The Interview with Eric

I have an interview today, I'm dressed in this nice business suit: navy blue blazer with a white spaghetti string top underneath with a very lacey push up bra to show some cleavage, a navy blue skirt that sits justs about 3 inches above my knee, I'm tan enuf that I don't need to wear hose, so I pick out my navy blue pumps. I get my resume in order and my portfolio of offices that I have redecorated.

Once I get to the downtown building, I'm boarding the elevator to go to the 10th floor. I'm standing in this elevator car with 2 business men. I catch one of them checking me out, he keeps looking at my ass and my legs. When I see him looking at me, he lifts his head and smiles at me. People are getting on and getting off at different floors, Mr Looker is still on with me. As we get to the ninth floor he gets off, winks at me and exits. I sigh kinda loud and say that if you really want to stare, you need to take me to bed. Then the doors closed.

I get to my floor and exit, the lobby is a crisp light blue and the secretary sitting behind the dark brown desk, greets me. She then tells me, Eric will be with me shortly. She offers me something to drink, I ask for bottle water. She comes back with a very cold bottle of water and sits back behind her computer. The phone rings, she tells me to enter Eric's office.

I walk in the very enormous office, look around and see Eric sitting in his chair facing the wall of windows. I say hello as he turns to look at me. To my shock he's the guy from the elevator. We both are in an awww. He smiles at me and asks me to sit. I'm blushing cuz I know that he heard me as the doors closed. We begin with the interview, I hand him my resume, his fingers touch mine. I then had shown him my protfolio. I told him, everything in the pictures looks better in the natural light.

I go around to his side of the desk, with the open windows. I opened the book and began to show him the offices. As I'm bent over next to him, he turns and smells my hair and peeks down my top. Eric smiles at me and asks for another picture. I show him the office I did at the ballpark. He said he loves how I make things look 3-d and wondered how I look in 3-d.

I smiled at him and told him how I can brighten up his office. Acting like I didn't hear what he had said, I walked over to the door, flipped the lock, unbuttoned the 2 buttons on my blazer and turned around to face him. I walk over to him and open the blinds all the way to look outside. The sun is shining brightly and lighting the office.

Eric is staring at my ass, again. I can feel his eyes burning my back side. I ask if he minds that I remove my blazer. He replies and tells me to go ahead to get comfortable. I begin to show Eric the different ways we could rearrange his office to brighten things up. Eric strolls over to me and helps me move the couch and table to face the windows. As I'm standing there with the sun bouncng off my chest, Eric comes behind me, grabs my waist and tells me that I make his office brighter.

He begins to kiss my ear, down my neck and onto my shoulders. He's caressing my arms and tracing his fingers on my breast. I shiver as he works both hands over my body. Touching me gently on my stomach, he turns me around and looks into my eyes, tells me he wants me to lighen his office. I step back and take my top off to reveal my lacey bra and my super hot tan. Eric just stares at my tits. I can feel him taking my bra off with his eyes. I reach behind me, unsnap my bra and let if fall to the floor.

Eric begins to drool at my perky nipples. I walk closer to him as he smiles and tells me how much brighter the office is. I rub my breast up against him as I stroke his hair and give him a gently kiss on his lips. Eric takes that kiss and kisses me harder slipping his tongue in my mouth and beins with a passionate kiss. I'm undoing his tie and unbutton his shirt. I want to see his chest that's hidden. When it's unbuttoned, his lightly furry chest is bronze and very musculat.

Eric pulls me closer to his chest and kisses me again. My tits are growing harder as he kisses me more deeply. I can feel him growing in his pants. I reach down and trace his ever growing erection. Eric is helping me remove his pants and boxers. They fall to the floor, as I work my kisses down his chest to his happy trail. My hands are gripping his ass as I am kissing his dick. I work my kisses to the tip of his head. I work my hands to his shaft and begin to stroke him as I pull him into my mouth, deeper with each suck. I pull his lower bottom into my mouth, I want every inch of him in me.

