The Big Fight

I had a couple days off from work, so I just pretty much laid around the house. Daddy came in the f****yroom and told me, that Brian had been calling the past few nights. It didn't make any sense why he hasn't been around or coming up to work.

I called Brian to tell him to come over, that I had the house to myself for a few hours. When Brian got to the house, I had my robe on, covering up one of my new nighties I bought just for him.

Brian walked into the f****yroom, seen me playing with myself. He looked at me and asked if I've gotten enough dick the past few nights. I looked at him and asked why do you ask? Brian told me that one of his buddies from work had been banging me and Sally. I was shocked, but told him if he wasn't at work every night that Sally was in town, then he could have been banging me.

Well that caused a big fight. Brian called me and Sally a bunch of names, then pushed me down on the couch. He straddled me, pulling his belt off like he was going to slap me with it. Then he undid his jeans, pulled his dick out and shoved it in my face. He told me to suck his cock. like I did for those other guys. I didn't want to, but he grabbed my chin and f***ed his cock in my mouth.

I'm crying and begging him to stop, but he kept telling me how much of a whore I am, that I'd spread my legs for anyone. With that, he pulled out of my mouth, grabbed my arms and ripped my robe off me. He seen my new nighty, yanked it off of me, spread my legs and rammed his cock in me.

Brian fucked me hard, no kisses and no hitting. He just rammed me harder and harder til he was ready to cum. He took his dick in his hand and stroked his cum all over my face. He knows I don't like facials, but he did it anyways. I yelled at him to leave.

Once Brian left, I sat on the couch crying. I told myself that I had been acting like a whore, but I've been asking him to come over and make love to me for days. I wanted him to come over and meet Sally. I thought maybe we would have had some fun together, but he never came over. I was horny and needed to get some dick. So,I guess he's right...I'm a whore.

I got myself together, went to my room to get cleaned up. I took a hot shower then crawled into bed. Time had passed, I must have went to sl**p, when daddy came down to wake me up. Daddy shook me gently and asked how my sex session with Brian went. I told him that we got into a fight, but I didn't tell him how Brian had ****d me.

Daddy pulled me into his arms. I put my arms around him with my blankets falling to my waist. My breasts were against daddy's chest. Daddy looked down to me, kissed me gently and worked his kisses to my breasts. Wtih the first kiss on my lips, my nipples grew harder. Daddy carressed and nibbled on my tits.

I reached down to daddy's pants, to feel his growing cock. Daddy stood up, undid his pants, letting them fall to the floor. I tugged on his boxers to free his cock. Daddy then crawled under the covers with me. He's on top of me, still sucking and rubbing my tits. His cock is hard and pushing on my thigh.

I spread my legs, to let him enter me. He pushes his cock on my clit, but won't enter me. I'm begging him for his cock. Daddy says no, then kisses me to my clit. He then spreads my lips to lick and suck on my nub. He licks and fingers me to complete arousal. Daddy gets me to cum, he licks me clean, then pulls up to insert his cock.

Daddy makes love to me, pulling out once to let me suck my cum off his cock, then back in again. Long slow thrusts, in and out of my wet pussy. I'm thinking this could be Brian making love to me. As Daddy is ready to cum, he moans loudly, when he breaks up my thoughts of Brian. Daddy asks where I want him to cum. I told him, to cum inside me. Fill me with his hot cum.

Daddy laid in bed with me for a little while, when he heard the door upstairs open. Mom yelled down as Daddy was putting a load of laundry in the washer. I pretended to be asl**p as she came down the steps. Daddy grabbed mom, pulled at her shirt, pulling her tits from her bra and sucking on each nipple.

Mom doesn't know how to react, but enjoy the attention he is giving her. Daddy lifts moms skirt, and lifts her to the table we fold our clothes on. He then yanks a hole in her pantyhose. Mom kicks the laundry door so it closes most of the way. Daddy has her panties to the side when he sticks his cock in her wet pussy.

Mom has her legs wrapped around daddy's waist and is holding on while he fucks her. He has to act like nothing just happened between me and him. I heard mom telling him how much she loves him and for him to give her more of his cock. Daddy pulled her off the table and turned her around. Lifting her skirt as he bends her down to fuck her from behind.

Mom is bucking back at him, Daddy just holds on as she does. He's ready to cum again and fills her with his second load. Mom ulls from him to suck on his soaking wet cock. I can hear her slurping on him. I get up and walk in on her and him. Daddy tried to cover up, but mom just looked at me and continued with her sucking.

I went to the bathroom, looked at daddy, then went to my room to finish getting dressed.

My phone rang, it was Brian. He said he wanted to talk and to apologized for what he had did to me. I told him that I really didn't want to see him, but he insisted. Brian came to the house to pick me up. When we got to his car, he opened the door for me. We drove off to the park.

We started to walk around to our favorite picnic bench. We sat down and started to talk about what had happened. I told him how things went about and he told me about his work. Brian also told me what his buddy had said what happened at the sex shop. He made a bunch of shit up. I told Brian, that he could call Sally to get the truth if he didn't believe me.

Brian said he does believe me and that he can't wait to see the video that was taped. I told Brian that I liked the feeling of being taped by a professional and not just by my b*****r. He laughed and kissed me with more apologies. I wasn't too mad at him by this time. I told him about Sally and that he missed out on some fun times we had.

The sun started to go down as we began to makeout. The park ranger came over to us and told us the park will be closing in a half hour and we had to leave. We got up, went to the car and drove out of the park. We drove to the backside of the park. We seen the park ranger check the gate, then went on to the next gate. When he was out of site, we snuck back in the park and went to our table again.

More making out made us very horny. We got undresse and started to fuck on the table. Brian lifted my legs as he went down on me licking and sucking me to a cumming frenzy. I not only screamed as I came, but I also had begged for him to fuck me like I was his whore. Brian giggled, then rammed me hard like he did in my f****yroom.

Brian told me he was ready to cum and asked if I wanted another facial. I gave him an evil glare and said no. Brian then filled my pussy with his hot cum. He pulled on my shoulders as he filled me up. Brian stayed in me, then looked me in the eyes, to tell me he wants me to have his baby. I didn't know what to say.

We got up to get dressed. I sat on the table and asked what he meant by that. Brian told me, that before he found out that I was acting like a whore, he was going to ask me to marry him and for us to get pregnant right away. I aksed him if he still wanted to get married or just for me to have his baby. Brian said he wants both. I told him we need to talk about this more, but not right now.

We left the park holding hands.

We got back to my house, we went to Scotty's room to get a movie, then went to my room to watch it. Before the movie started we talked more about getting married. I told him that I wasn't really ready for that kind of comitment, yet. I told him I loved him very much and we need to work on our trust issues a bit more. He looked at me and agreed.

The movie started, we nuzzled on the bed as it began as to be "The Day After Tomorrow", but ended up being me and Sally fucking on her first day. Brian looked at me and I laughed. We watched the movie, until we started to fuck again.
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