Poker game Gang Bang

When I came home from work at 12:30 am, daddy was still playing poker with the guys. The kitchen was filled with smoke from cigars and pipe tobacco. I love the smell of pipe tobacco, it reminds me of my grandpa. When I was just a freshman in high school, grandpa use to watch me in the shower. He would always have to pee when the shower would turn on. I think grandpa was my first fingering, besides myself. Grandpa had thick furry fingers and he knew just how to slide in gently, so I wouldn't make a bunch of noise, once he was inside me.

I walked up behind daddy to get a look at his cards and to bend down to give him a kiss on his cheek. I took Brian's shirt off and made me a glass of wine. My nipples were hard as the guys stared at me. I blushed a little when John said my headlights were on high beam. Daddy told him to mind his business, but I turned to him and walked over, making sure my tits bounced for him.

When I got closer to him, I bent down so he could see down my shirt. John lifted his hand to feel my nipple. Daddy seemed to get a bit pissed and told him to get back to the game. I smiled at daddy and told him it was okay, then Sam said he wanted to feel them, too. I turned towards him and let him do the same. The other two guys whistled and said they want to feel them too. I giggled and let each one feel my tits. Once everyone had their feel, daddy called me over, lifted my shirt and began to suck on my right nipple.

I bent over with my tight ass in Fred's face. Fred felt my ass and slid his finger along the seam of my crotch. I was getting more turned on, with each guy touching me. I told daddy I wouldn't mind having a gang bang with him and his friends. He said he would run it through each of them as they finished their game. I pulled my shirt down and headed to my bedroom to get myself prepared.

I took my clothes off and headed for the shower. As I was shaving my legs and pussy, I heard the door open. in walks Scotty. He said he heard daddy talking about a gang bang. I told him I asked for it, with his friends. Scotty asked if he could do some extra video taping of it, he'd like to get some close ups. I laughed and said it was okay with me. I asked him if my lines for my landing strip looked even, Scotty grabbed the razor and shaved me bald. He said old men like ladies pussies who look like little girls bald smooth pussies. We both laughed as he shaved me.

Daddy came down and asked what the hell we were doing? Scotty said he needed to take a look at his precious little girl. Daddy looked down at my pussy and said that he liked it very much, as he walked towards me. He took his hand to feel how soft I was. He said the guys will be thrilled. I told daddy I had a cute little outfit I'd wear for them, something that came into the store a few weeks ago. I told daddy that Scotty was going to do some close ups while we all fucked. Daddy went upstairs to tell the guys, that I'd be ready in a little bit and they had a few minutes to get things cleaned up.

Scotty ran upstairs to get his camera and a pop. I asked him to bring down a bottle of wine for me. I threw my hair into pigtails, oiled up my body and brushed my teeth. I first put on a white lacey pair of g-string panties and white lacey thigh hi hose. Then I put on a tight form fitting button down shirt, that I just tied shut and a very short mini blue plaid skirt. I got on my hands and knees to look under my bed for my black patton Mary jane heels. Scotty came down as I was on my knees and walked to me with a hard on.

I looked up to him and pulled his shorts down. His erection bounced out as I grabbed it to give him a quick blow job. As he was ready to get off, I heard daddy yell down to get a move on. Scotty shot hot streams of cum into my throat as I sucked him off. I stood up, put my shoes on then told the camera that I was daddy's little girl who was going to have a gang bang with him and his friends.

When I got to the landing, John turned around and seen what I was wearing and said he couldn't wait to get his dick in me. I told him, with my finger in my mouth, that it's up to daddy if I could do such things. He turned to daddy and asked him, if he could FUCK his little girl. Daddy said with a chuckle, in time. I walked over to the table and sat on Sam's lap. Sam's hands went right up my skirt and was rubbing my inner thigh and made me giggle. I told him he was tickling me, he said he can tickle me some place else and really make me giggle.

Daddy got up to go to the bathroom, when John came up in front of me. He looked down, grabbed one of my hands and placed it on his very tight bulge. I began to trace his bulge as he traced the outline of my nipples poking through my top. I unzipped his zipper, reached in his underwear and pulled his thick cock out. I stroked it before going in for the licking. Sam began to rub my pussy more as I began to get more wet. Sam moved my panty to the side and slid his finger in my slit.

Daddy came from the bathroom to see his friends were jerking themselves as I was being treated nicely by Sam and John. Daddy told the guys to follow him to his room, where we could be more comfortable. John pulled from me as I stood up. I felt my juices fill my panties and began to drip down my thighs. Sam followed John up the steps, Scotty followed me up the steps, making sure he got a close up of my g-string'd ass.

