. I asked if we were still going out, he said yes and will text me where to meet him.

I look up to mom and pretty much scowled at her for wearing my dress and acting like a slut in it. Mom said it was all for fun and that the man she was with had paid her $500 to stay the night with him. My eyebrows raised as I screamed she was a whore. Mom covered my mouth and said that Tom her now boyfriend, approved of her doing this. It was Tom's dad and he'd been needing a woman to be on his side for business purposes.

Business? Mom said Tom and his dad were in a contract with some company and another big company wanted to be in on this deal. His dad said he needed a sexy woman to be on his side for the meeting at the nice hotel by the airport. The dining room was filled with the bigwigs from different companies, he couldn't go alone. Mom said they got along so well, that they had been seeing each other in secret.

I told her that Julie had seen her making out with him on the street the other day. Mom looked surprised, then said to me, she's acting like her daughter. I told her I never took money from any man. Mom then told me that she finally told Tom about the extra affair she'd been having. Tom smiled at her and said he knew all about it, then they fucked. Who fucked? Mom said all three of them did. Tom, her and his dad Tom Sr.

Nice, I said. Mom said it's awesome to have two men in the bed with her. I laughed and said now she knows how I felt at the time I was fucking daddy and Brian at the same time. Mom then said that Tom Sr is the age of her own father and she sees where i found excitement from that. Mom and I chatted a bit when Julie came in and said Suzanne came to work. Mom said the three of us need to do lunch.

We walked to the local pub, ordered some drinks and had lunch. John sent me a text telling me where dinner was tonight. He then asked if I knew of someone who could come along and go on a blind date. I asked for who, then he said Jeff. I stepped away from the table and called John. He said that Jeff and his wife were going through a divorce and his son Mike was acting out to get attention.

John made Jeff to be this nice looking man, muscular, tall brown haired and clean shaved. I told him I would ask Suzanne, then I said for him to ask Jodie. She needs to get out and meet new people. Tell her she can raid my closet if she needs to. We hung up and I joined mom and Julie talking about the new toys we got the other day.
We finished up with lunch, then headed back to the store. Mom kissed me on the cheek and left. I was happy for her to leave. Julie said that her and my mom are going to hit the town this weekend. I told her to have fun and don't let mom make her pay for everything. She has two men who can give her play money.

When I finished with the video wall, my phone rang. It was Jodie, she was at the condo and didn't know what dress to wear. I told her to get the little black dress with the lacey bottom and to grab a pair of heels. John pulled the dress out for her. Jodie talked to me while she changed. John zipped her dress, then told her to get a move on. I hung up with them and walked into the restaurant.

The waiter took me to the table where Jeff was sitting. He stood up as he helped me into my seat. We chatted until John and Jodie, shown up. Dinner came for us to eat. As we sat talking about life, a slow song being played; John asked me to dance. We walked to the dance floor and snuggled tightly. John kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, that Jeff was hoping to get lucky tonight. When I looked over to the table, Jodie and Jeff were kissing.

John and I finished the dance, went to the table and asked if they were ready to leave. They answered quickly as they stood up. Jodie grabbed my arm as we walked to the door. She said she's going home with Jeff tonight. Jodie said that they had a lot in common and can't wait to be with him. I gave her a hug and said to have fun and to make sure she gives me all the details tomorrow.

John and I both drove back to the condo. John came to my car to help me with my bags. He asked what I had in these. I told him there was things that Jodie was going to need for her new place, shaving cream for him and me, and many other personal items. John said to me in the elevator that he wants to shave my pussy next time. I told him tomorrow he can, but tonight I just wants to finish with what they started last night.

After walking to the bedroom, John stripped his clothes and headed for the shower. I heard the water shoot out of the faucet, then heard John moan as the hot water hit his backside. I got undressed and joined him. We soaped each other in the foamiest soap, making sure we spent time on each other's parts. John had me turn around while he soaped up my ass, he then soaped his dick up, then worked his way in my ass.

John lifted one leg up to get in all the way. I moaned with pleasure as he filled me with his length. His balls slapping my pussy was making me more excited. I cried out that I wanted more of him. John kissed my neck, then bit my shoulder as he fucked my harder. Just before he was ready to cum, he pulled from me, rinsed himself off then led us to the bedroom. I told John I had the fireplace lit.

He then grabbed the down-feather blanket and me to head to the living room. John squatted down still holding me and the blanket. We kissed as he ran his fingers over my erect nipples. My hands were stroking his cock and balls, before he worked his kisses down my torso to begin to lick my pussy. I grabbed John's hair as I moaned with the cumming he gave me from just his tongue.

John kissed his way back to my lips before he slid his body up for me to suck his very hard cock. I took him slowly in my mouth. I sucked and licked him, until he was just to the brink of exploding in my mouth. John said his cum is for my pussy, tonight. He backed down to my pussy again, licked me for a short bit then laid on his back. He asked me to climb on his face and sit with me facing his feet. I tried to bend forward to suck him more, but john wouldn't let me. He said if I sucked him more, he'd cum.

I couldn't help but cry out as I had an orgasm. I filled his mouth in the same fashion as he does to me. He licked and slurped a bit more, before I slid my way down to lick him just to get him rock hard again, then I climbed on top and rode him backwards. I leaned forward just a bit, and John slid his middle finger in my ass. I cooed with being filled with his finger and dick. John then held my waist as I began to ride him faster. I was just about ready to cum, when John told me to get on my knees.

As John slapped my ass, he entered me. John bent forward to kiss me, grab my shoulders and pushed himself in deeper. John made me feel like I was ready to explode. He had three fingers in my ass and his enlarged dick pounding in my pussy. The man let out a loud cry as he had a full orgasm. I felt his cum fill my pussy, when he pulled from my ass. John was laying in my back hunched over panting very hard. As his dick started to relax, I felt his dick and his cum drip from within.

We both collapsed and cuddled with the blanket. sl**p followed shortly after. When I woke up having to use the bathroom, John stirred. I was sitting on the pot, when John came in. His dick was relaxed. He said he need to go next. I cleaned myself up and asked if he wanted to stay in the living room or go back to bed. The livingroom was more romantic. I grabbed our pillows and waited for him to join me under the blanket.

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