I caught mom with Scotty

Oh boy did I come home to a messed up situation. Mom and daddy were in the kitchen yelling and screaming at each, Scotty was in his room watching the whole thing on his video monitor and Brian was in the basement taking a shower. I waved to Scotty and asked what was going on, he said that mom caught daddy and her best friend Ellen fucking in her apartment. Daddy didn't see a problem with it, but mom didn't like the fact that her soon to be ex husband was fucking her best friend on her brand new kitchen table. Daddy said she should be glad to know that the table is strong enough to fuck on and laughed about it. Mom slapped him on the face.

Apparently, daddy was taking some boxes of moms stuff to her place, when Ellen opened the door to let him in. They got to talking about things and one thing led to another and they were fucking. Mom walked in and started to scream at both of them. Daddy pulled his pants up and left in such a hurry, that he didn't notice he lost his wallet out of his pocket. That's why mom was here. She made sure to tell daddy that fucking her best friend wasn't the way to get back at her. Daddy tried to apologize but Ellen needs to do the same.

I left Scotty to his watching and found Brian just getting out of the shower. He was standing in front of the mirror, shaving. No towel wrapped around his waist, just him standing there dripping wet and shaving. I smiled and walked to the door jam and watched him shave. I smiled at him and said that he looked delicious and asked where he was going. He said that he was hoping we could go out dancing after we get some dinner. I said to him, that I want to check out the club that is just down the street from my new store. But first, I need a hot shower.

I began to strip off my jeans and shirt, when Brian turned towards me and unhooked my bra. He reached for my breasts and held them firmly as he kissed my neck and shoulders. Brian knows that this action always gets me going. I reached behind me, for his dick and began to stroke him. I then turned to him, kissed him and lifted my leg to wrap around his waist. Brian then took things in his own way and lifted me to hold me at his waist and gently slid me on his dick. Ads he fucked me standing up, he walked me into the shower and let the hot water run over both of us. At first the water was too hot and I let out a loud scream. Brian reached behind me and shut the water off and continued to hold me against the wall and fucked me til we both came.

Daddy yelled downstairs and said for us to knock the shit off. He knew we were fucking, but when him and mom were fighting, it just wasn't the right thing to be doing. 'cause knowing daddy, he was wishing he was doing the fucking. Brian turned the water back on, then he lathered my hair and my body. He made sure he even shaved my pits, my legs and my pussy. It was so erotic that he had did this. It's been a long time since we did this. When my cleaning was done, Brian and I got dressed and ready to go out for the evening. I went upstairs before Brian, to see daddy at the table drinking a beer. I asked if he was ok, he said that he was fine and that he was to meet Ellen at her house. I wonder if that was such a good idea, I asked daddy if it was. He said that they have agreed on them still meeting, regardless on mom.

Brian and I had left, daddy followed us out of the driveway and Scotty was waiting for Linda to come over for the evening. Brian took me to a quaint little Italian restaurant. The outside made the place look tiny, but once inside it looked large. Round tables with candles and a bottle of wine on each one. We looked around at the different bottles of wine on the shelves and at the paintings from all over the world. The hostess came up to Brian and said our table will be ready in a few moments. I guess he made reservations. We walked to the table he had chosen, it was in the back corner away from all the hustle and bustle, only one other table was near by and no one was there at the time. We sat down next to each other in the booth. Brian poured us each a glass of wine and we talked about mom and daddy, Scotty and Linda and my new store. Our meal arrived, we ate and flirted with each other.

After dinner we ordered a piece of cheesecake with strawberries and cream on the side. Brian had slid his hand under the table and was rubbing my thigh, making sure to run it all the way to my hip. I had uncrossed my legs for a bit easier access. I did the same to him, but I insisted on stopping and tracing the outline of his cock. Brian would smile, then work his hand to my undies. I looked at him and said that he could wait til we are outside, where he could touch and play all he wanted. A smirk and a sigh came from him. We asked the waiter to box the cake and strawberries for us and we paid our bill. Brian was feeling a bit frisky, since we didn't make love after our shower.

As I walked across the parking lot, Brian was behind me to shake it but don't break it. So I shook my ass a little more than usual. I dropped my keys on purpose, so i would have to bend over and show him how short my skirt really was. When I bent over, not bending my knees, my dress crept up to my ass and showed my bare ass cheeks, with the thin gold string in between my ass cheeks. Brian almost dropped the box and whistled loudly. I grabbed the keys and asked if he approved. Brian had a smile from ear to ear and said yes ma'am. He set the cake box on the top of the car and pushed up against the car door. Brian held me ther as he kissed me passionately, running his hands all over my body, then finding his way to my panties.

