Mom's leaving daddy

A few days have passed, when I finally got some time to be with mom. I had asked her to meet me at the park, so we can talk in private. I had stopped at the deli and got us a sandwich and some sodas.

When mom found me at the picnic table, she came over and sat down. We began talking about her day. I had asked her what was going on with her and daddy. She said ever since, I got her to dress sexier, for work and for daddy, she has never felt so much urge in between her legs. She told me how she can't get enuf dick. I smiled, and asked if she wasn't happy with daddy anymore.

Mom said that he was upset, that he wasn't going with her to her hook ups. I asked why. She said that he wasn't getting to eat her after the fact of them cumming inside her, and that she was doing pretty much anybody who gave her any attention...sexually. Mom also told me, she has never had such a sexual urge, ever.

I told mom that daddy had been paying more attention to me and Brian having sex.
She said she knew that, and she was happy that Brian and I have gotten closer with our relationship. She said she sees how Brian looks at me and wants to have me to himself. She said that Brian doesn't really want to share me with anyone.

I told her to get to the point of whats up with her and daddy. She says she's not happy with daddy's dick and she wants something better. Daddy has a 9 inch dick that is probably 3 1/2 inches round, and she's not happy?? WTF??

I asked if she was going to move in with Mark. She replied yes, and she asked if I would get daddy out of the house, for her to pack her things. I told her, that I really don't want to be involved, but said that I would take daddy out for the evening. I called daddy and asked if he had plans for the night, he said no. I told him I would pick him up from work and we were going out.

Mom headed home to pack her stuff and I headed to daddy's office. I rode the elevator to the 12th floor, with a grey haired lady and a distinguished looking man. I would look over at him, lick my lips, then run my hand over my right boob. His eyes grew wide open and he would smile. The lady looked with disgust. All I could do is giggle and suck on my finger.

The lady got off first, then a floor later, he got off. I licked my lips as he left me alone. When I got to daddy's floor, I passed his secretary in the hall. She said she was off to the ballgame, with her k**s and husband. I said to have fun and walked into daddy's office. He was on the phone talking to my mom.

I walked towards his desk, unbuttoning my shirt, to reveal I didn't have a bra on and that I had hard nipples,waiting to be sucked by him. I sat on the corner of his desk, lifted one of my legs over his and placed his hands on my chest. My nipples grew harder with his touch. I could feel the moisture grow in my pussy.

Daddy smiled and told mom that his client just walked in and he had to finish things up for the night. He also told her that he was going out with me tonight, he didn't know what we were going to do and he would see her later. I heard her say ok and then good bye. No, I Love You, just a good bye.

Daddy pulled me closer to his mouth and sucked each nipple with strong f***e. It felt that he was going to suck my nipples right off my body. I held his head close to me. I wanted him to take me on his desk. I pulled on of his hands and placed them in my crotch. He smiled and said that I had wet myself a bit. I told him, that I came, while I was flirting with some guy on the elevator.

Daddy had me stand up so he could work my jeans off. I stood there naked as daddy stroked my body. I began to undo his zipper, when he took over and dropped his pants to the floor. His dick was hard and sticking straight out. He was ready for me. I had started to bend down to suck him, but he turned me around and took me from behind.

I cooed as he entered me. I came again with a few strokes. Daddy felt my cum and began to fuck me hard. I lifted my leg to place on his desk. I wanted him deep inside of me. Daddy fucked me until I came again, then he stopped, turned me around and pushed my head towards his dick, to be sucked.

I had a smile on my face as I got to suck his cum drenched dick. My cum dripped down my chin, as I couldn't get enuf of him. Daddy fucked my face, while I fingered my clit. Sliding my fingers thru my cum, up and down my clit and in my pussy hole. Daddy told me to sit on his desk, so he could have some of my juices on his tongue.

Once he was full, he fucked me again,til he came deep inside me. He sat in his chair, spread my legs wide and cleaned me out. We got dressed and headed for dinner at the strip club, that just opened. We sat at one of the platforms. A girl named Candy got up to dance for us.

Daddy watched her every move, he got a hardon as she pumped her body up and down the pole. She then got on her knees and made her way to daddy's face. I had a $5 bill and slipped it in her thong undies. She pulled it out from the waist line, handed it back to me and told me to put it in her panty bottom.

When I pulled her crotch from her, I could feel her love juices on my finger. I smelled it, then licked my fingers. Daddy was jealous. I reached under the table to begin to jerk off daddy. Candy finished her song, then came over to ask if daddy wanted a lap dance or a private dance. He wanted a private dance, but I was to come along.

We headed to a room, there was a couch and 3 chairs. Daddy sat on a chair. Candy, worked her fingers down his chest to his cock. He throbbed for her hand. She undid the zipper and pulled his rock hard cock out. She bent over to suck on him, then she sat on him bumping and grinding to get him off.

As I watched, I worked my jeans down and began to finger my clit. The faster she went, the faster I worked my stroking. When daddy came, i came too. Candy was busy sucking his dripping cock. When she finished, I asked her how much, she said this dance was free. We thanked her and walked back to our table.

We ate dinner then left. When we got home, moms car wasn't in the drive. Daddy seen moms note on the table and smiled at me. He told me that my mom had left him and she was going to happier. I looked at daddy, then my eyes filled with tears. Tears of excitement that is. I told him that she was happy mom left, this we could could fuck all the time.

He agreed with me. Daddy picked me up over his shoulder and took me upstairs to his room. He laid me on the bed and began to kiss me. I felt his cock growing hard between my legs. I wrapped my legs around him and stroked his arms and back. Daddy unbuttoned my shirt, then his. He lay on my chest to feel my nipples on his hairy chest.

We continued kissing as we undressed. Daddy pulled the blankets back as we crawled under them. Kisses and hugging got us hornier for each other. I reached down to stroke his cock. 'Daddy spread my legs with his legs as he began to enter me. Slowly his head slid in my pussy.

Daddy made love to me, slow thrusts in and out. Groping my tits, sucking each one gently. He told me that he loves his little girl. I wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him in further. I kissed him passionately and told him that I loved him too.

Our love session lasted almost all night, that is until Scotty came in the room. He seen me on top of his dad, with my tits flopping in the air. He smiled and said he seen my mom at the grocery store, with Mark. I looked at daddy and he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him as he pumped my pussy. Scotty stood thereand watched for a few minutes. I looked over to see him stroking his cock.

Daddy told him to join us. Scotty crawled into bed next to me. Daddy was spooning my backside. Scotty reached down to feel my wet pussy. His fingers in my clit. Daddy pulled his dick to my ass crack and slid into me, slowly. I moaned as he worked his way in me. Daddy told Scotty to join in, by loving my pussy with his dick.

The three of us were making love. It continued thru the rest of the night. Daddy got off first, then Scotty. They both filled my holes with their cum. We snuggled into a deep sl**p.

In the morning, Scotty got up and left us to be alone. I reached over to daddy and began to suck his cock. Daddy smiled and had me get on all fours. He slid deep into my pussy and fucked me til he got off. I wanted his cum in my mouth. He did as asked. My mouth was full of his hot cum as it trickled down my throat. I smiled as he finished.

He pulled me to his chest and told me to call in today. He wants us to lay in bed and make love all day. It's to celebrate that my mom was gone. As I called in, he called his lawyer to arrange for a divorce. He told his lawyer that they weren't happy and they wanted to end their marriage. We both got off the phone at the same time.

We held each other, til we fell asl**p again. The rest of the day, we made love, slept and just enjoyed each others company.
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