The day after

Laying in bed with daddy, made me hornier as the day went on. I got up, took a quick shower and went to my room to look for a movie that I just bought. I found my new black teddy and put it on. Then I found a pair of black thigh hi's and slipped them on. Next was to find my 5" heels, black patent. Slipoped them on and made my way back to daddy's room.

Once I got there, daddy was sitting in bed stroking his cock. I smiled and told him to get up off the bed. I told him, to get on his knees, put his hands on my thighs and to lick my hot swollen pussy. He did as told. I bent dwn towards his mouth , then back up again to make him strain. His tongue was flickering my pussy folds as I began to moan.

I reached dwon and spread my lis wide for him to lick me harder. I pushed my pussy over his face. I rocked back and forth as I rode his nose in my ass. I was grinding my pussy on his face til I began to cum. As I felt my cum drip from me,I lifted up and walked over to the dvd player. Daddy started to follow me, when I told him if he wanted more, then he is to stay on his knees.

I got thre movie started, then got to the bed. I bent over in front of daddy, just long enough for him to get a quick lick. I stood bent over in front of his face as he begged me to let him clean me up. I said no, not yet. He needs to enjoy his view as I finger my slit. Sliding my fingers deep in my hole,then back out and to my mouth. I was enjoying my cummy fingers and making daddy squirm.

Daddy was moaning as I slapped my right ass cheek. I told daddy he could put a finer where ever he would like. I figured he would go for my pussy, but he slipped it in my ass. He held it there, til his next instruction. I moved to let his finger slide in and out, some thrusts were hard. I told him to put another in me. Daddy's two fingers were the size of my butt plug. I demanded that he fuck my ass with his fingers.

I was enjoying this situation so much, that I forgot what I was doing,when daddy got up to fuck me. I felt his thick cock begin to enter my hole, I stood there and began to let him enter,when I realizxed...I was the boss. I pulled away and gave him the evil eye. I made him get back to his knees. I crawled up on the bed, spread my legs wide and played with myself some more until I started to have an orgasm.

An awesome rush of excitement came over me. I told daddy to begin kissing my leg up to my thigh. Then just to slide a couple of fingers in my slit. His fingers gave me another sensation. My pussy was jerking with anticipation, wanting him to lick me and fuck me. As daddy stood up, i seen his thickness standing at attention. I told him he could fuck my pussy, just for a few minutes, but not enough for him to cum.

Stroking my pussy with his cock felt soo good. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held him in one place. I lifted my legs to be around his neck and told him to fuck my ass. When daddy pulled from my pussy, my cum dribbled to my ass. Daddy smoothed it around the opening, before sliding his dick inside me. One quick thrust and he was deep inside me.

Daddy's fucking my ass as I scream for him to go faster. As he begins to moan that he is ready to cum, I made him pull out. I want to suck on his ever throbbing cock, before his cumming. I lift up enough for his dick to enter my mouth. I'm sucking my moisture from him, as he begins to spew his hot spurts of cum into my mouth. I sucked on him til he was ready to collapse on the bed.

Daddy layed there panting as I went for some water. I walked back to the bedroom, handed daddy a bottle of water and layed down next to him. He told me that he wants to take me to this bar, that he'd been going to for a while. he said they had a good band and they played some good tunes. I told him that would be fun. But...

Daddy and I got cleaned up and went to the mall. He got himself a new pair of black jeans and a new button down shirt. We went from store to store looking for the perfect "fuck me" dress. One of the last stores we went into, had one in the display windo that caught his eye. It was a shiny purple, silky dress. The neck line was low, the skirt was short and had a slit up the thigh.

I tried it on. Daddy licked his lips as he saw my nipples poking through. I took my bra off, knowing this would get him more aroused. It got him aroused enough to see his cock grow in his pants. Daddy spun me around to get a look at my ass, before sending me in to change. I handed him the dress a he went to pay for it.

The girl behind the counter tld daddy, that I looked good in that dress and that he was a lucky man to be enjoying it. We then went to the lingerie shop to get me a new pair of knee hi's. I found a pair, that had the seam in the back. We got those and left the mall. We went to the sex shop where I worked and bought a few new movies and each a new toy.

Daddy bought himself a new sleeve, for when I'm not there to get him off and me a new pink, flesh like dildo, that had multiple speeds and motions. The new girl behind the counter asked me to show her how to make a deposit. I took her to the back room, to explain how. i was sitting on the crner of the desk, when I pulled her towards me and kissed her.

I rubbed my hands on her chest, when she pushed me away. She yelled that she wasn't into girls. I laughed and walked from the back room. I told Becky, that she has a lot to learn if she thinks she's going to get anywhere around here. I told daddy that it was time to leave and we were out the door.

We got back home, daddy went and layed on the couch and I went to my bed. We slept most of the afternoon, until scotty and a few of his friends came in the door. One of them had a bottle of wine, the others had beer and snacks. Scotty came down to my room and asked if his friends could watch our homemade porn. I laughed at him and said yeah.

Daddy came down to lay with me, before we had to get ready for the evening. We layed in my bed just holding on another, while we slept.
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mmmmm another great read...thanks, lolo!