Brian's fingers had pushed my panties to the side before he slid them into me. He said I was making him crazy horny while I was tracing his dick. I know he gets pretty much the same feeling that I do, when he kisses my neck or traces his fingers on my pussy with my panties on. Brian lifted me to sit on the car hood, spread my legs and fingered me as he kissed me. When I came, his fingers were in both of our mouths. He said that later this evening, I will get the chance to suck my cum from his dick. Brian knows that is one of my favorite things to do. We got into the car and drove to the club.

We walked in and seen a bunch of people dancing on the floor and some on the bar. I told Brian that I'm going to like this place as we walked to the bar to order a drink. I ordered a beer and a shot of strawberry schnapps. Brian did the same. The bartender told me I could get all the shots for free if I would dance on the bar and Brian could get his for free also, if I used the pole. I wasn't turning down free drinks, so the bouncers helped me up on the bar, I walked over to the pole and began to dance in a sultry way. Brian stood right by me, to make sure none of the pervs would grab me.

I lifted my leg and wrapped it around the pole as I swirled around, then lifted myself to be upside down. I held the pole and had spread my legs to a deep "Y". The guys all started to whistle and Brian was smiling largely again. He was shocked that I knew how to do this. When I turned myself around again, I bent down to give Brian a deep kiss with my ass facing the bartender. I think he liked his view and had to touch my pussy. I jumped, but liked it, so I kept kissing Brian. When I stood up, Brian saw the guy touching me and pulled me off the bar. We got our drinks for free, but Brian wasn't very happy with me letting the guy touch me. I asked what his problem was.

Brian said he didn't like the way the bartender was eyeing me and that he looked like bad news. I shrugged the thought off and went to the bathroom. A few girls were in there and said that had a large set of balls to let the bartender touch me. I asked why they said that. One of the girls said that he has ****d some of the girls who get on the bar to dance. Most of all the girls that comes in the bar, makes sure they come in a group or with their boyfriends cause of him. I told them thanks for the advice and told Brian what they said when I came out.

Brian and I had hung around for a little longer, then walked down to my store. I unlocked the door and turned the alarm off as we walked in. I pulled the blinds down and turned on the lights. Brian was impressed on how much stuff I have gotten done. He like the displays of the dildo's and vibrators. I showed him the vibrating tongue and told him Linda has one and likes hers. Brian held it and watched how it moved. Then Brian said he wants to see how it works on me. I giggled as he sat me on the bench. I had straddled the bench for an easier access. Brian moved my panties to the side and put the moving tongue on my pussy. It felt funny at first, a little too hard and too fast. Brian liked to watch how my lips would contract with the thrusts.

I told Brian that his tongue would feel much better, he agreed as he went down on me. Brian licked and licked until I had an orgasm. The fingers went in and made me cum some more. Brian lifted his hand for me to lick each of his fingers clean. I had unzipped Brian"s zipper and began to suck on his thick cock. It didn't take long, before Brian was filling my mouth with his cum. I love when he cums quick, cuz he knows that he will last longer for our next session. We got cleaned up before leaving the store. As we walked out, a few guys started to applaud and yelled out that I gave a nice blowjob. Brian got pissy with me, cuz I didn't close the blinds. I told him I didn't see the problem with that, but he did.

On our way home, Brian had started to fight with me about the blinds. I told him he should be proud that I could give him such a good blow job. Brian shook his head and said that he wasn't happy. I moved away from him and sat by the door, with tears dripping down my face. I said I was sorry, but it didn't seem to matter. When we got to the house, I got out right away and headed for the backdoor. The gate to the pool was open and I could hear laughter and moaning coming from inside the house. As I got closer to the f****y room, I could hear Scotty saying to Linda, that she is going to get the fucking she's been wanting. I got to the sliding door that was already open, to see Scotty standing next to the couch with a very erect dick. I see a hand go out to grab him, then the body lifts up and begins to suck on him.

I walked into an almost dark room to get an up close view of Scotty fucking his girlfriend. When I got closer i realized it wasn't Linda and I turned around to walk back out. Brian was coming up the walkway, when I stopped him from disturbing Scotty. Brian said that he knows who he's fucking and that I'm not going to be very happy. He said Scotty sent him a text and told him to keep me away for a few hours, but things didn't work that way. I walked back in the house quietly and watched the girl give Scotty his blow job. When she finished sucking him dry, Scotty went down on her and began to lick and finger her pussy. I heard her say he did a better job than his father.

