Subway Fun

As I sit at the subway depot, waiting to see the construction guys, I'm checking my texts messages. I send a message to Brian and daddy to tell them I got the new store and I'm the new store manager. I'm so excited to be able to have my own employees, to be able to put up the displays that I want.

The depot is started to thin out, most of the afternoon rush is gone. I go to my favorite app on my phone, it's a porn site. I have a membership and some of the video's that Scotty had taken of me, on this site. I was checking out some of my potential new guy friends, looking at their pics of their hard chests and nice dicks. I could feel myself getting aroused, wishing I had this black guy from Indiana. He had his picture of his dick, in his description he is 9 inches long and 3 and half inches in girth. MMMM I think, fill my ass with that big stick.

I was so involved with reading my messages and looking at some of the stories, that I had began to touch myself. First I touch my nipples, they were still hard from the cold wet shirt. I felt my pussy getting wetter as I pinched and gently rubbed each one. I looked around a few times not seeing anyone around. At one time, I had hiked my leg up on the bench and exposed my pussy to the passing trains. I inserted a finger and began to finger fuck myself. I read this story about a girl and her not so mom having sex with the neighbor, it was so hot that I had inserted another finger.

I was beginning to cum when I heard some noises. I looked to my right and there were the guys I was waiting for. Boy, they sure looked hot. Their t-shirts were clinging to their chests and their faded blue jeans were nice and tight. I licked my fingers as they came closer to me. One of them came over to me and asked if I was waiting for them. I had a nasty smile on my face and said yes. I told them how they made me want them earlier this morning and knew the rain would be making them go home. So here they are.

We boarded the next train, I took off towards the last car, where I knew there would be less people and more room to sit. The guys stayed there for a bit, then followed me. I was sitting there on a long bench in the very back, all by myself, waiting for the hot guys to join me. The guy who talked to me before came up in front of me, stood there and looked down at me. I had opened my blazer and exposed my hard nipples. He reached down and grabbed them, then twisted my nipples in his fingers. I reached up to his jeans and ran my hands over his very hard cock. I couldn't resist the outline I saw and had to release him. I unzipped his zipper and unbuttoned his jeans. I was in heaven to see he was commando. I pulled his dick out and stroked it a time or two, then went in to begin sucking that luscious dick.

His friend came up next to him and undid his jeans also, he pulled his dick from his jeans and pushed his way in to get some of my sucking. As I sucked on one, I was stroking the other. I loved how big they felt in my hands and mouth. I could feel myself getting off and began to wiggle in my seat. When I pulled away from sucking, the one guy with dark hair, sat down and pulled me to sit on him. I lifted my skirt and sat down with ease. We moaned from the heat and how good we each felt. The blonde haired guy stood in front and I began to sucking on him again.

The dark hair guy began to hold my hips and fucked me faster than I could keep up. I had screamed out with having an orgasm, I could feel my cum oozing out of me. The blonde lifted me off of the other guy held me so I would straddle his waist and slid himself deep inside me. He fucked me standing in the middle of the train, then walked to the window and put me up against the window. Here he fucked me until I came again and again. He went to sit me down, when the dark hair guy swooped in front of me and slid his dick in me.

He fucked me, not paying any attention to all the noise around us. His friend stood there watching, along with a few other guys that had got on the train. A few of them were stroking their cocks and were rooting this guy on to fuck me harder. He lifted from his position and sat down again. I mounted him again and began to pump his dick. One guy came up to me with his dick in his hand. I looked up to him and told him no. He was pissed and tried to slap my face. The blonde stopped him and told him to get the fuck away. He turned back to me and said not to worry about them.

I leaned forward some to have him rub my g-spot in a different angle. He told me he liked the way my ass looked and gave me a quick slap. I began to fuck him harder as I came hard on him. He then began to hold my waist again and fucked me until he came deep inside me. I lifted from his dick, to hurry and suck our cum off him. Once he was clean and I he handed me his hankerchief to clean myself up, we went to get off at the next stop.

The guy I said no to, got off the train also, and began to follow me. I felt safe, because my construction guys were walking with me to their trucks. The one said he was taking me to my car, so that guy can't hurt me. I gave the other guy a big kiss and said that we will have to do this again. I know what train they ride and know that they will be at that site for a long time.

When I got home, I told Brian about my subway fucking. He asked if I knew their names. I told him no, but they were nice and had big dicks. I told him which stop we got off at. Brian said that's the stop right by the site he works at. I giggled and asked what's the chance he works with these guys. Then I told him, I will have to come and have a sexy lunch with him, very soon. Brian reached over and gave me a big kiss and said he would like that very much.

I stood to go to the kitchen for something to drink, Brian following me like a lost horny puppy. I got a bottle of water from the fridge, when I turned around, Brian was standing there with his pants around his ankles and a very nice hard erection. I reached out for him, then squatted down to give him a blow job. My legs were spread, my free hand was fingering my pussy. I was getting myself off, when Brian lifted me to the counter and spread my legs. His face went in for some afternoon lunch. He ate my pussy juice and some of what was left in me from the guys.

Brian fingered and ate my pussy til i began to squirt in his face. Brian lapped up my juice and said we need to fuck. I raised my eyebrows and started for my bedroom, Brian said no way..we are doing it on the kitchen table. With that, Brian moved stuff off the end of the table, set me on the table and put his dick right into my very swollen pussy. He said he loves how I'm such a slut and will fuck hunky men. I told him one of these days, I'm going to quit fucking others and hopefully we will get married and no more slut fucking. I'd like to have a f****y of my own some day.

Brian got off real quick, filling me with his hot cum. I began to finger myself, wanting to get some of his cum to taste. I scooped a bit and slid my fingers in my mouth, sucking each finger slowly, to savor what i got. As I was getting up, Brian pushed me back and gobbled up his cum from my pussy and from the table. He said no good cum should be wasted. He finished with his dining and got me up to go downstairs. I grabbed my clothes and headed for the shower. I washed myself up, turned the water off and towel dried my hair. I walk back to my bed, to see it turned down for me. I drop the towel and crawl in to take a nap before going out to dinner with Brian and daddy.
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Total slut...awesome
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Sexy and sluty..
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