Out of Town Sex

For the next two weeks I'm in town for a business trip. My boss wanted me to stay in a nicer motel, but I told him I needed the peace and quiet after a long day. The first night was real nice and quiet. I'd step out of my room, look up and see millions of stars. I took some pictures of the night sky and my surroundings. There's only two cars in the parking lot. I can only hope that someone else rents the room next to me, soon.

I get up the next morning, open the curtain to let the sun shine in. I take a shower, come out with just a towel on. There's a knock on my door. As I walk closer to the door, I look out the window to see who's there. It's the owner bringing me a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

I open the door, while holding my towel closed. the owner tells me that I'm welcome to come down and help myself to the coffee anytime. I could feel the older man checking me out. I tell him thank you, take the food and close the door. I set the stuff down, dropped my towel and began to rub my tits. The older man made me want to play with myself.

I opened the bedside table where I had put my toys. I layed on the bed, spread my legs and began to finger my clit. Rubbing my tits and my clit made me moan loud. I took my vibrator, rubbed my clit and then my tits. I'm starting to get wet, now. I finger myself to test the waters, I'm very wet. I take my 10" glass dildo and slide it deep in my pussy hole. Ohhh it feels so good. I'm pumping my pussy wih the cool glass.

I hear something other than my own moaning; I look to the window and see the older man jerking his pud. He must have hit the window with his hand, when I began telling myself to fuck me harder. I motioned to him to join me, he did open the door and sat on the chair next to my bed. He watched me fuck my hole, then he really got excited when I sucked my cum off my toy.

I knew he was enjoying the show, so I moved to the edge of the bed, grabbed his furry cock and began to suck it. The old man got really hard and I could tell he was ready to cum. I was all over his dick with my tongue, licking the tip of his head, feverishly. He told me he was ready to explode. I sucked him hrder and faster, stroking with rythm. The old man shot his load deep in my throat, down the crack of my mouth and down my chin. I could tell the old man hasn't got off in a long time.

I layed back on my bed, fingering myself again. The old started to get dressed, when I told him to play with my pussy. he not only fingered me, he bent down to lick my cum. I spread my legs and lips for his enjoyment. The old man was licking and lapping up my cum as he fingered me harder. He reached for my glass dildo and fucked my pussy hard. I screamed as I orgasmed. The old man was in heaven.

Once he was finished licking my cum, he got dressed, then watched me get dressed in my business attire. We chatted the whole time. He told me his wife hasn't given him any sex in almost ten years. She told him she's too old to fuck. I asked how old they were. He said they were seventy two. She just wasn't a horndog like him, as he laughed. I was getting ready to leave, when I told him, he could bring my coffee every morning if he wanted.

I was in a meeting, when I started to feel my pussy twitch. I reached down to rub it out. I started to drift into earlier in the morning, remembering how the old man licked me. His tongue stroking my clit. I had to get up and go to the restroom. I needed to rub my pussy and get rid of this urge. Finally, there was a break for lunch. I went to the ladies room, pulled my pantyhose down and rubbed my pussy.

After the meeting was finished, I went for drinks with a couple of associates, that were also from out of town. We went back to their hotel bar. We sat there drinking and eating appetizers. Chat about work and our livings at home. I told the one guy that I'm single, live by myself and go hit the clubs a few times a week. He said that, he had a girlfriend at home. He told me how she likes to fuck other guys, when he's out on business trips.

I told him, he needs to set her up with his friends, or atleast get to know the guys she's fucking. I then told him, that my one girlfriend, lets me fuck her hubby when she's away on business. We have the best fun. When she comes home, we make sure we are fucking somewhere in the house, other than their bed. One time she caught us by surprise, not knowing that she was coming home early. We were on the kitchen table, covered in chocolate syrup.

She wasn't mad, she got undressed and began to lick my clit, as I suck his dick. We always have a good time. The guy asked if I was in this hotel, I told him that I was in a roadside hotel. It's quiet and more privacy. I can get more work done, with less bullshit. I told him where I was staying and theat he could come by later if he wanted.