With her saying that I knew exactly who he was fucking with, he was going to fuck my mom. They hadn't fucked with each other in a very long time, more than a year ago at least. I stood in the dark and watched them fuck. Scotty turned her over and fucked her ass with no lube, she was saying to him that she likes to be fucked rough. Scotty spanked her ass and rammed himself into her hard, before getting off in her hole. Brian came up behind me and hugged my wais t and said he was sorry.

When Scotty finished fucking my mom, he stood up and walked away from her. He threw her something to clean herself with and headed down the hall to his room. Brian followed him. I turned the light on and clapped in a sarcastic way. I asked her if she was happy that she got to fuck him, or was this a way to get back at daddy. I told her it was just a fucking for him, nothing more than that. Mom turned to me with raccoon eyes (from crying) and her saggy tits and her pooch of a belly. She looked like a washed up whore. Mom put her dress on, no bra or panties and grabbed her shoes to walk out the door. I grabbed her arm and asked why she came back.

Mom said she was pissed because of daddy and Ellen, hooking up. She was also upset because George didn't want to be with her any longer. I asked her why and what has she done, for him not to. Mom said she went to a club with some friends of hers and she ended up fucking three guys in the middle of the bar floor. George walked in and saw her in action. He yelled at her and called her a fucking whore and that they were through. He went back to the apartment and packed his bags. Mom said she had let Ellen stay with her for a few days while the construction crew worked at her house. That's when daddy showed up to talk.

I knew daddy went to talk, but didn't know why. I told mom that her coming over to fuck with Scotty was just wrong. She then through it in my face about me fucking daddy and Scotty. I told her I was 25 yrs old and I can fuck who ever I wanted. Scotty is just 18. I told her she better get the hell out before daddy comes home to see what she had did. Mom said that daddy won't be home tonight, that him and Ellen were having a fuck fest in her house tonight. She had invited a few other couples over and they all were going to fuck. I smiled and said under my breath that he was lucky.

Mom grabbed her purse and keys and stormed out of the house. She must have walked down the street, because I never heard her car. Brian came out and asked me if I was doing alright. I turned to him and said yes. I walked towards him to hug him and to say I was sorry for letting that guy touch me. Brian kissed me, then closed up the sliding door, before leading me to Scotty's room. When I got there Scotty was making sure his fuck session with mom didn't tape. He doesn't need daddy to see what they had did. I told Scotty he needs to take a shower and wash himself good. Brian and I headed downstairs when we heard the shower go on.

Brian lit some candles, while I changed into a silky nighty. I strolled towards my bed with Brian laying under the covers waiting for me. I bent over him and kissed him gently and worked my kisses slowly down his chest. I pulled the blankets down off him and began to slowly suck on his cock and balls. Brian held my head to assist me on my sucking, he would thrust his body towards my head. I would moan as I got a tongue full of precum. Brian lifted my face and pulled to crawl on top of him. I straddled him as I slid on his cock. Slowly I slid down and began to ride. Brian pulled me to kiss him and then went to suck on my nipples. When I had my first orgasm, I lifted from him, turned in the 69 and sucked my cum from his cock. Brian sucked and licked my pussy with delight.

As we were in the 69 position, I heard Scotty come down the steps. I glanced up to see him holding his camera. Scotty got a close up of me giving Brian a blow job, then went up to watch Brian lick my pussy. Brian fingered both my holes until I came again. Scotty said quietly, that he got a great shot of my cum dripping down my pussy lips. Scotty walked into my bathroom for a few minutes, who knows what he was doing in there. When he came back out, Brian and I were in the missionary position. Brian and I were kissing and making love to each other. Scotty got down by Brian's ass and got a close up of him sliding in and out of me and while his balls were slapping me ass.

I told Brian I was ready to cum again, when he pulled out for Scotty to get another viewing. I rubbed my pussy as Brian fingered me with 3 fingers. As I was getting more excited, I stopped rubbing and Brian pulled out as a thick stream shot from my pussy and all over the camera. Brian and Scotty cheered as I squirted on them. Brian went down to lick me some more, before coming up to give me some of my cum, then inserted himself again. We made sensual love to each other until we both climaxed together. Scotty finished taping us and went upstairs for bed. Brian had held me close to him as we went to sl**p.
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loved it a second one part two would be great lol
1 year ago
very good & naughty