The Drive-in

I met this guy Ray on a sex website. We got to talking about things we like to do, where we would like to do things. I had told him that I go to the local drive-in that is very close to his house. He said that he goes there a lot, also. We chatted online for a while and agreed that we would meet there Saturday night.

Saturday came, we talked about the movie that were showing and which one we were going to see. I packed a cooler with some soda, beer and munchies. I packed some fresh fruit, something for the hot night at the show. You never know what you might need the fruit for.

The day was a scorcher, so I knew not to wear anything that will be uncofortable in the heat. The last time I went to the drive-in, it was another hot day into the night with no breeze to cool things off. So, I found a flowered spaghetti string top, that had flowers in all the right places. When my nipples would get hard, it would look like the centers of the flowers were in 3-d. I also found a cute pair of shorts, not too tight, but just right.

Some friends of mine met me there, They had brought the small bbq pit and had some brats grilling. I brought the frisbee and the football along. Nothing is better, than throwing the football around or the frisbee. Makes you remember when you were growing up at the drive-in.

One of my friends thru the football over my head and it bounced over towards this guy sitting in the back of his pickup. He grabbed the ball and held it, til I came over to ask to have it back. He looked at me and made me ask, with a smile. I looked at him, smiled with a horny look. He handed the ball to me and I went on my way.

I had excused myself and went to the restroom. As I was waiting in line, I had sent a text to Ray to see if he was here yet. He sent one back saying yes and that he was sitting in his truck. I told him I was in line for the restroom and that I would be out in a bit. He told me what color truck he had and which aisle he was in. I was beginning to wonder if it was him, that I got the football from.

When I was walking back towards my car, I saw him. He was the one, that caught the football. I walked over and said Hi, it's me Lori.

I stood there and talked with him for a bit, then invited him over to meet everone and join us for some brats and beer. Ray came over with me, shook everyones hands and chatted with me as we ate. I made sure to tease him, while ate my brat. I just used my fingers, I'm not big into eating hotdog buns. I made sure to take small bites as I blew on the hot brat.

When we finished eating, Ray asked me to join him in the back of his truck to watch the movie. I agreed. He had some blankets layed in the bed for a comfy area to sit or lay down, to watch the movie. The sun finally fell and the movie started. At first we were sitting on the gate and dangling our feet. We chatted about things that we like and don't like.

The first movie is always for the k**s, so that gave us plenty of time to talk. As I talked to him about the stories I wrote, I made sure to touch his leg, his arm and to look into his eyes. As I spoke of the one story that he liked the most, Ray reached over and kissed me, while he touched my arm and making sure he touched my breast. This sent chills down my spine.

I looked at him and kissed him back, making sure that I touched his crotch. I could feel his cock growing in his jean shorts. As we made out, the noise fo people made us nervous at first. Ray pulled me towards the back of the truck where we could lean back and relax. And not worry about someone walking by and see his erection.

My nipples are poking thru my shirt, ray has his hands on them and teases them more to make me hornier than I already am. I told Ray, that he might get a surprise that I've been wanting to do. He asked what it was, but I told hi he would have to wait, because there are too many little k**s roaming around. We continued touching and kissing each other.

The first movie had ended. I told him that I needed to use the restroom again. Ray said he could use the john also. We walked together holding hands. My hands were sweaty. I wiped them on my shorts, but Ray said he didn't mind them. As I stood in line, one of my friends asked if I was having fun with Ray. I told her yes and I think things might go somewhere tonight. She told me to be careful and to let her know where I'm going later.

Ray met me and my friend outside the concession stand. We talked for a bit, before heading back towards the cars. Ray helped me clean up around my car, before heading back to his truck. There were a few cars between him and my friends. That was perfect for some privacy. Ry had took my pillows and my extra blanket over to his truck for more of a comfy make shift couch.

Once I got over to him, he was sitting in the truck with a couple of beers and my fresh fruit. I climbed up, making sure he could see down my shirt. As I crawled closer, he reached down my shirt to cop a feel. I straddled him, so he could feel them and hold them. Ray pinched my already hard nipple and said that he can't wait to suck on them. I smiled and told him, that ill come soon enuf.

I sat down next to him, actually I cuddled very close to him. Ray was feeding me some strawberries and peach slices. I reached in the cooer and pulled out the spray whipped cream, sprayed some on a strawberry and fed it to him. We fed each other until the movie started. Ray took the can from me and said that we need to save the rest for later.

The second movie started out with two girls in a park and they were making out. You could hear the guys all whistling and hollering. Kinda funny until one guy came up to them and stabbed one girl, then sliced the throat of the other. Here again, you could hear the guys hollering louder, that waht the gay bitches get. Too funny.

Ray, pulled me closer and said he wouldn't do that, he'd want to watch them fuck, then go over to join them. I reached over to his cock and it was getting harder as he described him wanting to watch. I told him, that if I had some girl, that wanted to have sex, I'd let him watch us. It would make me more excited, knowing that he was going to join us at one time.

