A New Job???

While I was at work yesterday, my new boss Diane called me into the office. I always have this feeling she doesn't like me; so of course I'm thinking the worst, that she's going to fire me. Once in the office, she offers me the safe to sit on, only because the extra chair is covered in new merchandise. Diane informs me, that corporate office wants me to manage a new store downtown and wants me to come in for an interview. I was so excited, that I stood up to give her a hug.
I think Diane was surprised on how excited I was, because my nipples were very hard pressing into her chest. I pulled away from her, knowing that I was getting more excited cuz she got to feel me. As I pulled from her, her hands slid to my breasts and felt me up. My nipples grew harder as she pinched and pulled on each one. She looked me in the eyes and lifted my shirt to reveal my eagerness. She held onto my my breast and sucked on each nipple gently. My pussy was getting more wet as she sucked on me.
I groped her chest, to feel her fake tits. I was surprised, but not to shocked. Diane is very materialistic, she wears only the best of everything, nothing is bought from anywhere, where the prices are below $50. She told me her girlfriend paid for her boob lift. That shocked me when she said girlfriend. I asked if she was gay or bi. She said if her girl friend was there,she's gay. But she said she loves a nice long thick dick when she gets one. That's why she got the job here.
We played around with each others breasts a few more minutes, before closing up the store. As we walked in the parking lot to our cars, she told me to take the subway to main office. She said there's not a lot of parking and the subway could be a fun experience.
When I got home I told daddy, Scotty and Brian my good news. The three of them stood to give me a group hug and give me kisses. Daddy held on to me and told me that he knew I would get my own store soon enough and that if I do get this, my clients/customers would follow me to my location. I told the guys I need to get to bed, because my interview was at 10 am and I'm taking the subway.
Brian followed me to my room, telling me about his day at the construction site. I told him I would love for him to fuck me there sometime. He said he would too. As we got undressed for bed, I told Brian about Diane's fake tits. Brian said they looked too good to be true, What guys don't look at a womans chest. I looked at him, stuck my chest out and asked if I should get implants. He grabbed and pulled me towards him and told me that he likes my 38c's and not to change a thing. Then he began to suck on each one, then would come up to my lips and kiss me.
We got so wrapped up in our passionate kisses, we began to make love. Once I came the first time, Brian pulled out of me and went down to my soaking wet pussy and began to lick me clean. I begged to let me suck my cum from his cock, but he said not tonight. My pussy juice was just for him. I laughed and begged for him to enter me again, I am too horny for him to be wasting his hard on. Brian said his hard on is not wasted and with that he entered me again.
We made love, kissing and touching each other until Brian began to spew his hot thick ribbons of cum inside me. I was surprised he didn't go down on me to lick his cum from me, he said somethings sometimes are meant to stay where they are. Brian pulled me close to him to be in the spooning position and we went to sl**p. The next morning, I woke up first to see his limp dick just laying on his pelvic area. I knelt down and began to kiss and lick him to a full erection.
Brian woke up to me swallowing his whole dick and me fingering my wet pussy. I crawled on top of him and began to ride him, making sure to bend forward for him to suck my nipples. Brian sat up, holding me close as we made love again. I love making love to him in this postion, very erotic and sexy. Brian then had me get on all fours and he began to doggy me until he was ready to cum That's when he pulled from me and let me suck him the rest of the way off.
We took a shower and got dressed. I had put on a silky and lacey undershirt and a charcoal grey blazer that had one button, along with a short skirt with a slit on the side. Brian pulled out my pair of crotchless pantyhose and told me not to wear any panties, it will make me more sexy and me knowing. I looked all over for my black 4 inch heels, when daddy yelled down and said they were in his bedroom. My hair was curled and makeup was just perfect.
I drove my car to the subway station, got my round trip tickets and boarded the train. There were all sorts of people going to their jobs in various places. A few people caught my eye, a couple of men in tight jeans and work boots, a lady in a similar suit as mine and a very nice looking man with a beard and moustach in a 3 piece suit and a briefcase.
I dozed off for a few minutes dreaming of how I'd like to be sucking the construction workers cocks and having the lady licking my pussy, right here on the subway. I woke to the sound of some young guy getting on the train with his radio blaring some rap music. Luckily he did wake me up, my stop was the next one. When I got off the train, so did the construction workers, we walked in the same direction. One of the guys had began to whistle as I walked in front of them. I heard him tell his buddy, that he'd love to tap my tight ass.
I turned around and told him, hopefully the rain will hold out long enough until my interview is over and he may have that chance. I found my building and left the guys staring at me. As I rode the elevator to the ninth floor, there was a good looking stud of a man standing next to me. We looked each other up and down as we both got off at the same floor.
He took off down the hall to his office, I was looking for the office I was to go to. When I walked in the reception area a nice looking blonde greeted me and Mr. Lorny would be right with me. I sat on the chair, checking my makeup in my compact, as he walked from his office. To my surprise, it was the man from the elevator. He led me into his office and pulled a chair out for me. He shook my hand and offered me a bottle of water. We began talking about the new store and how he wants me to run it.
I told him how I've been running different specials at the location I'm at now and how I've been bringing in more business. He said he's noticed how the sales have went up. I told him, it helps when the other girls wear something sexy. He agreed with me and said how sexy I look today. Mr Lorny said he's seen me at the store numerous times and just observed me working with the customers, that's why he wants me to run the new store.
He gave me a ballpark figure of how much I will be making each year, with a nice bonus of taking the job.
I looked things over and accepted the job. Mr Lorny shook my hand again and asked if I'd like to have lunch with him. I said yes as he had his receptionist order in some food. We went over the plans of the store and some of my ideas. When the food arrived, we continued working on ideas. I stood up to excuse myself for the restroom, when Mr Lorny showed me the way. I went in to relieve myself and to finger my pussy, I was so horny from watching him with some of the exhibits.
I heard the door open, I peeked through the crack of the stall and saw him standing there stroking his cock. I turned the lock on my door and let him see me sitting on the stool. He walked in, I took his cock and began to suck on him. It didn't take long before he was giving me his load in my mouth. I think he was shocked that I swallowed all of his cum and not making a mess with any of it. I smiled as I finished and told him, to come visit me some night as I close the store.
We finished with our lunch and the interview with us shaking hands. He led me to the elevator and told me he would be in touch soon. As I began to walk towards the subway, the heavens began to open with a hard summer rain, soaking my shirt and blazer. I was amongst many people waiting for the train. One guy offered me his spot, but I told him to go on, I was waiting for someone. Actually, I was waiting for the construction guys. I knew they would be along soon enough.
to be continued.....

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