Fucking with Daddy

I was helping mom with the dishes, with us chatting about the fun we have been having, sexually. She loves how I have hooked her up with one of daddy's friends. His wife is enjoying the fact, that someone has been fulfilling his sexual needs, that she hasn't been able to do.

Mom told me, that daddy has been going along to tape their sex sessions. I know that daddy enjoys to watch. Mom told me that at one point, while daddy was taping her and Fred, fred's wife came over and sucked his cock. She told mom that his sperm was good.

Mom asked how work was going for me. I told her it's not as exciting as it was in the beginning, but she meets new people every day. I told her like it when the gays come in. They are fun to watch while they shop. But, I also like the niave girls, as their boyfriends shop for them. The girls are always full of questions. I answer them the best I can, I'd love to show them how to use things, but sometimes I just don't have the extra help to man the counter.

My favorite to show anyone is the sex swing. Mom said Fred and his wife have one and she loves to fuck in it. Mom shocked me, when she told me, she loves to be tied and fucked like an a****l. I guess some of the movies I've shown mom have paid off.

Mom emptied the water, wiped her hands on her shirt and went upstairs for a shower. She said she had a date with Fred anda friend of hers. I asked if daddy knew she was doing this. She said yes, but doesn't know who whose house they will be at. I told mom to be careful and to call if she needed backup.

I went to my room to call Brian. He said he had to work late. I told him I was in a very horny mood and I need to be fucked by him badly. Brian told me, he would rather be fucking me, then to be training a bunch of new k**s. I then told him, I was going to see if Scotty would be available to fuck tonight.
Brian said that Scotty and his new girlfriend Linda were going to the drive-in with some of their friends. So I guess that leaves me with daddy.

I told Brian what I was going to do to daddy. I could tell by the sound of Brian's voice, that he had a huge smile oo his face and him telling me, he wishes it was him. I told him I will surprise him with that another day. I hung up with Brian, went and took a hot shower, put my hair up in a bun, put on a tight white button down shirt. Tied it just under my tits, put on a pair of sheer black thigh hi hose, a itty bitty skirt and my spiked red heels.

I made sure my makeup was just so, a spritz of cologne just to make me feel pretty. As I walked pass the full length mirror, I looked at myself, thought that I looked like the perfect whore. I grabbed my toy bag and went upstairs. My heals are clicking on the kitchen floor, when daddy asked if that was me. I walked in the f****y room and said yes. Daddy looks at me in awwwe.

I look at him with my fuck me eyes. As I walk over to him, he lays the newspaper over his growing cock. I stand next to him,daddy rubs his hand up my leg, then back down. I pull away from daddy and see him frown. As I pull away, I take his paper from his lap. daddy's cock is very hard, pushing against his zipper.

I bend down, so daddy can see my tits thru my shirt opening. I unzip his pants and pull his cock out, to stroke it a bit. I bend down further, to kiss his head and then to give daddy a big "I want you to fuck me" kiss. I slipp daddy my tongue and stroke his cock a bit more. Daddy has grabbed my tits, and was tugging on my nipples. They grew harder as he played.

I stood up, then put my foot on the arm of his chair, so daddy had a full view of my wet pussy. I had started to cum some, when he was tugging hard on my nips. My cum had started to drip down my thighs. Daddy reached over to touch my pussy lips. I spread my legs a bit more from him. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer to my snatch. I told him to lick my wet pussy. Daddy did as told. licking and nibbling my pussy lips, makes me cum again.

I reach down to get a scoop of my cum, then place my fingers in my mouth. I suck each finger as watches me. He starts to main at my reaction of my licking my fingers. I tell Daddy to stand up and get undressed. First his shirt comes off, then his pants and boxer shorts. His cock is jumping at the freedom. I have him sit in his chair again. This time, i straddle over his cock, facing him and slide his cock deep in my wet pussy.

I pump his cock, while holding onto his shoulders for leverage. Daddy said he can feel my cum dripping down his shaft. I fuck him harder. I slow down enuf, to fuck him while sitting backwards. Daddy puts his hands on my waist and shifts his pelvic in and out of me. I spread my legs, to feel my clit and rub out another orgasm. rub harder as daddy sees what I'm doing.

I pull off of daddy, stand up in the chair and straddle daddy's face again and let him suck my pussy juice. I'm standing there, untying my shirt, for my tits to flop in the wind. I rub them, to hardness again. I tell daddy that I want him to fuck me from behind again. I walk over to the kitchen table, I bend over, daddy lifts my very short skirt, bares my ass and slips a finger in my pussy hole. He fingers me a few times, then slides his hard cock deep and hard in me.

I jump as he does just so, then he fingers my ass with 2 fingers. OOh daddy I say to him, I want you to fuck my ass, now. Daddy pulls from my pussy, spits in my ass and lubes his cock before entering my hole. One swift shove and he's in me. My hole tingled with pain, til with enuf stroking in and out, i'm relaxed. It doesn't take daddy very long before he's ready to shoot his hot cum in my ass.

cum is now dripping from my asshole, down my legs. Daddy goes to sit dwon again, when i straddle him and sit on his cock again. I kiss daddy and let him suck my tits. Scotty and Linda walk in the front door and sees me sitting on daddy. Linda comes in, smiles and says they will have to join us sometime. Daddy said they could tonight, if they wanted.

The two of them walked to Scotty's room and did their own fuck session. We could here them giggle and moan loudly. Daddy begins to finger my pussy again, I lean back, laying on daddy's legs as he fingers me til I cum again. I'm begging daddy to fuck me again. He lifts me up, takes me to the kitchen table, lays me down and spreads my pussy wide as he licks me dry. His tongue goes in my pussy hole, then licks down to y ass, then back up again.

I lift my ass as daddy licks his cum from me. I finger my pussy, until daddy makes me suck my cum. Daddy is so wxcited from me moaning, that his cock is in me again. Hard thrusts fills my pussy. His balls are slapping my ass, while my legs are up high around his neck. I tell Daddy to fuck his whore, fuck me daddy, I love to be your whore. Daddy then rams me harder and harder til we both cum together.

As daddy pulls out of me, his cum lands on the table. I get up, let the rest of his cum drip on the floor. Daddy walks off to the bathroon, to get cleaned up. I follow him. We wipe the sweat off of each other and get dressed again. When we came back to the kitchen to clean our mess, Scotty is licking up daddy's cum. He came in to get a couple of bottled water for him and Linda. He seen our cum and wanted it to himself.

He finished and walked back to his room with no clothes on. I slapped his ass with the corner of the towel. Scotty turned around and smirked at me. I got the dish rag and wiped the table and floor clean, then sat in the f****y room to watch a movie with daddy.

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2 years ago
Happy families Eh!!
2 years ago
Damn that was hot. Got me so fucking hard. Thanks