I reached for a blanket and covered us up, as we watched the horror flick. I kissed Ray before laying my head on his chest. Ray was running his fingers up and down my naked arm, making me have goose bumps. I rubbed his crotch as I began to undo his zipper. I want to feel his manhood in my hand. I freed his cock and Ray jumped as I tood a hold of him and began to stroke. I smiled and kissed him some more.

I could feel the moisture grown in my panties as I wiggled around. I was getting excited cuz he let me play with him. I looked around to make sure no one was close to see me go down on him. I scooted myself to the side as I put my head down to suck on his cock. Ray tried to pull my head up, but I refused to do so. I pulled my head up and told him he had a surprise coming, well this is it.

The harder I sucked on his cock, the more he moaned. I had his shorts pulled down to his ankles and I'm in between his legs with my ass in the air. No one is paying attention to us, the movie is in an intense spot and you can hear some of the girls scream. I sucked him faster as he moaned louder. he told me he was reay to cum, so I sucked faster and harder. Ray moaned and came. Shooting shorts squirts of cum down my throat.

I lifte up for air, then went back down to clean him up. I licked his head, down his shaft, then licked his balls one at a time, then back up to his head. When I finished, I came back up to give him a kiss. Ray looked at me, then wiped my left cheek. I had a bit of cum on it. I took his fingers and licked off the cum. Ray then kissed me and held me until the movie ended.

Everyone cleaned up there area before they left. We stayed back while everyone was waiting in line to leave. Traffic is always a mess leaving. Ray asked me to come back to house for some pizza and a movie. I told my friends where i was going and followed him to his house. Ray just lives a few miles away. We walked into his house, as his dog and cat met us at the door.

Ray let his dog out the back door as i petted his cat. Ray, then turned to me and said that he can't wait to touch my kitty. I told him that I have a bald kitty, that made him more excited. We never ended up ordering the pizza, we sat on the couch and began making out some more.

Ray layed me down on the couch, began rubbing and sucking my tits. I lifted up to take my shirt off as he undid my shorts. I knew he would be surprised when he touched my panties, cuz they were wet. I had got off a few times during my bj and his kisses and fondling of my tits. I helped Ra out of his shorts and felt his cock grow hard against my thigh.

I looked at Ray as he lifted me to my feet and led me to his bedroom. I reached down to grab his cock, I want to suck on him again. I began to squat down, but he said no, it was my turn to enjoy. I smiled as he sat me down and spread my legs as he entered my thighs and began licking them feverishly. Working his hands to my crotch made me shiver.

With Ray kissing my thighs, his fingers have found my slit and is working in a circular motion on my nub. I lean back on my elbows as he licks my pussy lips, before entering my hole with his tongue. His fingers are dipping in and out, like a bear in the honey pot. I reach for Ray's fingers and suck some of my pussy juice off each one. I tell him, that I love the taste of my cum. He dips in and out some more, then uses his tonge to gather more of my juices.

Once Ray has had his fill of licking my pussy, his cock goes in next. Slow at first, then a hard thrust...deep in me, til he can't go any further. His balls are slapping my ass as he pumps my pussy hard. I lift my knees to my chest and spread my legs as wide as I can get them. Ray holds my thighs as he fucks me like a mad man. I'm moaning as my orgasm builds. Ray slows down a bit, pulls from my pussy and puts his cock to my mouth.

I suck him, making sure I get everybit of my cum in my mouth. Then he enters again with a hard thrust. Ray comments on tight my pussy is and that he wants to make sure I am filled with his manhood. I tell him, he can fill me all he wants and then some.

Ray rolls me over on top of him and I begin to fuck him. I sit on his dick as I am pumping up and down, making sure I don't pull all the way out. Ray pulls me to his chest and sucks on my tits. I move my hips in a circular motion, with that He holds me tight and fucks my pussy hard. Bucking at me, like he can't get enough. The penetration on my g-spot is driving me crazy, that I cum again. Ray moves me off his cock and tells me to sit on his face. he wants my cum to drip down his throat.

He licks my cum from me, then has me get on all fours and takes me from behind. First he's on his knees, slapping my ass cheeks, then bending down to bite me. Not hard, just love bites. He takes his hands and rubs my cheeks hard, then puts a thumb in my ass. At first I grip tightly, then let go and enjoy his thumb. His thumb comes out as he inserts two fingers. MMMM a slight dp...mmmm I tell him.

With that cue, Ray has me reach into his bedside table and pull out the astroglide gelli. He squirts some in my ass and lubes my hole and his dick. He asked if I wanted it in hard or easy. I told him easy at first. He gets up, stands over my ass and slides his dick in my very tight hole. He struggles at first. Slow thrusts, inch at a time, until he's in me. I moan telling him that it feels great.

I tell him to fuck my ass. I want him to bang my ass hard and fast. Ray pumps my ass, with his balls slapping my pussy. I reach down to rub my clit and to finger my hole. Ray is pleased that I'm playing with myself. He's ready to get off, I can feel his hard sack and the swelling of his head. Ray asks if he can fill my ass. I tell him yes. He fills my ass and continues fucking me for his cum to drip into my pussy.

