The Bar

Scotty came down stairs to see me and daddy laying in my bed stark naked. He stared for a minute, before coming over to where I was laying. I had a blanket over my hips, with my erect nipples being exposed. Scotty bent down to suck on my nipples when I woke up. I smiled at him and told him told him to be gentle with his nibbles. Pulling and nibbling on each nipple was making me to finger my wet pussy.

I pulled the cover back and spread my legs to insert my new vibrator. I didn't turn it on, I just rubbed it up and down my folds and just barely pushing it in my hole. Scotty stood up to watch me play. I licked my lips before putting the dildo in my mouth. Scotty touched my pussy with just one finger, I moved my hips upwards wanting more.

I pulled Scotty's hand further into my crotch. He just rubbed me with a strong f***e, then inserted his two middle fingers and pumped my pussy harder and fast. His thumb was on my nub, rubbing with the friction. I was bucking as he went faster. I told him I was ready to squirt, he continued with great f***e waking daddy. As he pulled from my pussy, I was squirting my hot juice upwards for him and daddy to fight over.

Scotty, then went down on me licking up every bit of leftover juice. Daddy sucked on my nipples and I just lay there thinking I'm a goddess. Two men fighting over my pussy juice and doing whatever I tell them to do. Scotty lifts up from me and goes to his dads cock and begins to stroke him.

Daddy rolls over to let Scotty suck him. I tell the guys to continue with their fun, as I got up to take a shower. I grabbed my big towel from the closet, when my butt plug fell to the floor. I picked it up and headed for the shower. The hot water felt good trickling down my body. The lather from my body wash was thick and silky. I washed my body and hair. I made sure to shave everything. I cannot have a furry pussy, it must be smooth like a baby's butt.

I washed my ass and slid the plug in deep. A few pumps and I'm ready for the night of a major fuck me fest. Once out of the shower, I finsh up with my hair and makeup. I put on a pair of white lacey panties and slip the dress on. Next is my thigh hi's. Slowly I put them on, feeling sexy a I do. My heels are upstairs.

I walk back to my room and see Scotty fucking daddy. He's slapping daddy's assand telling him to enjoy the fucking. I stand and watch them. I giggle as Scotty is ready to cum; he pulls from daddys ass and walks towards his face and shoots his load all over daddys face. Daddy has his mouth opena d gets some of his cum. I asked if daddy was going to get off, daddy said that happened with the blowjob he just got.

I told daddy to come on and get cleaned up, it's almost time to go. I'm in the kitchen eating a ham sandwich, listening to how Scotty's friends enjoyed my fuck sessions he had taped. He said one of the guys was impressed with the way Brian was sucking and fucking on him and daddy, that he would love to get into the action.

His friend had walked over to Scotty and began to rub his cock and asked if he could suck on him. Scotty let him suck his cock, his friend fingered his asshole, before letting him fuck. Scotty said he bent over and his friend stuck his rock hard cock deep in his ass. He fucked Scotty hard and came in his ass, letting his cum drip down his legs. This turned scotty on, so much that he needed to fuck somebody. That's what made him fuck daddy.

Daddy and I left for the bar. Once we walked in, some of the guys whistled at me and made some nasty gestures. Daddy turned to them and said not yet. I found a bar stool next to the waitress stand and sat down. Daddy leaned closer to me and planted a deep kiss on me. His hands rubbed my shoulders and down my arms.

I watched some of the couples dance, when a guy came over to me and asked me to dance. I agreed and went to the floor with him. The guy pulled me close to his chest and held me tight. His right hand roamed my backside, down to my ass and held it there. Daddy watched him from the bar. The guy asked if he could touch my breasts. I told him he already was touching them, he said he wanted to touch them with his lips. I pulled back for his access.

My nipples were hard as he sucked each one. I felt for his cock and it was trying to rip the seams to exit. I told him we need to go find a dark corner. He led me towards the restrooms. The mens room was empty as he led me in the door. There were a few stalls, we went to the handicap stall. Locked the door and I began to kiss him a bit more, before I worked his button and zipper. He was stroking my tits as I rubbed his cock.

I bent over to suck that enormous dick. I sucked him hard as he fingered my ass hole and my pussy. He told me to stand and turn around. He lifted my dress as he squatted to lick my pussy. He moaned with delight as he licked me to cum. I told him to lick my ass, then fuck me. His tongue felt great in my ass. He had three fingers deep in my pussy, before his dick went in. One quick thrust and he was making me cum hard.