I'm sucking ravishly, making Eric ejaculate his precum in my mouth. I smile and suck more as he moans with great feeling.

Eric, lifts me to my feet, looks in my eyes and says to me, that he wants to take me to the couch and fuck me. He says that since he doesn't have a bed to fuck me in, like I said on the elevator, the couch will have to do. Eric bends down to suck on my erect nipples as he gropes each one., His hands then are rubbing my torso and working their way to my zipper on my skirt. Unzipping me is when he realizes I have no panties on.

He smiles as he lifts me in his arms and takes me to the couch. I sit on the back of the leather couch, Eric spreds my legs as he begins to lick my clit and finger my pussy. His large fingers enter me and make me coo. He's licking and sucking my clit, while working his finger, then two fingers ina dn out of me, making me cum.

Eric lifts to my face and plants a kiss on my lips, then works his kisses back down for more. I pull Eric's head closer and deeper in my pussy. I'm holding on to him tightly as he sucks harder..I want to cum again. I'm grabbing and tugging on my nipples as I'm beginning to quiver as i have another orgasm. I lift my legs as I coo louder, saying yes that feels great. Eric is lifting my bottom as he makes sure to get every drop of my cum as it drips to my ass.

I look at Eric and tell him I want him inside me, I want him to fuck me, here in his office. Eric steps out of his pants as I pull the skirt off my hips, we are standing infront of each other touching here and there and kissing each other passionately again. I walk over to the windows and tell Eric I want to fuck here..right in front of the windows.

Eric pulls me towards him as he is leaning against his desk, with his ravishling hard cock, that is slightly curved upward. He's poking me in my stomach as he pulls me closer. I reach down, stroke him as he turns me around to take me from behind. He slaps my ass as he rams his cock in me. I push back on to his cock and he slaps my ass cheeks again. mmmm this feels soo good, I tell him.

I'm able to look outside and see these wires dangling down from the top of the building. Eric sees them and says the window washers will be coming down soon. That excited me, I told Eric that we need to keep the blinds open. Eric is thrilled with my excitement and turns me around again, pushes his papers off the desk and lays me across the desk. I lift my legs to wrap them around his waist to pull him closer to me.

I whisper with a quiverly voice to Eric to enter my wet pussy and to give me everything he's got. At first Eric slips into my wet pussy slow, in and out he pulls and pushes into me. He gropes my tits and bends closer to suck on each one. As I shake from another orgasm, he nibbles harder on each tit. "Yes!!" I scream out as he begins to fuck my cumming pussy. He's slamming in me harder and hardeer with each thrust. I grab his ass with my nails as they dig into him.

Eric then pulls from me, to bend down to lick up the remains of my cum from me. I look out the window and see the washers watching us fuck. I begin to giggle and grab my tits as they watch. I tell Eric, they are out there watching, he then turns me to them, spreads my pussy wide open, so they can see my opening stretched from his cock.

Eric's cock is still very hard as I call him over to me, for me to suck on him some more. I take him in my mouth and suck him til he's ready to cum, I tell him to let me up, so I can aquat in front of him, to let my pussy to be seen as I suck him dry. I have one hand wrapped around his leg and the other to hold his cock as I swallow his his cock to tease my tonsils. He begins to moan as he's getting off in my mouth. I don't swallow his cum as of yet, once he's finished filling my mouth, I look over to the guys, open my mouth to show his cum on my tongue, then swallow every drop.

I suck on Eric's cock as he puts his shirt back on. I look up to Eric as he smiles and tells me that I have the job to redecorate all his offices. I rise to kiss him and tell him thank you for hiring me. I'm getting dressed in front of the windows, the cleaners are a floor below me. I smile as I get dressed. Eric asks me to have lunch with him, as he unlocks his door. I say yes, as we leave the office.

During lunch, Eric tells me to show up at his office by the river later this afternoon. We will pick up with the portfoilo and to see what other ideas I have for that office. I can't wait to see that office, maybe it has another open view window where people are walking by. We will just have to wait and see.
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