I'm back at my room, my bedding have been changed, my toys on the bathroom counter and a few bottles of soda on the desk. I grabbed the ice bucket, went to the ice machine. There was a girl, just a bit younger than me, getting soda from the machine. I said hi, asked her if she was at the pool yet. She was getting ready to go there once her boyfriend got to the room. We walked back to our rooms, I noticed that she was right next door. mmmm I knew I'd be hearing them fuck.

I changed into my tiny string bikini, grabbed a towel and went to the pool area. The radio was playing, the water was crystal clear and the girl I met, came down. She took layed her towel on the chair, took her t=shirt off and revealed a knitted bikini, that wasn't lined. Her nipples poked thru the holes. She instantly dove in. She came up and told me to join her, the water was great.

We were enjoying each others company, when I asked how long they were staying. She said just tonight. Her boyfriend's wife thinks he's out of town for the night. They do this all the time. The old man who runs this place, knows them well. She said he joined them one time. He's old enough to be our grandpa, but she said he sure knows how to lick a good pussy. I told her what happened this morning. She was saying that she needs to come here sometime without her boyfriend, just to have the service I got.

With all the talk of sex, her nipples grew hard and poked from the holes. I reached over and touched them. The girl did the same to mine. The next thing you knew, we were taking turns sucking each others tits. I worked my hand to her pussy, rubbing her from the outside of her bikini bottom. She spread her legs to expose her glistening pussy. I took the iniative, and touched her pussy.

We were making out when her boyfriend found us. At first he seemed upset, but the girl told him to come over to us. She stood up, kissed him, undid his pants. I pulled his pants and shorts to his ankles, exposing his growing cock. As she kissed him and let him play with her tits, I began to suck on his cock. He jumped at first, them was moaning as I deep throated him. I'm fingering my wet clit. The girl works her kisses to where I'm sucking on his cock, I pull away and spread my legs as I use three fingers to fuck myself.

The guy is watching me, she's sucking his cock and balls. He's holding her head, making sure she takes all of him. I motion for him to sit next to me, he walks over, sits next to me and fingers my pussy. At first one finger, then two. His girlfriend sucks harder as he fucks me hole. I start to cum as I tug on my nipples.

His girlfriend got up, took her cue and sat on his hard cock, she fucked him, like they never had before. I watched as he held her hips and fucked her back. At once, he's ready to cum. He pulls out, storkes his cock and shares his cum with both of us.

The couple left me naked at the pool. I didn't really care, I knew she didn't like the thought of sharing her man with me. She knew that he liked how I sucked his dick in a way she had no clue. That's one thing I like to do, I LOVE to suck on cock.

The evening went on, my phone rang it was the guy from the hotel. He said he was bored. I told him to come over and join me as I watch a movie. He brought some beer and a pizza. We sat at the table in font of the window. Laughing with the tv, some sitcom that was on. When we finished eating, I put a movie in the dvd player.

I asked him to join me on the bed. It's so much my comfy, than those chairs. He went to the bathroom, came out with a pair of shorts and his undershirt. He said if I was getting comfy on the bed, then he was getting out of his work attire. I said ok. The movie had started as a normal drama kind of movie. Setting the plot of a lost girl.

As the movie wnet on, the lost girl was fucking every guy at the rest stop. My movie partner was enjoying, how I was rubbing his cock, before going down on him. I heard him sigh as his precum landed on my tongue. I looked up to him, to see his smile. I lfted his balls, sucked each one, then licked back to the tip of his head.

He then layed me back, took my bikini bottoms off with his teeth. Soft nibbles on my tummy to my pussy. Licking me all over, but not touching the goodies. His hads were all over my legs and inner thighs. I'm wiggling around wanting him to do something: spread me wide, finger me, fuck me...I didn't care...I just wanted some attention to my pussy.