He fucked my pussy til he was ready to cum. I told him to cum inside of me, I knew daddy was outside the stall waiting for his cum. He grunted as he came. I told him, thank you as he let me lick his head. He got dressed and left me and daddy in the stall. I bent over and daddy cleaned my hole with his tongue.

Another hottie came in, to take a piss when daddy asked him if he wanted to get off. The guy said yes and entered my stall to fuck me. He fucked until he waa ready to cum. He said he always wanted to cum in a girls mouth. I turned around and let him shoot his liquid in my throat. He said his girlfriend wouldn't swallow his cum. I sucked him dry and shown him that I could swallow his load.

Daddy was out by the bar when I came out. He said that another guy came up to him and asked if he could pay me to fuck. Daddy said he needed to talk to me first. I said to him, that the guy needs a condom first. I then told daddy that I had a brand new box out in the car, for him to get. Daddy went for the box, as I sat and flirted with a few guys. I told them if they really wanted a piece of me, they would pay for it.

I have never taken money for sex before, but I thought what the hell, I could use the extra cash. Daddy gave me the box of condoms. One guy came up to me and asked if he could put one of those condoms to use. I told him to follow me to the mens stall. The handicap stall was my office for the night. I fucked that guy, then he gave me $30. He walked out and seen a few guys standing there with money in their hands.

I must have fucked with ten guys before the bar closed. Daddy told a few of them , they could come back to the house for a fuck session. Daddy knew the guys that came back with us. We all sat in the kitchen talkng and playing cards. I got up to excuse myself for the restroom, when daddy's friend John follwed me. He walked in the door to see me sitting on the toliet.

He had his zipper undone with his cock hanging out. I pulled him closer before wrapping my lips around his shaft. I sucked him to cumming on my face. I wasn't very happy with that, when daddy heard me call him a bastard. Daddy came running and told him to get the fuck out of his house. I got cleaned up and walked back towards the kitchen.

Rich met me in the f****yroom and grabbed me to dance with him. Daddy turned some tunes on, and we danced. We began making out, him kissing my neck and ears, touching my tits, pulling on each nipple and working my dress off. I let him have his way with me. His physic was making me want him even more. His arms were big, his chest was a washboard and his legs were muscular.

By the time he had me worked up to fuck, he pulled his pants off to show he was commando. His dick was muscular also. The veins were throbbing and ready to fuck my pussy. He lifted me up and had me straddle his waist. His cock made it's way inside of me. He fucked me as he walked to the wall and pinned me to it. I held his shoulders as he was punding his dick in me.

The rest of the guys came in to watch. Rich pulled me to the couch and twisted me around while still inside me. I was bent over the back of the couch, while he pounded my pussy til he came. His cum dripped from me, before I had another dick inside of me. Another guy came up to me for me to suck him. I looked to daddy as he smiled at me.

The guy in my pussy pulled from me and shot his load in my throat. I told the guys they need a condom, before fucking me. I let Rich squirt inside only becuz he has fucked me before. Each guy that fucked me, I had sucked a bit before he entered my pussy. A few of the guys fucked my ass. I was beginning to feel like a used up whore, when daddy told them they had to leave.

Daddy told me, that all together I had made over $500. Rich gave me a hundred, just becuz I was that good. His wife would never let him fuck her that way. But from the guys at the bar and the ones here, I made me a nice chunk of change. I told daddy that his friends were fun, but I'm not a whore and I'm not going to do this again for a long time.

Daddy was fine with that and kissed me gently. His hands were on my tits, pulling and tugging on my nipples. I was rubbing his cock, when I told him I need a shower. We walked to the master bath, turned on the shower and I stepped in. I just stood there until daddy joined me. He lathered me up from head to toe. He washed my body as he gently kissed me. I turned to face him and lathered him up. We both rinsed off, grabbed the towels and headed for the bed.

I crawled in first, with daddy licking my ass cheeks. He held me in the doggie position as he licked my asshole. He rubbed my pussy before fingering my slit. I begged for his tongue in my pussy. I rolled over as he got in the 69 position. I sucked his dick til he came. Daddy turned around and continued with licking my pussy. He slipped a finger in and got me to cum again.

He told me that he could still taste Rich's cum inside of me. I told daddy that I was enjoying his tongue making love to me. With that, daddy pulled his dick to my hole and began to make love to me. We made love til the early morning. We fell asl**p with daddy still inside of me. When we woke up, daddy had morning wood and made love to me again.
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Why men pretend to be female?
Are you guys showing that your can write stories?
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Awesome love your writing keep up the great work