Ray continues in my ass until he goes semi soft. He pulls from me and collapses next to me. His body is sweaty as I lay my head on his chest. I kiss his chest and work my way to his lips. He slips me his tongue and makes love to my mouth. I'm rubbing his chest, then rubbing mine. I reach up to his face and trce his cheeks with my fingers. I place one finger on his lips and he sucks on it. Ray tells me that this was one hell of a fuck session and he will be ready for round two in a few minutes.

I get up to go to the restroom. Ray goes to the kitchen, gets us each a bottle of water and meets me in the bathoom. My legs are weak and feel like jello, he tells me he must pee, but I can't get up. I spread my legs and he pees between them. I hold his dick as he pees. Once he's finished, I hold his balls, then reach out with my tongue to taste his salty head. I examine his manhood with my tongue. I suck on him again, til he's ready to shoot another load in my mouth. He pulls away and tells me no, he wants to fil my pussy with his cum, but not yet.

I get up to go into the kitchen to refill my water bottle, wit Ray at my heels. I'm bent over in the sink, when Ray grabs my waist and enters me again.
He's fucking my pussy, reaching around to the front of me and spreading my pussy lips with his fingers. What a feeling that is, feeling the air against my nub and the pain from his fingers holding me open. The phone rings and stops him in his motion.

Ray stops to answer, cuz it could be his daughter. As he talks to her, I sit on his counter, playing with my tits, then reaching to my pussy and spreading my lips for his view. He reaches over to touch and I slap his hand and shake my head no. I begin to insert a few fingers at a time and pump my hole, making my cum drip down my pussy onto the counter. I run my fingers thru the cum, then put them in my mouth. I barely put some on my finger, to touch his lip with it.

Ray tells his daughter, that he needs to check on Chex (his dog). He's barking like mad and needs to see who is in the yard. Ray gets off the phone, wlaks to the counter and goes to lick up my cum. He then has his face buried in between my legs, licking and fingering my hole, making me cum again. I'm tugging my nipples as I cum. He pulls me closer to the edge, to put his cock into me. I wrap my legs around his waist as we fuck.

Ray lifts me and takes me to the edge of the couch and sets me there. He's looking into my eyes and telling me, he wants to fuck me for the rest of the weekend. I tell him I need to go home and take care of my puppy and get my friend to stay with him. With that, Ray bends down and begins to lap at my pussy like a puppy would clean himself.

I giggle and ask what he's doing. he tells me he's licking my pussy like a dog would. MMMM it feels good, each lick long and slow. I'm enjoying his licks so much, that I'm ready to get off again and beg him to put his cock in me again. Pleeaasseee fuck me, I want you. I need you. I want your cock in my pussy...please fuck me Ray.

On that cue, you pull me to the floor and fuck my pussy again. My legs are high as you pund me like a jack hammer. You pull out and then enter my ass, a quick slam into me. No lube or spit. A quick sting and you are fucking me with everything you got. I want your cum in my mouth, I want to feel your cum squirt the back of my throat. Fuck me harder, I yell to Ray. He fucks me faster and harder, til he's ready to cum. He pulls out and strokes his cock's liquid into the back of my throat.

Very hot and delicious, I tell him. I lick my lips and reach over to kiss him again. We get up to clean up before collapsing on the bed. We laid under the sheet talking, til we fell asl**p. I had been woke up to a hard cock in my face. Ray was straddling my chest and wanting his cock sucked again. I can't resist sucking him off. I love the taste of his cum. Ray gets off quickly and lets me have my morning pre breakfast.

We get up, get showered and dressed. A cup of coffee for Ray and a glass of water for me. We leave to go to my house, take care of my puppy and get my friend to stay at my house for the rest of the weekend. While waiting for my friend to come over, Ray pushes me into the wall and begins to kiss my neck. That's driving me insane, it's actually making me horny. I begin to tug at his jeans to get them off as he is doing the same to me. His cock is poking my stomach as I raise my leg to get him in me.

Ray lifts my leg higher and shoves his cock in my hole. He's got me pinned to the wall as he fucks me. My pcture window faces the street, and my next door neighbor can see Ray's ass. He stops to watch for a minute, then stops as his wife walks out of the door. I'm turned on by the fact that the old man seen me fucking. I'm sure the old man has a hard on.

I tell Ray, to take me to the couch and bend me over. He does just so and spanks me hard as he slams his cock in my pussy. I'm screaming that I love how he is fucking me. Harder I scream. I'm cumming, cum with me. Ray rams me a few more times and cums hard. When he pulls out, our cum drip from my pussy, down my legs. We go to clean up, when my friend walks in the front door. If she was a few minutes earlier, she would have got an eyeful.

I give her directions for my dog and give her Ray's phone number. I tell her I will be there til Monday morning. Ray and I leave for the grocery store and his house. Once we got there, we didn't leave until Monday morning, for work. We fucked and sucked each other for the next 48 hours.

Sex with him is great and fulfilling. We continued fucking for the next few months, before moving in with each other. It's just that when we fuck, we fuck like it's the end of the world, non stop.

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2 years ago
Well written, simple fuckfest of a couple single and horny. The fucking sex does get heated!
2 years ago
THat was INtense I love it
2 years ago
Hot story!!