Fun at the Farm

Debbie, one of the girls I work with invited me to go horseback riding with her, at her mom's farm. I said that would be fun. So, I got up the next morning, showered and slipped on one of daddy's button down shirts, a pair of skinny jeans and my red cowboy boots. I french braided my hair and put on mascara and eye liner. Brian said I looked hot and he wished he was going with me, to watch my tits flop as I rode that horse. I laughed, kissed him good bye and left for the shop.

When I got to the shop I was surprised it was closed, Debbie said the accident down the street knocked out the power, so the store will be closed for the day. That's cool with me, cuz then I have the whole weekend off, to do whatever I would like. Debbie and I drove to the farm, I was so happy to be away from all the everyday bustle. Debbie shown me around, as she led me to the barn. She said hi to some of the farm hands and gave Luke a big hug. he kissed her cheek and reached out to shake my hand. I said hi and introduced myself. I had to hold my breath as he touched my hand. His hand was big and I knew my breast would fit in it, nicely.

Debbie asked if the horses were saddled as we walked into the barn. Luke said that he was doing just so as we pulled in the drive. We followed Luke into the horse barn. A couple of younger girls were shoveling the horse crap and dirty straw into wheelbarrows and were laughing with their chatter. I was looking around as another set of girls were putting fresh straw down in each stall. Luke told the girls to quit with the crap and get there shit done and get going on with their day. He told Debbie that the girls were doing services for their things they done at the school last week. He wasn't thrilled with babysitting a group of teenagers, who can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Luke finished with the horse I was to ride, he helped me up on the horse. I think he made sure, his hand had touched my ass. It made me feel good and sexy. Debbie led the way out of the stables and headed off for the trails. Once we left the pasture and out into the open fields, Debbie took her shirt off and let her large 44ddd's be free in the hot summer air. I was oogling at her breasts and told her, she had a beautiful set of tits. Debbie looked back at me and told me to take my shirt off, no one is around to see us. So, I did take my shirt off and tied it around my waist. The slight breeze and the warmth from the sun had made my nipples hard.

Debbie slowed down to let me catch up to her, she held her hand out for me. I went to grab her hand, but she insisted on grabbing my right breast. I looked at her as she said that she's always wanted to touch them and to suck on each one. I told her to go ahead with her fantasy if she would like, plus I love when another woman wants to touch my body. We got off our horses and stood in front of each other. We held each others tits and Debbie went right to sucking each of my nipples. She nibbled and squeezed them til I was getting weak in the knees. I wanted to play wiht my pussy so bad, because I knew I was getting very wet in my jeans.

I told Debbie that it was my turn to suck her, but she insisted that she wanted to play and touch my body. As we both undressed in the ibig open field, Debbie told me she was gay and that she has never had the real chance of taking care of another woman's needs. She said she had plenty of butches to pleasure her, but she wants the chance to do the same. I told her that was fine and to have her way with me. Boy did she, she kissed me in a way that I was craving for her touches on my body. Her hands roamed my entire body as she kissed me. She reached out for my hands and spread my arms out and held my hands. She had made sure we were nipple to nipple and made sure her hairy pussy was grinding my sleek shaved pussy.

Debbie, kissed my neck, down to my breasts again, looking up to me to make sure she still had my approval. I held her head and pushed her to go further down on me. As she worked her kissed down south, her hands were spreading my legs. She ran her tongue around my nub, sucked each lip and traced my wet hole. She then worked her kisses to my inner thighs, making me want her even more. I was begging for her to touch my pussy again, I was ready to cum. Debbie went back to my hole and licked and pushed her tongue in as deep as she could. She flicked her tongue around as she played in my pool of cum. I told Debbie to kiss me with a mouthful of cum. Debbie did just as told. She left her tongue out with it covered in my cum and traced my lips with it. I opened my mouth as she kissed me passionately, making sure she gave me everything she had on her tongue.

Debbie reached back down to my pussy and began to finger me, rubbing my nub and shoving 2 fingers deep inside of me. I lifted my legs and spread them wide for her playing. She went to do some more of her luscious tongue work on me as I held her head in my pussy. Debbie had fingered me til I was ready to cum again and again. Debbie asked if I had any problem with her playing with my ass, I shook my head no as she had already stuck he thumb in my asshole. She lifted my legs higher and began to lick my asshole and continue to finger me. Her fingers were in and out of each hole til I was shaking from an orgasm.