When I turned for daddy's room, the guys were all naked and each of them had nice hard on. I smiled and got on my knees to finish sucking on John. Sam laid on the floor next to me to finger my pussy some more. Daddy got on his knees to suck on Sam's cock. The other guys applauded as daddy took all of Sam's 9 inch cock in his throat. Daddy's ass was up in the air for anyone to help themselves. At first no one touched him, but stood next to John waiting their turn in line to be sucked by me.

Scotty got real close to each dick as I sucked and licked them. Sam had worked my panties off and had me sit on his face. I did with pleasure. As I sat down, his tongue was waiting for my pussy hole. Sam lapped and nibbled my pussy as I came for him. Daddy got Sam off quickly after I came on his face. John pulled from me, to let Harold put his dick in my mouth. Frank got closer for me to jerk him off, before letting me stand up from Sam. Frank got off real fast, he said it's been a while since he's been blown.

Sam got on his knees to suck on daddy's dick, boy did he have a long sucking to do. Daddy takes a long time before getting off. Frank got on the bed, John untied my top as I crawled to sit on Frank's dick. As I slid down on him, I could feel how thick he was. I swear he was 4 inches round and at least 9 inches long. Frank moaned real loud as I began to slid up and down to get my juices flowing. Scotty got close to where I was on Frank, making sure he got a good look of Frank's cock.

Steve got off the phone with his wife, before coming into the bedroom. He had his clothes laying in the hallway
before he walked in to see the fuck fest going on. He walked over to where I was on Frank. He rubbed my ass and began to finger my ass. The next thing I knew Steve was licking my ass as I was being fucked by Frank. I think at a time or two, he made sure to lick Frank's balls, also.

I stood up to let the guys switch positions, so this time Sam was on bottom, I sat on him with my ass, then laid back for John to slide his way into me. John pumped my pussy until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and came to my face to spew his cum into my mouth. Steve slid into my pussy and began to fuck me, then he held onto my legs, lifted them high and fucked me hard. Sam reached around and fumbled with my clit. I began to cum as he rubbed my nub harder.

I stood from Sam, turned around and sat on him with my pussy. He pulled me close to his chest, so Steve could slide his thick cock into my pussy also. Scotty said that was a view that everyone was going to enjoy. He taped both the guys fucking my hole, before Daddy came over to slide his erection deep into my ass. At first it was a bit too much, but I asked for it. Once I was stretched out some, I was beginning to enjoy it. Now I felt like one of the whores from the porn flicks that daddy likes to watch with me.

As each of the guys got their way in fucking me, each stood in front of me and shot their hot wads of cum into my mouth. Sam had a bad shot and gave me a facial. His cum was all over my face. Scotty said he got the facial shot, and told me that it was hot. I licked my lips, and wiped the cum from my face with my fingers. Daddy came up to me to kiss me, but instead he licked up the cum.

The guys had got their dicks cleaned up and got dressed. Some of them helped daddy clean up the kitchen before going home. Scotty followed me to daddy's shower. He taped me as I got myself cleaned up, he made sure to tape me using the shower head to clean my pussy and my ass. When I got dried off, daddy was changing the blankets on his bed, he said he really didn't feel like laying on the guy's cum.

Scotty stopped his taping and sat on the bed with us. I asked daddy if him and Sam suck each other's dicks alot? He said that when they were in college, they would pleasure each other when they didn't have dates and their roommates where out and about. Daddy said that the one time Sam went to suck on Frank, Frank freaked out and said he wasn't into a guy sucking on him. Daddy said that's why he gets off so quickly. Frank's ex wife left him for a bigger dicked man and someone who took longer than a couple of minutes to get off.

Scotty laughed and said we need to get him over one night and get him d***k. I said that I would tape the two of them sucking Frank's dick and swallowing his cum. Then to have Frank suck on them as they took turns on his ass. I can hardly wait to see this happen. Daddy said it will have to be at the next poker game in 2 weeks. Daddy said he will make sure that it will be here again, but no gang bang this time, only on Frank.

We three sat on the bed talking about how things went tonight and how much money he won, before falling asl**p. I woke up the next morning with daddy fingering my pussy to get me wet. He was so ready to fuck his little girl. He had me get on all fours, so he could mount me. As he fucked my pussy as his first two fingers fucked my ass, Scotty woke up. He moved up to my mouth and let me suck his very erect member. Daddy moved from my pussy to my ass and fucked me til he came inside me.

Scotty pulled from my mouth to lick the cum from my ass, then inserted his dick in to finish off his erection. He filled me with his cum, also. Daddy came over to lick his cum from me. As I fingered my pussy harder, I began to cum again. I reached for the drawer where daddy had one of my vibrators, and I shoved it deep in me as I turned it on high. Scotty reached for it and pumped my pussy fast and hard until I had began to scream with excitement as I had an orgasm.

The three of us laid in bed together, to watch the video of our gang bang, getting ourselves all horny again for another fuck session.
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A good fuck session was had by all.
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Very nice
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Well done
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amazing i loved every moment
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Excellent story!