He continued to kiss me, then he lifted my legs high, seen my ass and nuzzled his tongue in my ass. Sticking his tongue in my ass hole making it nice and wet. A finger goes in as he then licks my pussy. OMG I say as he is doing his magic to me. His tongue is in and out of my ass, then my pussy. His fingers are filling my holes, then in my mouth to lick my cum.

I'm begging him to fuck me. His cock is thick and long. I'm telling him to put his cock in my aching pussy. I want to feel his manhood in me. He moves towards my mouth, I suck him a few more minutes, he's ready to fuck my pussy. I was fingering my clit as I sucked him. When he was ready, I spread my legs wide, spread my pussy lips for him to enter me.

Not a hard thrust like I was expecting, but short pumps. Just his head barely in me. I'm started to cum as he teases my g-spot. When he feels my cum touch his head, he then rams me hard. OH YES, I scream!!! That's what I want from him. He kneels infront of me, holds my legs high and wide. He sees my pussy and fucks me harder. I'm begging for his cock, I want to suck him. I want my juices in my mouth.

His cock in my mouth, his tongue in my pussy. He's got four fingers in me. Oh my I want him, I need his cock in me. I rolled us over, so I can ride his cock. I stand up, rub my clit and pussy, then sit down on his cock. I hold his chest as I'm pumping his cock up and down. We are moaning together. I twist around, so my ass is in his view. I lean forward as I fuck him. he can see my lips grasp his cock.

He grabs my ass, slips a finger in deep. As I fuck him, i tell him I want him in my ass. I move to my knees, he licks and spits on my ass, slips in a few fingers to stretch my hole wider. He mounts my ass, slides his cock in slowly. Again, short thrusts, just his head in and out. As he stretches me, more and more of his cock is in me.

He fucks me like he's on a horse, then he rolls to his back, I sit on his cock with my ass grasping his dick. I lay on his chest, he holds me close and fucks me. He's ready to cum. I tell him to fill my ass with his hot cream. He fills me full. As he pulls out, his cum dribbles out onto him. I roll over to lay in his arms. He holds me close as we drift off to sl**p.

I wake to the sound of my neighbors fucking. I can hear her telling him to fuck her hard. He's telling her, he's going to fuck her like a whore. I can hear him as he grabs her and gags her with his cock. He's saying for her to suck him, Bitch. I giggle as I listen to them. I remember those days of sneaking around.

I get cleaned up before going back to bed. My guy friend, gets up, looks at me, smiles goes to take a piss and comes back to bed. He tells me he should really go back to his hotel, but he wants to fuck again in the morning. He tells me, he loves to wake his wife with his hard cock.

Morning rolls around a few hours later. He wakes me with his cock trying to get in my pussy. I nuzzle my ass next to him, for an easier entrance. He's in me and is filling me with every inch of his cock. Long, slow thrusts. I'm loving how he touches my tits and kisses my neck. I thought at one time, I heard him call me Suzanne. I asked who that was, it's his wife. He says He loves her very much and that this trip for two weeks is making him want her more.

I roll over on top of him and make love on his cock. We begin to kiss deeply as we make love. He tells me, that they make love every morning. He said, you never know what will happen during the day and they need to know that the love will always be there. What an awesome thing to do. I need a man like that.

We finish, get cleaned up, I get dressed for another boring meeting, he put his work clothes on. We head to his hotel for him to change into a clean shirt and a quick shave. We walk int the meeting room together laughing and chatting up a storm. We sit across the table from each other. The meeting is boring, I start to look at him as he jots down notes.

I lick my lips, then suck on the end of my inkpen. I give him the "Fuck Me" eyes. He smiles and winks at me.

Lunch break, we go to his room and fuck around some more. We only had an hour, so we didn't get too hot and sweaty. That wvening we met at his room to repeat last night. I made sure to bring some extra clothes for the morning. We continued every day satisfying each other, until the meetings were over. We swapped phone numbers, to keep in touch. He told me, he told Suzanne about me and she wants to meet. That will be another day, hopefully soon.
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