I looked at Debbie and told her she was wonderful and tht I want her to work at my new store. I told her where it was going to be. She was excited and said tht was a great part of town for gays, bi's and a whole lot of kinky folk. She said there was one sex shop in that part of town and that we need to go check it out on our way back to the shop. Before leaving the field, I told Debbie, that I need to take care of her. I turned to kiss her and to finger her already dripping wet pussy. She said she was getting off as I was cumming with her licking. I fingered and licked her to her own orgasm. I didn't lick her ass, but I made sure to put 3 fingers deep inside and fuck her like Brian dows to me. As we were getting dressed, I asked her if she has ever been fucked by a man. She told me, that her step dad had ****d her when she was 13. She said in a little way she like it, but when he shoved his dick in her very tiny asshole with no lube, she knew that a man wasn't what she wanted.

I told her, that if she had the right man, she would be treated like a queen. I then told her how I make sure we always use lube when entering my ass. Debbie looked at me and asked how many men have I had fuck me. I told her a bunch, but I prefer the few I have the most fun with. But, I do like to act like a whore once in a while and fuck a bunch of men at one time. I told her that I like gang bangs, and that one of my crazy fantasies, is to have a line of well hung men lined up waiting to be fucked and sucked by me. Debbie smiled and said that she'd like to see that happen. She said she had seen it happen in a video, she said that there were like 30 men waiting to fuck this nasty looking whore. She was getting fucked in every hole at one time.

As we rode back to the stables, I told her that I would like to fuck Luke and to have her watch and join in with us if she would like. She smiled at me and nodded. Luke was waiting for us at the door for the stable. I said hi to Luke and began to walk past him, making sure I grab his ass in his tight jeans. Luke turned around and looked at me, as I was moving my finger for him to follow me. Debbie was leading us to the loft where all the fresh hay was spread everywhere. When Luke got up to the top, I had grabbed him and began to undo his pants. I whispered in his ear that he knew he wanted to fuck me, when he touched my ass before. Luke kissed me and helped me with his pants. His dick hung there semi soft, until I went to my knees to suck on his shaft. He grew hard instantly filling my mouth with his stiffness.

I sucked his dick, trying to swallow as much of him as I possibly could. Debbie was behind me, running her fingers in my crotch and then working my jeans off. The more I sucked him, the faster Debbie was fingering my pussy. I looked to Debbie and asked if she would llike to take a lick at Luke, she shook her head no and began to blush. Luke pushed my head back to sucking him more. I sucked him to his first cumming. I made sure to swallow every drop and continued sucking him to another erection. Luke turned me onto my back and had went in for his own taste of me. He licked and fucked my hole with his tongue. His fingers were in and out of both of my holes. Debbie had moved herself back to watch us fuck.

Luke spread my legs and had slid his luscious dick deep in me, slow at first. Just his head was in and out of my pussy, making me cum. Luke had pulled from me and asked Debbie if she would like to lick my cum. She scrambled over and licked all that she could get, then moved away to watch Luke again. This time he didn't go slow, but with one quick thrust he was inside my wet aching hole. In and out, fucking me harder and harder. It felt like each thrust, his dick grew thicker. I wrapped my legs around his waist, lifting my waist up as he continued fucking me. When he was ready to cum, he asked if he could fill my hole. I smiled big and said yes.

Luke filled me full and continued to fuck my pussy. When he pulled out, he scooted to my mouth and let me wash him clean with my tongue. Debbie crawled over to my dripping pussy and licked and sucked Luke's cum from me. She moaned as she swallowed. She came up with a sloppy wet face and said that his cum was good and bent down to kiss me. the three of us laughed as we talked about our sexual ways. Luke had told us that sometime soon, he'd love to watch us has sex, like we did in the field today. We got dressed and headed towards our cars to leave. Debbie told Luke she would see him again next weekend. He asked about me, but I told him, that I would be working at my new store and that he could come and check the new place out if he's like.

When Debbie and I got back to the store, I told her I had a great time and that we will have to play again. I also told her, that I can arrange for her to be fucked by a nice guy who will take things slow with her and show her that fucking doesn't have to be being ****d. She said she will take me up on that soon, real soon. As I got into my car, I picked up my phone and called Scotty to tell him he has a chance to fuck someone from my store and that I would give him more info later tonight. I could hear the excitement in his voice...

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